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Sunday, August 26, 2018


TORONTO - The Toronto Argonauts announced today the signing of International WR Duron Carter.

Carter, 27, is a two time CFL All-Star (2014, 2017) playing in his fifth CFL season. Known recently for playing on both sides of the ball, Carter has amassed 266 receptions, 4,031 yards and 26 touchdowns in 65 career games as a receiver. In 2018, Carter has been used primarily as a defensive back with Saskatchewan due to injuries to their secondary, recording 13 tackles and one interception, returned 28 yards for a touchdown. Coming off his best season as a pro in which he also played both wide receiver and defensive back for the Roughriders, 2017 saw Carter catch 73 passes for 1,043 yards and eight touchdowns as well as nine tackles and one interception returned 43 yards for a touchdown. In Week 11 of 2017, Carter had a career day hauling in 11 passes for 231 yards vs. Ottawa. With the exception of 2015 in which Carter spent with the NFL's Indianapolis Colts, the 6'5, 205-pound receiver lined up for the Montreal Alouettes between 2013 and 2016, racking up 185 receptions for 2,877 yards and 17 touchdowns in 40 games. 

The native of Fort Lauderdale, Florida played his Freshman season of University football for the Ohio State Buckeyes where he caught 13 balls for 176 yards and one touchdown. Carter transferred to Coffeyville Community College, a Kansas Junior College for his Sophomore season, where he began to come into his own hauling in 44 passes for 690 yards and 10 touchdowns in only nine games. His last two seasons of University were spent at Alabama and Florida Atlantic, respectively, but eligibility issues kept him off the field. Carter is the son of eight-time NFL Pro Bowler and 2013 NFL Hall of Fame inductee, Cris Carter, and nephew of former Toronto Raptors Head Coach Butch Carter. 

The club also announced 2017 CFL East All-Star INT DB Cassius Vaughn looks to be out for the remainder of the season with a suspected torn Achilles. Further tests will be conducted to confirm.  


Gainer is my Hero said...

I hope he is learning from this. I wish him all the best!

Randolph Charles said...

Learning what? I am trying to figure what Carter did so wrong to have hIm cast adrift? Not a team player? Then why did he accept playing defensive corner, a position foreign to him? And played it pretty well, to boot. Not a fan favourite? Ask the movie goers that saw a film with him, and he paid their way on as well. Definitely wish him well in Toronto though.

Old Rider Fan said...

He needs to be on a mature team where there is strong leadership in the locker room so he can't be that leader. Will be interesting to see how Trestman deals with him. (Find myself thinking of him in those jump ball situations ... 'Duron would have caught/picked that one')

3RD and 1 said...

Hey Randolph I understand your frustration. I too am a big fan of the on field play of Duron Carter as well as the off field Duron Carter. He is an incredible talent and a man with a big heart.
That’s what most of us see from the outside looking in. A great guy who is outspoken and draws all kinds of attention. Both good and well, not so good!
Where Duron’s biggest problem is. It’s where the General fan base dosent see or know about it. It seems once Duron is very comfortable and sees how much the fans like him. Duron forgets there are boundaries and it ends up that Duron steps way past the line and is way out of his place. He’s one “PLAYER” on a 46 man football team. Duron dosent have any kind of filter. With that Duron’s biggest problem is located an inch or so below his nose.
The most recent and the worst thing Duron could have done was calling out the Riders Coach and OC MacAdoo. Duron started speaking out that he wasn’t getting enough balls his way. On top of that Duron started complaining on the over all play calling. Duron also broke another rule by suggesting another Veteran had used the same words. Drawing Roosevelt into the complaint was so wrong!
MacAdoo’s play calling has not been the issue. The issue is simple execution and ability. When Bridge was starting at QB the play calling was minimized due to Brandon’s inability to execute many plays. If you can’t get it done in practise. You certainly are not going to use it game time. Anyone can see its better with Zack In there. Still there is a lack of execution. But the positive thing is Zack has only started a hand full of games and we can all see that Zack is slowly getting better. Something we were not seeing with Bridge in there.
We all know that in professional football Players play and Coaches Coach. When a player feels they are big and important enough to call out the coach. Then that player is a huge distraction and that will snowball and rip your team completely apart. Coach Jones knows this and has even seen similar scenarios in the past. Duron’s 1st year he was treated as the special child on the team. He didn’t learn nor did he mature by this season. So once Duron spoke out against his Coach as well as trying to involve another Veterans by using his name. Chris Jones really has no other recourse. He needed to remove the distraction before it snowballed. Maybe get lucky and have a real positive effect on the team. So... that’s why Coach Jones said we are moving in a different direction from Duron Carter. Meaning we are moving back to responsibility, accountability and a united team.
Look at how effective it worked. The players realized that GM Jones is prepared to remove the teams incredibly talented special child in order to move forward. Making every player realize they too could be gone in a heartbeat.
Then the Riders come out and beat an undefeated 7-0 team. Then fly to the West Coast and beat a team that was undefeated at home in the dome.
As much as I loved Duron’s incredibly talented hands, his athleticism and even his out spokeness at times. Not so much his Pot CookIes and then a incredibly dumb second bust at the airport. I think that Chris Jones did the right thing. The team on both sides of the ball look to be coming together as 1 team. Where as a few weeks ago the Defence and the Offence were 2 separate teams.
I wish Duron all the best and hope he continuous to wow us with his incredible hands. Just not when he is playing against SK. Good luck Duron we will miss your BIG personality.