Realty One

Sunday, September 16, 2018


REGINA - Trevor Harris and William Powell showed again that the aren't intimidated by the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Twice this season they have faced one of the CFL's most dominant defensive units and twice they made that group look rather mediocre.

The duo led the way as the Ottawa Redblacks snapped the Saskatchewan Roughriders' four-game winning streak with a 30-25 victory Saturday night.

The Redblacks (7-5) assumed sole possession of first place in the CFL's East Division. The Riders slipped to 7-5.

"It is a big win. I never take winning for granted,'' said Ottawa head coach Rick Campbell. "It's big to win, especially in a tough place with a tough crowd here in Regina.''

Harris threw for 334 yards and two touchdowns and Powell rushed for 148 yards and two touchdowns to carry Ottawa to victory. In their Week 2 win over the Riders, Harris aired it out for 345 yards and a pair of major scores, while Powell gained 94 yards along the ground and one touchdown.

"Whenever we're clicking on all cylinders like that I feel no one can compete with us,'' Powell said. "Trevor told us he was going to do his thing and the O-line did their thing and opened some lanes for me and we were able to capitalize on that.''

It was Powell's 69-yard burst for a touchdown early in the fourth quarter that gave the Redblacks a 30-18 lead that essentially put the game out of reach.

A late score from the Riders, a 34-yard touchdown catch from Naaman Roosevelt, brought the Riders within reach with less than three minutes to go. But that was as close as they would get.

"It's big for us to utilize Willy P every week because, in my opinion, he's the best running back in the league,'' Harris said. "When we give him carries it's just a matter of time before he busts one.''

Sam Eguavon, Saskatchewan's outside linebacker, agreed.

"Their O-line, they block well for (Powell),'' he said. "It's really hard to find a hole and get into the backfield. It's almost like you're playing back on your heels when they're running the ball.''

"We're not good enough to just walk on the field and win games,'' added Riders safety Mike Edem. "We actually have to go out there and put in the work and do our due diligence and make sure we come out with the W.''

Saskatchewan's defence registered five interceptions and returned two of them for touchdowns last week in their win over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The Riders defence has scored eight touchdowns this season, a franchise record, but they failed to record a sack or a pick on Saturday against Ottawa.

"We can't turn the ball over against that defence,'' Powell said. "Their defence thrives on getting turnovers and getting points on those turnovers. As long as we take care of the ball we feel like we can move the ball on them.''

Marcus Thigpen took the game's opening kickoff 97 yards for a touchdown to give the Riders an early 7-0 lead.

But the Redblacks responded with three touchdowns, with the third coming on a 109-yard drive to close the first half. Diontae Spencer caught a four-yard pass from Harris to cap that drive that gave Ottawa a 20-10 lead going into halftime.

Harris also connected with R.J. Harris for a 49-yard touchdown in the first half. Powell's first touchdown run of the game was a 19-yard run in the first quarter.

The Riders cut into Ottawa's lead early in the third quarter when Kyran Moore returned a punt 89 yards for a touchdown, Saskatchewan's second of the day on special teams.

After Ottawa conceded a safety, the Riders trailed 20-18 heading into the fourth quarter.

Spencer led all receivers with eight catches for 110 yards. Brad Sinopoli caught five passes for 62 yards.

Zach Collaros struggled for Saskatchewan. The quarterback completed 10-of-27 pass attempts for 162 yards. He was intercepted twice. Roosevelt led Saskatchewan with 47 yards receiving. Tre Mason rushed for 68 yards.

Both teams are back in action on Saturday. Ottawa will host the Edmonton Eskimos, while the Riders will visit the Toronto Argonauts.

"It's going to be trouble for the next team we play,'' Eguavon said. "The way we're going to come out next week? I wouldn't want to play our defence.''

(Canadian Press)


- Everybody's entitled to their own opinion. We certainly got a good team as we've said before. We've played our worst two games of the season against Ottawa. They were prepared and ran the football and threw effectively. They did a real nice job. Unfortunately on 1st and 10 we kept stubbing our toe with penalties.

- Sometimes a start like tonight is the kiss of a death. Sometimes a big play early can be the worst thing that can happen. They can think it's going to be easy, and it's never easy.

- I can assure you that I don't point the finger at my staff or players. It starts and ends with me. We are a good team but tonight we didn't play our best game so you can look squarely at me.

- The sky is not falling. We can't predict the future. We can't say we'll definitely go in and win the next games because Toronto and Montreal are good teams too.

- I knew Ottawa was a good team going in. We told the players to go home tonight and ask themselves if they were mentally and physically prepared to win a game. It's tough to say that we were all there tonight. We couldn't stop their run and a little of that is between their ears.

- We're very explosive, especially those two little kick returners. We have to show up and do the little things. You can't keep getting in 1st-and-15 or 1st-and-20. There are no plays that'll be successful in those situations. We can't keep putting ourselves in that position. Up until recently, we didn't do those things. We are a work in progress, that's for sure.

- It doesn't shock me Zach is taking responsibility. He wasn't protected tonight and he was looking down the barrel at 1st-and-15 and that makes for a tough night.

- Fans pay their money and they're able (to boo) if they'd like.

- Special teams did a good job tonight. Our return games were very good. Portions of our offense and defense did not play well at all. We can't be satisifed with 245 yards offense. It's a good question. We don't have a magic formula on offense. A little of that comes with execution. We've gotta catch the football better. We probably had more drops tonight than we've had the past three weeks combined.

- We've gotta learn to win those types of games, especially when we're at home. We didn't have to travel and we were at home, and allowed a team to walk out of here with a 5-point win when we're fighting for a home playoff game. We didn't have the energy we needed. Again, in two phases we're going to have to be better.

- It could be worse. We could have guys pointing fingers. Swerve had a good play on the punt return but you don't see the two missed assignments. People don't see that. Everybody needs to look in the mirror and ask if they did enough, including myself.

- William Powell is a tremendous back. He's one of those guys, who it seemed we had him down numerous times, but he continued to squirt through. He's a great back and he's a thorn in our side every time we see him.



SWC said...

How does McAdoo avoid the hot seat?

Anonymous said...

Totally embarrassing performance by the offense. I hate to single out individual players because it’s a team game,....buuuut. Shaq Evans was horrible tonight, I haven’t been impressed with him all year. I also think Ed Gainey should sit one out next game as much as that pains me to say.

John Knight said...

Jones can say what he wants BUT Collaros played lousy and play calling looked like it was done by a person half asleep. Other than special team, we looked like we didn't care.

Football Fan said...

Ah well. The road to the top is seldom a straight line. This was a trap game, coming off four straight wins over western teams, and we got trapped. We weren't sharp pretty well across the board, but there are a couple of areas of note. After playing pretty well to this point Shaq Evans had a terrible game, so bad it may earn him a demotion. By my count he had three bad drops to one catch. When you start a first year player you have to expect that they'll struggle at bit at some point, but for me this went beyond a normal struggle. The other issue is the number of big plays we gave up, and those may be due to the trap game thing and lapses in focus. Jones said that Powell had a great game against us, but in fact we played him pretty well except for one big play of 69 yards. Spencer also had a 64 yard play, and Harris had a 44 yard play and Sinopoli had a 32 yard play, and the Powell, Harris, and Spencer plays resulted in TDs. And we only lost by 5 points. Two other negative big plays on offence were the interception near the goal line, which seemed to be Stanford's fault, and missed deep ball to JWL, and I don't know whose fault that was. Was it just a miss or did Collaros think that JWL was going somewhere he wasn't?

Clarkenstein said...

So winning four out of five with this pathetic Offense is ok... I guess. Yes Evans was the goat... but over the long haul Collaros couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a scoop shovel. His accuracy is worse than Darian's... if that's possible. Plus he can't run. Defences just pin their ears back and come at him. On D continuous rushing of 3 men just isn't working. Everybody in the building knows you have to have pressure on the QB. Everybody but Jones it seems. Teams have picked on Gainey all year. He can't cover. Now 4 out of 6 on the road. Still no cinch to make the playoffs.

Darren Muller said...

To all you guys anon. You pretty much covered most of what I wanted to say. Sit Gainey a game for sure. All he's been doing is shooting his big mouth off and taking penalties. Trap game yes for sure. And an offensive coordinator that has his head up his ass. How big is our playbook? 1 page?? Also very disappointing to see another home loss in front of a sold out crowd. That should never happen. Defence was due for a bit of a below average game, couldn't get a key turnover but still held us in there. We only lost by 5 even with just special teams playing very well. Collaros has had enough games in and I'm less than impressed. A lot of money invested but getting very little back in return. Time to panic? No not yet by any stretch but a dramatic improvement in the offense will be needed if we are to make the playoffs and be a factor in them.

Helix said...

From what I see the riders have taken a step back on offense from last year. Grant, Bag, Carter were better out there than their replacements. Roosevelt is not getting the ball enough. The running game is good enough from what I see. Collaros is a little better than Glen overall IMO

McAdoo play calling is boring and unimaginative.

Overall the Defense and offense played poorly last night. Special teams played very well again and kept the score close.

Elaine said...

It’s okay to pull your qb when he is having a bad game,you never know the backup could ignite something, and don’t tell me Bridge isn’t capable because he is. Why do you keep throwing to same receiver who keeps dropping the ball, when you have a proven vet, like Bagg, who gets no touches, and JWL had one thrown to him, and he has been our best so far. With the exception of Roosevelt, the all rookie receivers is just too much to expect to be world beaters. Not only throwing to same receiver but same cover guy that keeps getting interceptions. Stinker games are expected, but I’m hoping for just one real good game from Colorado and the offense.

Elaine said...

That is a dumb comment about Durant, what has he got to do with last nights game. Darian gave us many joyous games, and THE CUP.

Love the CFL said...

I find myself saddened that the Riders don't seem to put forward maximum effort to win their games at home. I believe that other teams such as the lions and the stamps take great pride in playing well in their home stadiums and in front of their fans. The Riders have the best fans and the most beautiful stadium in the league, yet they seem to have no sense of wanting to protect their house. Teams should have to come in here and wrench the win from them. I know that it is not true, but I sometimes feel like the fans care more than the team does. Last night the fans showed up like they always do, special teams and their coach showed up, but sadly the offence, defence and other coaches including the head coach failed to show up. I know we just beat them twice but I would love to have Paul Lapolice as offensive coordinator. I don't think McAdoo would have a job if he wasn't best friends with Chris Jones.

Enigma said...

*****"It's going to be trouble for the next team we play,'' Eguavon said. "The way we're going to come out next week? I wouldn't want to play our defence.''****

This an all too telling quote. We weren't ready or very good tonight but we will be next week????. Don't you get paid to bring it each and every night?? I think it's safe to say the Riders defence is predicated on big plays and turnovers as opposed to being solid in every phase. If they don't get the big plays they become ordinary and the team usually loses.

The CFL is and has always been a QB driven league and unlike the NFL where a team just asks some QB's to manage the game. Here unless your QB is elite you can't win. Collaros at 10 for 27 with 162 yards is very poor and pedestrian. Even take away a few drops his numbers would still have been horrible. You need a QB who can win you a game but honestly we don't have that. Collaros is nowhere near the guy he was when he was traded to Hamilton from TO. If he was he would still be in Hamilton. That will likely be our undoing, and perhaps Jones's as well.

Lots of blame to lay around and most of it deserved. Great teams don't lose games like this. Good teams often do. We are not good enough ye to be included in the great team conversation.

RudersWestman said...

The Riders were bound to lose a game given the streak of four W's, and yet it was still a close game despite the areas of concern noted in the posts above. The special teams crew under Craig Dickenson were obviously strong again, and while not stand out like last weekend in Winnipeg, or in previous games, the D was average (gave up some big plays and there was not a lot of pressure on Harris, but they did play well enough to hold the team in it with being on the field lots, such that I am reluctant to be overly critical. The 3 man rush could be evaluated though as well as the play of Hurl and Gainey (they looked slow and out of position at times). However, the offense is stale. There is enough talent and it is not as if Collaros was horrible. If you have Bridge or Glenn or some lone else behind Centre, it does not matter when possess that need to be caught are left on the carpet and cause third down. The result was a seemingly lack of spark or momentum. It did not really inspire confidence in the offence and even with the 4 game win streak, I am sorry to say that I see this team as being in the third in the West when all is said and done, behind Calgary and Edmonton. If BC and Winnipeg, or even one of them, get back to their game, thankfully, the east is weak and a cross over could remain a possibility if the Riders somehow fell to fourth. Bottom line is that even if the D had to carry the team with help from the special teams, the offense has to manage the ball better and cannot give it away and allow points to be put up the other way, or squander red zone opportunities.

Sean Criddle said...

Zach is throwing balls behind receivers....receivers dropping balls William Lambert can't block one is afraid of this offence

Murray said...

How is #1 Evans still in the league???????
“How is it that you have come to find yourself here?”

RS said...

Hey Rod, not tryna start a war of words or anything but maybe this week on the sportscage you could have McAdoo as one your guests on the show before next game... cause I'm sure like many like myself have questions to ask to our offensive coordinator about his play calling

Football Fan said...

@ Enigma
Every team has setbacks during the season, even Calgary. In fact one of the teams we beat during our four game winning streak - all over western teams - was Calgary. They also lost to Edmonton. Also keep in mind that Ottawa is a good team. They are 7-5, just like us and Edmonton, and first in the East, and they'd have an even better record than that if Harris wasn't doing his Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde routine this year. When Harris is on they are a very good team indeed. That said, if we would have been playing our best we would have won this game. We are a better team than our recored indicates as well because we lost 3 games when Collaros was out. Collaros is clearly an upgrade over Glenn, and this year at least a BIG upgrade over Bridge. He has shown flashes of his former greatness but clearly our passing game isn't firing on all cylinders yet. Jones in his post game interviews several times has refereed to missed assignments by receivers, so that along with the drops may be a big part of the issue. And that may be why we've brought in a number of receivers recently as well. I sense that you're not all that knowledgeable about the game so I hope this helps!

SWC said...

@ Football Fan

Collaros was 10/27 no matter how you spin it and the guys in the broadcast booth were predicting what McAdoo would call.

"I sense that you're not all that knowledgeable about the game so I hope this helps!"

w said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't scoring from defence and special teams supposed to augment team scoring rather than lead the team scoring? There is a reason a certain QB was winless in 2017.

Justin Case U-win said...

Give me a fricken break. Your comment blaming Collaros for this loss shows your football IQ is extremely low! When you have your Oline putting you in 1st and 15 or 20. When you have receivers dropping catchable balls. When your receivers are not coming back to help the QB there is a fundamental problem within the offence. Hell even Brandon Bridge couldn’t get his offence going when Collaros was out. Bridge knows this offence as he could move the ball and score TDS last year.
Coach Jones needs to bring in an experienced Offensive consultant to help MacAdoo. As this mess starts and finishes with him. The offensive schemes he has in place fits his ideals but not the players.
You blabbering about Collaros not winning in 2017 when he played on a Hamilton team that was horrible at all levels and was disassembled mid season. The head coach, GM was unceremoniously shipped out of town. No one on the team was playing for Austin. So how the hell was Collaros suppose to do anything by himself!

fannotacoach said...

1st-and-15 or 1st-and-20. There are no plays that'll be successful in those situations!
Really!? Why do I see teams with effective offenses coming out from the shadows of their goal lines after huge penalties and marching all the way down field?
I anticipate big plays from those teams when that happens. I cringe when it happens to the Riders.

Helix said...

I agree.

Rod Schubert said...

I think everyone should take a deep breath. Go back to the last bye week. We had just lost to Edmonton to fall to 3-4, and had Calgary, BC, Winnipeg x 2 and Ottawa lined up next. If some had told you then that the Riders will win 4 of those 5 games, you all would have been ecstatic. In fact, you would have hoped that the one they lose would be agains the eastern team. The fact is, we're still in the driver's seat to earn a home playoff game, and have winnable games against TO and Montreal coming up next. Maybe this loss is the wake up call the team needed. Onward and upward.

Murray said...

Ok. Shack or Shaqua or whatever his name is horrible!!!!!!!!!! Stop!!! Not a cfl player....but apparently our fans don’t get it. This guy has been a hinderence since day 1. And this will not get posted. Again

Murray said...

Ha. Rp won’t even let my posts on here.
Green goggles

Enigma said...

I do think the only level of low IQ is a poster who "really" doesn't know anything. They are the ones who are quick to blame the O-line for not protecting an "immobile QB" and then in the same breath blaming receivers for dropping poorly thrown balls. Talk about stupid! 10 for 27 with two, I repeat two Int's and it's all somebody else problem.

Those kinds of numbers get you the sidelines or a bus ticket in a lot of other leagues. Comparing a long ineffective Collaros to a bunch of second raters doesn't elevate the bar. It only aligns a QB with a bunch of other sub-pars. The reason the O-line sometimes has problems because they don't have a QB who can make something out of nothing. No Mitchell or Reilly here to actually win a team a game. Your blabbering about Hamilton under Collaros. Hamilton is now a competitive team and likely as good as the Riders. Who do they now no have as their QB?

When you open up your mouth remember not to stick your foot in it.

Old Rider Fan said...

Before dumping on Evans ... yeah I did last night too ... remember rookie Andy Fantuz who had a bunch of drops and was sat for awhile. Got over it ... big time.

Despite all the promotion and other marketing by the Riders they are missing opportunity by not helping fans get to know newer players. Rods show once had two players on most shows. Usually newer guys. Helped fans get a sense of who these guys are and maybe saved some negatives. Wrote the Riders once about that and no reply. May try again.

Old Rider Fan said...

By 'Rods show' I mean In The Huddle.

Football Fan said...

So, let’s review the last 5 weeks. We had 4 straight wins including wins over the league leading Stamps, and 2 over the heretofore highly rated Bombers, and we moved into strong contention for a home playoff game. During that time there was barely a peep out of the haters on this site. Now after one off game and a loss they’re coming out in droves. To state the obvious, the haters are not real Rider fans. And it wouldn’t surprise me if they aren’t Rider fans at all. As we all know the internet is rife with losers who like to troll the Rider, and I wouldn’t doubt that half of the ones here are Red and his many handles. There are certainly a number of posts with his characteristic clueless nonsense. And the other half could well be Darrell Davis! Sadly we have Rider trolls even in the Regina media.

So don’t take the troll traffic too seriously! 4 big wins and one loss. The trolls were nowhere to be found during the wins, and now they’re coming out of the woodwork after just one loss. That tells you all you need to know about who these folk are.