Realty One

Thursday, October 18, 2018


“It’s kind of embarassing to go through a situation like this.”

That is what Riders defensive linemen Charleston Hughes was saying one day after it was revealed he had been charged with driving while impaired and failing to provide a breath sample after a man was found behind the wheel of a vehicle at the side of the road early in the hours of October 11 on Ring Road near the Albert Street north exit.

“I’m kind of in an embarrassing moment, an embarrassing spot,” Hughes said. “I’m really just trying to focus on this next game coming up and really just trying to keep my mind in the right place.”

He added he has been given a lot of support both inside the locker-room and amongst the CFL fraternity.

“Everybody has been pretty much rallying behind me or besides me on this and supporting me so I’m appreciative of everyone.” Hughes said.  “Across the league, a lot of guys have also reached out to me knowing I’m not kinda happy but embarrassed right now.  I’m just trying to focus on the next game coming up and keeping my mind in the right place.”

As for what his status is for this Saturday’s game in Calgary against the Stampeders, all head coach Chris Jones would say is they will cross that bridge once the organization has gotten all the information on what happened.

As for the incident itself, Jones says it is something you don’t deal with every day, you don’t know what to say, but you do know where you stand it before re-iterating that the team will not do anything until all information has been received.

Hughes, who leads the CFL in sacks with 15, is scheduled to appear in court October 31.

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