Realty One

Sunday, September 23, 2018


TORONTO -  Brett Lauther bailed Zach Collaros out Saturday night.

Lauther's 56-yard field goal with 1:14 remaining earned the Saskatchewan Roughriders a wild 30-29 road win over Toronto. Lauther's boot came after Collaros was penalized for intentional grounding, moving the ball back 11 yards to the Argonauts' 48-yard line.
"How could you be so stupid,'' Collaros said of his throw. "It was a good call, I didn't get the ball to the line of scrimmage and it was stupidity by me.

"That bailed me out, my boy Brett ... I can't say enough about him.''

Still, Toronto had a late shot at the comeback win. McLeod Bethel-Thompson drove the Argos from their 38-yard line to the Saskatchewan 44 before an all-out Riders' blitz forced him to throw prematurely, which resulted in barely missing a wide-open S.J. Green on what would've likely been a TD pass.

Riders coach/general manager Chris Jones admitted the blitz call with the game on the line was a gamble.

"We wanted to send pressure,'' he said. "I said if we're going to lose this game it was going to be because we were going after somebody.''

The Argos still had one final chance to claim the victory. But Zack Medeiros missed from 51 yards out and Saskatchewan conceded the single with two seconds left before an energetic BMO Field gathering of 14,479 that was liberally sprinkled with Rider green.

A dejected Bethel-Thompson could only shake his head and lament about his missed opportunity to connect with Green.

"A professional quarterback has to make that play,'' he said.

Saskatchewan (8-5) earned its fifth win in six games. More importantly, the Riders took sole possession of second in the West Division after the Edmonton Eskimos (7-6) lost 28-15 on Saturday to the Ottawa Redblacks (8-5).

But after taking a 24-14 half-time lead, Saskatchewan was outscored 15-6 in the second half by Toronto. The big blow was Trumaine Washington's 61-yard interception return TD on the final play of the third that tied the score 27-27.

"We're never going to apologize for a win, I can assure you of that,'' said Jones. "We're on the road ... and if you look at these games when you have to travel, they're tough games.

"They did a good job of scrapping and getting back into the football game. We had a 10-point lead at halftime and we're fortunate to walk out of here with the win.''

Collaros finished 14-of-25 passing for 233 yards with two TDs and two interceptions. He has yet to have a 300-yard passing game this season, but this did mark the first time this season Saskatchewan has had multiple TD passes in a game.

Toronto (3-9) suffered its third straight loss and remains tied with Montreal (3-9) for last in the East Division. The Argos' already thin playoff chances took yet another major hit as they're six points behind second-place Hamilton, which visited the B.C. Lions (5-6) later Saturday night.

And Toronto trails the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6-7), who entered Saturday's action holding down fourth in the West Division, in the cross-over battle. The Argos' schedule isn't easy either, with road games against Calgary (10-2), B.C. and Ottawa.

"Words cannot describe the heartache of losing this game,'' said Toronto head coach Marc Trestman. "We're bitterly disappointed with where we are, but the season isn't over.

"We'll be back to work Monday. We saw strides in all three phases of the game, we put ourselves offensively in a position to win but didn't get it done.''

Bethel-Thompson finished 32-of-44 passing for 321 yards with an interception. Receiver Duron Carter was targeted once, but had no catches in facing his former team for the first time since being released last month.

Medeiros also missed a 36-yard field goal at 10:53 of the fourth, with the single putting Toronto ahead 28-27.

Toronto opened the second half with a smart 11-play, 61-yard march. Medeiros capped it with a 22-yard field goal at 5:38, cutting Saskatchewan's lead to 24-17.

The Riders countered with a 60-yard, six-play drive Lauther finished with a 23-yard boot at 8:24 to restore the 10-point advantage. Toronto came right back with Medeiros's 21-yard kick at 12:53 to pull to within 27-20.

Jordan Williams-Lambert, with two, and Marcus Thigpen had Saskatchewan's touchdowns. Lauther added the converts and three field goals.

James Franklin scored Toronto's other touchdown. Medeiros booted four field goals, two converts and three singles.


- It wasn't our prettiest performance but we'll never apologize for a win. We were fortunate to walk out with a win, but it was a win.

- A lot of our depth guys are not very well-known but they're vital to the success of this football team. They show up every day and work hard, and they perform when the game is on the line.

- The wind was blowing and it didn't seem like it was a huge wind in the pregame but we thought it was a 5-7 yard wind. We discovered it was blowing harder than we thought. We decided at halftime to give them the ball and take the wind in the fourth. It affected a couple of their kicks and hopefully affected ours too.

- It was the 2nd or 3rd week of those young receivers working together. It's never going to be beautiful with all those rookies running around, but they performed tonight.

- It was a long game but we're a good team and we kept with it. We kept throwing it down the field. We did just enough to win the football game and I'm proud of the team.

- We came out pretty much healthy. We had a few guys had some bumps and bruises but we'll take two days off over the three days and then get back with Day 1.

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Old Rider Fan said...

Far to often those pre-snap whistles benefit the offending team.

Justin Case U-win said...

The 1st half of the game looked like a Rider Offence we could live with. That is if our Defence and Special teams continued to play lights out.
It looked like the Riders were going to show the 7th worst defence how to get on top and stay on top and win a game from beginning to end.
Then in the second half the Riders offence couldn’t adjust to what the Argos Defence was throwing at them. That same looking indecisive shaky non confident offence showed up again.
Yes the Riders won but only because Lady Luck decided to give them a break on the last 2 Argo plays of the game. With cover 0 in play Green was wide open down the middle but was over thrown. Then she breathed enough cross wind to push the ball to the left of the uprights.
Sadly even though we are in second place it dosent feel like it. Simply because we all know that any western team could beat the Riders if the offence of the second half shows up. Which it has all season.

Anonymous said...

Roosevelt was involved in the offense and we won! How about that. Another close win and I’m sure we’ll all take it. Brett Lauther is money, go Riders,

John Knight said...

Very fortunate to get this win. Collaros improved somewhat mut needs more consistency.

gman80 said...

I'll take an ugly win any day of the week! Yeah the Riders offence struggled in the second half, but there were some definite signs of life! An 8-5 record going into next weekend's game against a team that upset us the last time.. If the Riders come prepared and focused they should definitely beat Montreal! Go Riders!!

Football Fan said...

It wasn't luck Justin Case. When you bring pressure like that there will always be holes in your secondary, although in this case it was a breakdown. When you do that you gamble that you can get to them before they can get to you. McBeth had a man right in his face when he threw, so it was a close call but we did get to him before he got to us. The kick was a 50+ yarder from a backup kicker, so far from a sure thing. It was close so maybe you could say that we got a bit lucky on that one, but again it was far from a sure thing. The Argos also got lucky on that one handed interception, so it balances out.

3RD and 1 said...

I hate admitting it but I’ve always been somewhat superstitious. Especially with mathematics in sports. Yes of course the score but also all other area of sports.
Yesterday was no exception. I am going to state the most obvious positive outcome from yesterday’s game when numbers line up to help you win.
The # 8 is revered in all Chinese culture. Sideways # 8 represents Infinity. There is no beginning and there is no end. It works into so many positive things in our lives. Longevity being one very positive aspect we all strive for. Ok enough explanation.
On Saturday Riders # 8 was given the ball with a hand off. It was the 1st offensive play after Toronto had scored with a big 58 yard play.
Gord Miller’s excited play by play voice suggested as Thigpen stepped into the end zone. That Marcus had just run an 82 yard TD. Sorry Gord.... the Riders line of scrimmage was their own 22 yard line. In the book of mathematics. A 110 yard field minus the 22 yard line of scrimmage is 88 yards. The play in the mathematics world was going to be successful. No one had any idea except mathematics.
There are many more mathematics that played into that win. Especially on the 51 yard field goal attempt by Toronto to win the game. It was destined to fail but nobody knew that ahead of time. Except, yup you know it. The world of mathematics.
I will leave that one with ya all to figure out.
This year MacAdoo is unknowingly using bad mathematics of offence. That is what the offence is struggling. The OC needs to get his numbers flowing much more smoothly. He did it for a good part of last year with the 2 QB rotation.
So now the secret is out. 🤫 So let’s fix that O.

Helix said...

Good close game with plenty of mistakes on both sides of the ball. Argo q.b.played a pretty good game against the 3 man rush all night. That 56 yard field goal was a thing of beauty. And the fake punt ineligible receiver play? Come on guys please don’t do that again. Hint...don’t wave for the ball if you’re ineligible dummy!

Darren Muller said...

Far from perfect but when you're on the road it really doesn't matter. Just get the 2 points and get the hell outta there!! Offense showed signs of life. Roosevelt a big factor in that. Our other receivers do not strike fear like Edmonton or Calgary and even Ottawa so the window to get those passes in gets very tight for Zach so not really fair to get on him for those. An amazing kick from Lauther but sure was sweating on Toronto's final attempt. I'd take being alone in 2nd place all day long at this point in the season. Let's get a win in Montreal and beat Edmonton at home and that home playoff game could be a lock.

3RD and 1 said...

A Tale for the football thirsty.
Once upon a time many, many years ago. When their was still a few buffalo roaming the Canadian Prairies. No one knew of Or about Lady Luck. She was very pretty and was simply known as Lady “L”. Well Lady “L” fell in love. She fell in love with a leather head football player. That football player just happened to be a Toronto Argonaut. Soon after falling in love, lady luck decided to Marry that Argo football player. They conveniently married in the off-season. Well let me tell you that the season that was to follow for the Argonauts was nothing short of amazing. Every time something unexpected happened with the lose football on the field of play. It almost always favoured the Toronto Argonauts. When a most important play in a championship game could have gone so badly. Unexpectedly bounced right back into the Toronto players hand who then quickly scampered to the end zone to win the game. It was then and there the name ARGO BOUNCE was coined and used for a very long time. That is until many years later Lady Luck and her Beau fell out of love when he retired from football and was around her all day. They just couldn’t handle the switch. So they divorced and soon after the bounces no longer went in the Argos favour.
As was the case in the loss to SK on Sat Sept 22nd 2018. Had Lady Luck still been an Argo. The Riders would have walked away with a loss.
Thank goodness Lady Luck came to her senses and left. Allowing the CFL to get back to reality with the ball bouncing for both sides.
The CFL is now living happily ever after.

SWC said...

@ Football Fan;

You're totally delusionary if you think the Riders weren't lucky.
We'll take the two points but we're damn lucky to get them.

Jon Massey said...

But we won 4 straight against the West. So, yes it feels like we're in second just depends how much of a whiner you choose to be

Rider Woman Prider said...

@SWC I agree with you that the Riders were very lucky to get the win.
Football Fan is correct in that the Pressure from the Defensive line push did in fact make the Argos QB to throw it to early. All Torontos QB could do is throw it as hard as he could. The Riders were lucky in that he way over threw the pass. As well as the field goal. The kicker had the distance but was off by a hair. You could feel the game slipping away in the second half. Glad we hung on for the Win.
Now that the offence knows what it’s like to score 3 TDS in a half. Next game we need to score in both half’s.
Never seen an offence fund themselves this late in the season. Fingers crossed we are the 1st to do exactly that!

dave spad said...

To Justin Case, and SWC.

So if the Chokepeders went into to Toronto and won in a similar fashion would everyone be saying how "lucky" they were for coming out with the W?? Or would they be singing their praises, saying the are the greatest thing since Sliced Bread?

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. I'll take an ugly win over a pretty loss any day of the week!

Go Riders!

Football Fan said...

Another win, and with Edmonton's loss to Ottawa we're alone in second now. Go Riders! We were better on O this game but it does continue to struggle a bit. It seems to me that there are three issues that may be holding us back a bit. We haven't give up many sacks recently, perhaps due to our conservative play calling, but Collaros still seems to be under pressure quite a bit of the time. Our OL was at it's best last year when Clark was out and Labatte was at C, so I'd like to try that again with JSJ at LG.

The second is the rookie heavy receiving corps. JWL, Shaq Evans, and Stanford are all guys who haven't see a lot of pro playing time before, but now they're full time starters, and they're heading into week 16 of the CFL season. We've seen more drops and ints in the last couple of weeks and I wonder if mental fatigue and concentration might be an issue.

The third is I wonder if Collaros and McAdoo are fully on the same page yet. Collaros has said that this is a new system to him, and he does seem a little frustrated at times. From McAdoo's standpoint I can understand the conservative play calling given the early and possibly continuing issues with the OL, combined with Collaros' early concussion and Bridge's poor play when Collaros was out. We're winning with Collaros now and it's critical that we keep him healthy, so conservative makes sense. This is a path to a home playoff game but to go all the way we probably need more from our offence, but not necessarily now. Our O is still a work in progress and as long as we're still winning it probably makes sense to slowly expand it and sort out the issues as we approach the playoffs. Ideally that's when it should peak.

With Jones you always know there's a plan, and if a problem comes up he'll have a plan to fix that too. Of course other coaches and GMs think and plan too, but not quite like Jones does. He's got a football brain, and football passion, sized XXL. #InJonesWeTrust

fannotacoach said...

Happy with the win. Nice seeing Zack throw downfield for some gains and WOW, three offensive TD's by the Riders when the O was not getting it done like in the past few games.

My question however would be would last year's QB combo have faired any worse? The pic's yesterday were very Kevin Glenn like and the TD/IP ratio for Zack is not great. Would the D have won the same games they did? Would there have been money for other fixes? Would Bridge be any closer to being a real starter?

I hope for the best and cheer Riders always but have fear regarding facing a hot offense for 4 quarters in the near future.

w said...

Headline should read, "Collaros gets bailed out again". Pick sixes and field goals after interceptions gifted to him. This is and weekly excuses and excuse makers is what $400k gets you?

Justin Case U-win said...

Suggesting the Riders were lucky on the last 2 Toronto plays of the game is a fair assessment. Both plays were scoring plays to win the game. Luckily for the Riders the Argos choked. You have to be good to be lucky and lucky to be good.
The Riders are working in the right direction.

dave spad said...

So why are you marginalizing the win then?

Bethel-Thompson had to hurry his throw to SJ Green because of the pressure Chris Jones was bringing, and he overthrew him. Preparation, and opportunity. The Field Goal was a 51 yarder, a tough kick to ask any kicker to make, especially with against the wind, maybe the Argos should of tried to get the ball closer for him on the previous play instead of going for the Homerun.

Fact is the Riders went on the road, played a desperate team who needed a win, and came away with a hard fought victory. Luck had nothing to do with it!!