Realty One

Friday, October 5, 2018


EDMONTON – The University of Regina Rams football team has been stripped of three wins during the 2018 Canada West season due to an ineligible player, the conference announced Friday.

The ineligible player participated in all five of Regina's 2018 Canada West regular season games.
As per Canada West regulations, Regina forfeits all results in which the ineligible player participated, with games originally won by Regina now being recorded as 1-0 results for Regina’s opponents. The player's individual statistics will now be attributed to the team, while all other individual player statistics from the games will remain intact. 
The forfeits result in Regina being stripped of three wins: Sept. 7 (51-13 win at Alberta), Sept. 14 (19-17 win vs. UBC), and Sept. 29 (32-31 win at Manitoba). The scorelines from the Rams' previous losses against Calgary (49-35 on Aug. 31) and Saskatchewan (33-20 on Sept. 21) remain intact. 
University of Regina Athletics became aware of the ineligible player during the conference bye week. An oversight during Regina’s student-athlete intake and eligibility process over the summer led to the player competing this season. Regina has committed to a full review of their student-athlete intake and eligibility processes. The U SPORTS discipline panel will be setting parameters on any review and required structural changes.
“This is a heartbreaking situation for the student-athletes, coaches, members of the Rams organization, and the University of Regina community," said University of Regina Director of Sport, Community Engagement & Athlete Development Lisa Robertson. "The University will fully cooperate with U SPORTS as they review the situation. Additionally, we are launching an internal review of our student-athlete intake processes in order to minimize the risk of this happening again.”
A self-disclosure of the eligibility issue was submitted by U of R Athletics on October 4 to U SPORTS, which sets national eligibility regulations, after Regina discovered the student-athlete did not meet U SPORTS eligibility requirements. 
U SPORTS may apply additional sanctions upon completion of its review process.
(Canada West PR)


Larry Schwentke said...

That seems like an unreasonably harsh penalty for an oversight! It breaks my heart that all the players, especially those in their last years of eligibility, will basically be denied post season play because someone made a clerical error! I will be there on the 12th and 26th to cheer them on louder than ever.
Larry S.

Bill Salloum said...

Very sad for the team and its student athletes who are hurt most by this. But good on the UofR for disclosing this and not trying to bury it.

Darren Muller said...

Is it really logical to punish all the other players on the team due to a clerical error? There are 40 to 50 players that you are doing this to. One player does not make a team. Whoever these people are should maybe reevaluate how they justify handing out such a sentence. Taking wins away does not solve it. I feel really bad for these young men who play for the love of the game while earning degrees. They provide great entertaining football and I hope they will continue to play hard for their university despite this unfortunate incident.

Dan said...

Holy S%*+ ! Punishing penalty that totally kills the season.