Realty One

Friday, October 19, 2018


The Saskatchewan Roughriders have announced defensive end Charleston Hughes will not play in Saturday’s game in Calgary versus the Stampeders.


The Club continued to gather as much information as possible on the incident involving Hughes and the charge against him, including his refusal to take a breathalyzer test when requested by police. That information-gathering process continued into last evening and included a thorough review of our team rules and the CFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement as they pertain to player discipline. As a result of that review, the club has made the decision to remove Hughes from the active roster. In addition, the Club has imposed the maximum disciplinary fine allowed under the CBA.


While the legal proceedings are still ongoing, the incident of October 11 reflects negatively on the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club. By refusing to provide a breath sample, Hughes demonstrated behaviour directly in conflict with the Club’s values and expectations - which include respecting police and police procedures.





Anonymous said...

The right decision was made based on the information presented. Moving on to Calgary. Go Riders!

Bill Fuller said...

Be assured, it sounds like Scruffy wanted him out in the first place. If the Riders did have a choice on when they could have suspended him for one game or whatever, they sure as Hell picked the wrong one to do it against the Stamps. With Hughes out we could very well see the Calgary QB have a hay day against the Riders as a matter of fact it could well be a repeat of what we saw against Winnipeg. I sure hope I am wrong.. Go Riders.