Realty One

Friday, September 21, 2018


1 - TORONTO: The Big Smoke. Hogtown. Leafs Nation. The Saskatchewan Roughriders arrived in Canada's biggest city Thursday evening and immediately were engulfed in the city's energy. There's a lot going on, but hockey is #1. The Leafs host the Sabres in preseason action Friday night and I'm excited to be going.

If only I cared for the Leafs! I'll carry the flag of proud local Leaf fans George Yannitsos, Todd Ripplinger, Phil Andrews, Al Dumba, Darren Dupont et al. The Leafs are a big deal, and I'm pumped to go.

2 - TO THE MAX: What's happened to hockey? The buzz on the sports networks is the 5-game preseason suspension to Montreal's Max Domi for his "sucker punch" of Florida's Aaron Ekblad the other night. Trouble is, that wasn't a sucker punch. At least, that's not what it used to be. (See: Tiger Williams). 20 years ago, what Max did would've been a 2-minute roughing minor. SMH.

3 - RIDERS AT ARGOS: Hopefully Saturday's CFL game at BMO Field doesn't get caught up in the wash (5:00 pm Sask Time, TSN, 620 CKRM Network). Like I said, there's a lot going on. The Leafs are home and the Jays entertain the Rays this weekend. My biggest question is: Will there be more Rider fans than Argos fans at this clash? It’s a legitimate question. Tons of Rider Priders have come out for a tremendous sports weekend.

4 - HEAD-TO-HEAD: Chris Jones is 3-0 all-time versus Marc Trestman as CFL head coaches. Question #2: Will that trend continue on Saturday? The Riders are 3-point favourites.

5 - GETTIN' THIGGY WITH IT: Marcus Thigpen's game-opening 97-yard kickoff return TD in Week 14 was the 10th game-opening score in CFL history. The only other Roughrider to accomplish the feat was Corey Holmes in 2005 against Winnipeg.

6 - HAPPY RETURNS: Rider rookie Kyran "Swerve" Moore has two punt return TDs in three career games. The only two players in CFL history to do it faster are Chris Wright (Baltimore 1995) and Kato Hitson (Toronto 1998). Kyran's nickname in his hometown of Clarkesville, Tennessee is "Tiny", but he earned the nickname "Swerve" in Saskatchewan courtesy Duron Carter.

7 - A TAD DEFENSIVE: The Roughriders have scored a club record 8 defensive TDs this season with six games to go. The CFL record is 11 set by the 1987 BC Lions. Note: The Edmonton Eskimos won the Grey Cup that year.

8 - CROSSOVER: It's looking good for the CFL's West Division as we enter the homestretch. The crossover is currently in play and if the 4th-place Western team has a better record than the 3rd-place team in the East this year, then there will be a crossover for a league record 3rd-straight season. Fingers are crossed in Winnipeg and BC.

9 - THE COMMISH: Here's hoping we see CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie at Saturday's game! Last year the Commissioner-elect did a Presidential-style whirlwind tour, attending 40% of CFL games. However the Riders haven’t seen him much this year. We miss Randy!

10 - TNF: The NFL's Thursday Nighter was a cliffhanger with rookie QB Baker Mayfield leading the Cleveland Browns to a 21-17 win over the NY Jets, the Browns' first win in 635 days! No need to compare the excitement of the NFL vs the CFL. Both leagues are great and that debate is silly! You don't see such comparisons between the NHL and AHL. Enjoy the football!

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Curt Dittmer said...

Wasn't Ambrosie at Mosaic for the Humboldt tribute game?

Joe said...

What's your definition of a cheap shot? Ekblad CLEARLY didn't want anything to do with a fight of any kind. Domi drops his glove and punches him in the face with zero warning.
My definition of a cheap shot: punching someone in the face when they have no way to defend themselves.

@mrt_man said...

Is it just me, or is Rowdy missing way more episodes of the sports cage this year?

I'll take the round mound of sound over that other channel... or the sound of grass growing, but it's just not the same.

I agree with your other caller that called into your show to complain about the other show... They are super negative and painful to listen to. I don't need everyone to be an extreme Homer all the time as aggressively as the sports cage, but I do enjoy listening to people who don't hate their own team

dave spad said...

Albert Brown returned an opening kickoff in a game against the Eskimos in 1991

Rod Pedersen said...

To me, a sucker punch is from behind. One that you don't see coming.


Joe said...

I would argue that Ekblad didn't see that coming. He certainly wasn't expecting it. He wanted to skate away.

Regardless, it was dirty and chickensh*t. I'd take a pre-planned fight after the faceoff over that any day. Man up and fight someone who wants to fight you.

Tim said...

If someone did that to Ekblad in the streets, it would be considered an assault. Hockey seems to have a whole other set of standards.

SWC said...

I enjoy a hockey fight, always have. But that wasn't a fight, it was a sucker punch and that crap is not needed. To me Domi didn't get a long enough suspension.

Bill Fuller said...

TODD BERTUZZI ? Now that was a Sucker Punch at it's best. A Sucker Punch is not when you are standing face to face a Sucker Punch is when someone is at the side of you or behind you. Ekblad is a foot taller than Domi and that is why he got nailed. Domi came straight up with an upper cut and that did it .I never was a fan of his Dad, Tie Domi but I think this kid will have much more Class than Tie ever dreamt of. Good Call Roddy.

Rod Pedersen said...

Max did it in Arizona all the time but no one noticed.

Joe said...

Max did what? Punched people in the face who hadn't even dropped their gloves?

No one notices anything in Arizona because it's hockey in Arizona.