Realty One

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


1 - I WAS WRONG: My last prediction didn't last a week. Last week in this space I vowed the Riders wouldn't serve up a stinker over their final seven games but, lo and behold, that's what happened in Saturday's 30-25 home loss to the RedBlacks. As Coach Chris Jones stated after the game, "Our worst two games of the season have come against Ottawa". I thought we were past "Box of Chocolates" territory, but maybe not.

2 - COULD BE WORSE: It was a tight 5-point loss against the 1st place team in the East Division. As Rider Assistant GM Jeremy O'Day pointed out on CKRM's SportsCage, only Calgary has more wins in the CFL than the Saskatchewan Roughriders currently. It was a wake-up call against a non-divisional opponent. On to Toronto.

3 - ZACH ATTACK: Rider QB Zach Collaros admirably took all the blame for Saturday's game, but he shouldn't have. He didn't drop passes nor take costly penalties but, at the same time, he knows it wasn't his best game either. What does Zach need to do better? "Just keep getting better at playing the position," Collaros said Tuesday while battling an irritating cold. "Understanding situations, throwing the football on time, and getting through my reads."

4 - TIERS: Bo Levi Mitchell and Mike Reilly are in a class by themselves in this league at the QB position. Right now Zach Collaros is probably at the upper end of the middle tier which includes Jeremiah Masoli, Matt Nichols and Trevor Harris. If Zach wants to run with the big dogs, then this November will be his Money Time.

5 - DOWN THE STRETCH: The homestretch of the 2018 CFL season begins this weekend, with the final six games before each team. The Riders were 3-3 in the opening third of the season and 4-2 in the midterm. If they go 4-2 down the homestretch (and beat proper opponents), they'll finish at 11-7 which should give them a good shot at 2nd place. My preseason prediction of 13 wins seems almost unattainable now, but that didn't factor in significant time missed by Collaros.

6 - D.C.: The Riders visit the Toronto Argonauts in Week 15, with a 5:30 pm Sask Time kickoff Saturday at BMO Field. It's a must-win for Marc Trestman's 3-8 Argos, while the Riders are venturing into must-win territory if they hope to achieve their goals. The Duron Carter vs Saskatchewan storyline takes a backseat to the importance of the game, but it's a juicy sub-plot nonetheless. What's D.C. got to say? Where's he been? I'm guessing the silence will be broken by Friday at the latest.

7 - HALL OF FAME: The 2018 Canadian Football Hall of Fame induction went last Friday in Hamilton with little fanfare. Scott Flory was torn between coaching his U of S Huskies in Saskatoon that night, and attending the induction ceremony at Tim Hortons Field. It shouldn't have to be this way! The CFHOF induction ceremony should be held during Marks CFL Week, ensuring no in-season conflicts and guaranteeing all the football people will be in one spot. Oh, and broadcast the ceremony on Facebook Live so you don't have to rely on TSN. Y'er welcome.

8 - FOOTBALL DAY IN CANADA: This Saturday serves up another CFL triple-header with Edmonton at Ottawa, Saskatchewan at Toronto and Hamilton at BC. Nine solid hours of CFL football on TSN!!! I can think of few things better, and I continue to love the 2018 CFL schedule.

9 - LOCALLY: Saskatoon is the place to be for the best football in the province this weekend. On Friday at Griffiths Stadium, the Regina Rams visit the Saskatchewan Huskies in a battle of 2-1 teams in Canada West. ... Meanwhile the 2-1 Regina Thunder of the PFC visit the Saskatoon Hilltops Saturday at SMF Field. ... And the Regina Pats open the 2018-19 WHL season with a home-and-home series against the P.A. Raiders this weekend. Friday the teams square off in Prince Albert while the Pats' A&W Home Opener goes Saturday night against the Raiders on 620 CKRM.

10 - RANDOM THOUGHTS: It's easy to be negative. It takes guts to be positive. ... The Vegas Golden Knights returned C Jake Leschyshyn to the Regina Pats on Tuesday. Regina is going to be alright. ... I'm really starting to love Cam Newton. ... Funny how all the advertising is geared to millenials around here, yet it's the 55+ crowd who's driving all the nice vehicles. ... Theoren Fleury is the guest speaker at Saturday's Indian Head Minor Hockey Fundraising Dinner. For tickets, look up somebody in Indian Head! ... Kickers seem to be like Chaplains and counsellors: You don't realize how valuable they are until you need them. ... Best movie I've seen lately: White Boy Rick. Two thumbs up from the Monday Morning Goalie.

Y'er welcome,


Anonymous said...

Good article Roddy. I completely agree, Zach had an off game, but it wasn’t completely his fault, he took it on the chin like a leader. I wish we could hear the same from Coach MacAdoo. You are abolutely right about negativity being the easy choice. More Saskawinners, less Saskawhiners! Go Riders!

John Knight said...

#4 I don't know what you are smoking but Collaros is NOT in the upper end of the middle and not even in the middle there are lots of backup QBs better than him right now

Bill Salloum said...

I appreciate Zach's response to all of this. I hope he's truly healthy and I wish him success - for the Riders' sake but also his own. I'd like to see him do well and feel rewarded for his perseverance through injuries.

I don't mind the HOF inductions occurring during the season, but the idea of doing it during CFL Week is an interesting one which should be explored. My real beef is breaking away to interviews during the game, detracting from game action. I'm watching the game for the game. It's bad enough having the cameras breaking away to crowd action while teams are lining up for the snap, let alone doing interviews while play is in progress. I want TSN to do them some other way, some other time.

T. Brown said...

@ Bill Salloum:
Hear hear. IMO inductee interviews should occur at halftime… That way they receive the attention they deserve.

Justin Case U-win said...

I’m like many in that I like Zack Collaros. Unfortunately liking a football player doesn’t count for anything as I agree with #2 Comment that Zack is no where near the middle of the pack. For all starting QBs in the CFL that have started more than 1 year. Zack is at the bottom right now. Even if you don’t know football. Look at his stats for the games he’s started and he is last in all catagorys and 1st in the worst category’s. Like 2 and outs.
If this season ends with Zack playing the same way he has up to now. Then there is zero chance that Chris Jones resigns Zack for 2019. Plus it’s really sad that the Riders paid over 400K for a QB that just plainly couldn’t get his mojo back.
Right now many fans would take KJ back. At least he only cost half the amount and could throw TDS. At 50% the cost we could have kept receivers like Bakari Grant.or even Owens who was an spark plug on the field of play.
We understand that this site is the home of the Riders play by play and that you are doing a great job Rod. Unfortunately most do not see Collaros in the same light. I for one hope he finds his groove and catches fire here real soon. I’m just not sure that’s possible.

Helix said...

John Knight what are you smoking? Please amuse us by naming lots of backups that are better than Collaros. Too funny!

John Knight said...

Helix, to name 4


John Knight said...

misspelled Streveler

Helix said...

Thanks for the names. They are all good qb’s if yet unproven, Inconsistent, or over the hill. I still take Collaros over them but they are good.