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Wednesday, October 3, 2018


1 - TIMES ARE CHANGING: Week 16 in the CFL provided a seismic shift in the West Division standings. With the results of two games on Saturday afternoon, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers went from 5th-place to 3rd, the Edmonton Eskimos dropped to 4th, and the B.C. Lions took up residency in the basement. But don't get comfortable. This week's match-ups could, potentially, create a 3-way tie for 3rd-place with three weeks to go. Exciting stuff!

2 - CLINCHED OR CLENCHED?: Pretty much everyone around here is giddy about the Roughriders' recent stretch of games where they've won 6 of their past 7. However they still have plenty of work to do if they want to host a playoff game for the first time since 2013. In fact, the only team who's clinched a playoff berth so far is 11-2 Calgary and should the Stampeders win this week, they'll clinch at least 2nd place. For the Green & White, a win over Edmonton and a Winnipeg loss at Ottawa clinches a playoff spot. Other than triggering playoff bonuses, there's nothing champagne-worthy over that.

3 - THE EAST: Montreal and Toronto are clearly the problem children of the CFL and their combined record of 6-22 isn't helping things. However the good news is they're not in danger of folding which used to be the fear. The Argos are in good shape under the MLSE umbrella while my Montreal spies tell me the Wetenhall family is in no danger of running out of money, and have zero plans of selling the team. However they're already talking about the off-season in those markets, and it figures to be volatile.

4 - MANZIEL MANIA: Rider supporters seemed turned off by TSN's love-in with Alouettes QB Johnny Manziel during Sunday's game. I wouldn't know about it; I was on the radio at the time. But when TSN starts pushing something, you're best to just get out of the way. Manziel draws viewers and clicks and until that changes, you'll need to accept "Johnny Football" being jammed down your throat everyday. In the USA, they're sick of him (that's why he's here). It seems that day is drawing near in Canada too. (Unless Manziel actually wins a game or lives up to expectations, which I don't see happening). I'm a little surprised the future of that franchise has been put in his hands.

5 - ZACH ATTACK: A Regina reporter referred to Saskatchewan QB Zach Collaros as "boring, on and off the field" this week. Knowing Zach the way I've gotten to, he'd laugh at that and shake his head. I suppose it's boring to be 7-2 as a starter and donate your own money to an inner city community shelter in Regina, and to the Police Drug Task Force in your hometown of Stubenville, Ohio. For whatever reason, the Rider Nation has been slow to warm up to Collaros but I expect that to change later this fall. (Hint: Get your jerseys now).

6 - ZACH STATS: Sunday's win in Montreal improved Collaros to 31-30 lifetime as a starter in the CFL. To quote former Jays manager John Gibbons: "Yeah that's big. Otherwise they'd call you a loser!" ... Meanwhile Zach is just 147 passing yards behind former Rider QB Reggie Slack for 45th all-time in CFL history. On the surface that doesn't seem interesting but if you dig into it, it tells you a lot about each guy's place in league lore. Reggie was never thought-of as a passer, but he put up numbers and took Saskatchewan to the Grey Cup in '97. And as for Collaros, it seems like he's been around for awhile but this shows he's still got a long ways to go.

7 - 2020 GREY CUP: When Riders President Craig Reynolds revealed on CKRM's SportsCage that Saskatchewan will bid to host the 2020 Grey Cup, my first thought was "Others need not apply". I still think that, although the only other team I could see putting in a bid is the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. In the end, the CFL Governors will vote for whomever can rake in the most $$$, and I'd suggest that's the Rider Nation.

8 - TWO YEARS AWAY: I've always said you're in good shape if you have a solid Head Coach-Quarterback combo. (Dickenson/Mitchell, Trestman/Calvillo, Belichick/Brady, Tomlin/Roethlisberger). Although Chris Jones and Zach Collaros aren't under contract with Saskatchewan into 2020, I see no reason not to expect that tandem to be in charge of Canada's Team by then.

9 - HISTORY: We can all agree that November 24, 2013 was the greatest day in Saskatchewan history, when the Roughriders mollywhopped the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 45-23 in the Grey Cup in Taylor Field. When Darian Durant lifted the trophy, I thought to myself "It can't possibly get better than this". Would winning the Grey Cup in the new stadium be bigger and better than 2013? I don't know. Let's find out.

10 - RANDOM THOUGHTS: According to historian Kevin Shaw, the Regina Pats have never started a season 0-5 in their 100 years! If they don't win Friday in Swift Current, they'll do just that. It irks me I haven't been able to see the Pats in the regular season yet, to form my own assessment. ... It's opening night in the NHL! My Stanley Cup Finals prediction: San Jose-Tampa Bay. ... I tried to watch the National League Wildcard game last night. But ... too slow, and too long. Over to Dateline. ... It drives me bonkers that teams don't sell programs anymore. Absolutely bonkers. At least the NFL does. The Eskimos do too. ... Podcasts are like blogs were 10 years ago. Everybody's got one. But only the smart ones will survive. Here's mine. ... Let It Snow! Glad to see people are taking this week's early snow dump with a smile.

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Unknown said...

ya we may have to put up with it on TV with TSN and Manziel but we certainly don't have to keep our mouths shut about it.

Many fans are voicing their displeasure at TSN via Twitter among other sources. He is so overrated and the worst culprit is Rod Black. He love affair with Manziel is pretty embarrassing really.

Birddog said...

I couldn’t stand listening to Rod Black go on about Manziel, here’s the solution watch the video and tune in and listen to Roddy. You get the best of both. The only thing there a bit of a delay in the radio broadcast so you have to pause the PVR a bit to match the audio and video.

Tim said...

I think Rod Black is totally ANNOYING, with or without Johnny Manziel.
Agree with unknown and birddog. I'm usually PVRing the games, so lining it up with radio doesn't work unfortunately. Both Gord Miller and Rod Smith are far superior. Rod Black doesn't even seem like he prepares for games. I actually think Manziel is improving and having him in that Montreal market is good for the CFL, as a strong franchise there is important for the league.

Bob said...

I don't think people hating Rod Black talking about Manziel was as much about Manziel as it was about Rod Black being terrible at broadcasting football.

JackD83 said...

7-2 isn't boring but 31-30 certainly is. 7-2 is an example why stats lie as well. 4 of those 7 it was our defence that 'won' the game.

Football Fan said...

3. That’s terrible news about the Wetenhalls. I think it’s clear at this point that the younger generation is not capable of running the team in a competent, professional, manner, and as a result not only are they losing but the fan base is steadily eroding as well. That means that when they finally do abandon ship the job of rebuilding the fan base for the next owner is going to be that much harder. I think one of Ambrosie’s top priorities this off season has to be to convince the Wetenhalls to pass the torch.

5. Don’t confuse the inane drivel from some of our utterly incompetent media hacks for the opinion of Rider Nation. Rider Nation warmed up to Zach a long time ago. After Bridge’s struggles Zach is now 7-1 in games where he’s played more than half. Rider nation strongly approves, but our media zeros probably haven’t even noticed. Another example would be the guys who go on and on about Collaros’ salary. Collaros makes middle of the pack money, about the same as what Nichols makes and a little less than what Harris makes, and he’s been performing at least at that level. The guys who complain about his salary obviously have no idea what the market value for a QB is in the CFL. Collaros hasn’t had the big games that those two have had, but he hasn’t had the stinkers either. He’s been a steady performer, probably by design, and we’re winning with him, again 7-1 in games where he’s played more than half the game. Rider fans are selling out New Mosaic, and TV ratings are way up, but our media zeros are so worthless that all they’re capable of is whining about Collaros’ salary.

As a footnote, I can’t attach the voice to the person but the females at the Rider scrums have been asking some very good questions, and some very subtly revealing questions as well. Most of the reporters who go to the scrums are at least competent. The real dregs, like deadbeat Darrell Davis, I don’t think even go to games anymore.