Realty One

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


REGINA - The Saskatchewan Roughriders returned to practice on Tuesday for the first time since Saturday's 32-27 win in the Banjo Bowl at Winnipeg.

All the talk still centred around Willie Jefferson's 97-yard interception return touchdown in the second quarter. Jefferson took the scenic route on the way to the endzone, romping across the field while waving to fans and high-stepping.

It became the talk of the CFL, and was replayed endlessly on TV sportscasts all weekend.

"Oh for sure I would do it again!" Jefferson smiled. "It wasn't frowned up upon by the team or by anybody in the organization. It was a big play that I ended up scoring on. I understand if I would've got caught or fumbled the football. Everything I did was with good intentions and it was going to the right direction."

Quarterback Zach Collaros agreed it certainly was an unusual play.

"It was very interesting," Collaros laughed. "Willie's a funny guy. I think his justification was he was trying to run the clock out but there was 13 minutes left in the second quarter! He's just an unbelievable player. That group (the defensive line) has been lights-out all year long and it's just fun to watch those guys play."

Head Coach Chris Jones didn't scold Jefferson for the lavish return, but doesn't encourage it either.

"It wasn't what we look for in ball security," Jones advised. "But certainly it was a very athletic play. We looked over it this morning. He needs to tuck the football, get in the endzone. That's what he needs to do. But certainly it was a big play when we needed it to be."

Meanwhile Collaros was back running the first team offense on Tuesday despite leaving Saturday's game with a suspected head injury. He said he suffered no concussion symptoms at the time nor in the days afterwards and he intends to start this week's game.

The Roughriders (7-4) host the Ottawa RedBlacks (6-5) Saturday at 7:30 pm at Mosaic Stadium.



Justin Case U-win said...

You could see that Willy was engaged with the Bombers fans behind the Riders bench. No doubt they were telling Willy things about his Mama that were not very nice.
When Jefferson was doing his 1/2 time interview. He was blowing kisses to the Bomber fans chirping behind him.
When Willy snagged the INT he was waving and doing the high step towards those same fans. No doubt some Bomber fans blew a gasket from the whole game. Willy was able to win the day in every way. Driving the fans nuts and turning them into the Winnipeg Blue Bonkers.
I hope Willy saves that move for the Bomber fans. As they are the only fan base that deserve that big dude high stepping and rubbing salt into their wound. LOL

John Knight said...

Rider players were doing a little hot dogging and it looks like little children! How would they feel if someone did that to us?.

@mrt_man said...


Bill Fuller said...

"John Knight" !
Where the hell have you been? As if that kind of celebrating is never done to us. Look around and you will see it in every game. I think you should bring out your Soother and go "Knight Knight" ! Willy Jefferson brings a class act to this football team and we love it.

John Knight said...

"Bill Fuller"
Have another toke! No wonder the Bombers call us banjo picker rednecks

3RD and 1 said...

I’ve been at the Banjo Bowl and I had a friend that was there this year. You have no idea how rude, aggressive and quite frankly obnoxious the Bomber fans are in the stands to anyone wearing green. But even more so to the players. Behind the Riders bench sit a non stop group that say things that should never be said to anyone. Little loan for the sake of entertainment. There is nothing better for a player that just heard disgusting and foul things about his wife. To pick off the ball and rub it in. There is nothing wrong with a few high steps and waving the ball on his way to the end zone.
Plus the players did not go into the crowd. They went onto the landing of the steps. They did not take it too far by going into the actual stands.
People have to lighten up and remember this is entertainment and nothing more.
If the Bomber fans are going to dish it out then they sure as heck better learn how to take it.
Trust me when I say the fans of the Bombers dispize everything Riders 10 times worse than Rider fans disputes them.
The sad part is Troy Westwood and Rod Pedersen can have each other on their shows and joke about everything. Yet some fans take it to heart. Where given the chance they would do physical harm. That is the only thing we have to work on. The angry over the top fanatic.

RS said...

John knight go away!!! You dont know what your talking about ...banjo picker rednecks???...learn the actual phrase what their talking dogging is in every sport...get with it !!!...thanks for ruining this go back to the home and take your xanax ....good night!!