Realty One

Wednesday, August 1, 2018


REGINA - Wednesday morning brought some pretty good news for Canada’s Team.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced their roster for Thursday’s Week 8 game at Edmonton and it’s the best roster the Riders have fielded all season.

Zach Collaros is listed as the starting QB after being pulled off the 6-Game Injured List early. He hasn’t played since Week 2 at Ottawa. The Riders and RedBlacks were tied 14-14 when Collaros came out of that game with a concussion.

Meanwhile star rookie CB Nick Marshall - who scored a pick six in his CFL debut in Week 1 vs Toronto - has come off the 6-Game List as well, and is listed as a starting corner.  Marshall reportedly broke his hand against the Argos.  

The insertion of Marshall on defence means Rider Head Coach Chris Jones can flip reigning team MVP Duron Carter back to offense. He started each game at CB in Marshall’s absence, but is now listed as a slot back.

In all the Riders have five changes from last week’s 34-22 loss to Calgary:

IN: CB Nick Marshall, QB Zach Collaros, LB Kevin Francis, FB Albert Awachie and OL Josiah St. John.

OUT: RB Jerome Messam, DB Tristan Doughlin, DT Mak Henry, WR Caleb Holley and QB Devin Gardner.



3RD and 1 said...

It’s going to be tough taking down an Awesome player like Reilly in his own Ball Park. Unless the Defence can get to Mike and shut down those long balls. It’s going to be a tough evening for the Riders.
Mike Reilly has earned the respect of just about everyone in the CFL. I had wrote him off a few years ago when he was getting banged around and knocked down all the time. He use to stay down where as now he gets up every time. Going from Buck Pierce 2.0 to Mike Reilly the king of the green turf. He deserves to be at the top of the 50 players list. Too bad Wally Buono let him go.
Riders need to Confuse him, force him to pull the ball down and try to run. Riders Defence just needs to slow him down and take away his go to guys. Make Mike try to do it all by himself.
Riders blew the EE out of their own park last year. Not this year! This year the Riders squeak out of Edmonton’s Common Wealth Stadium with a 4 point victory.

Bill Fuller said...

Please tell me what the DIFFERENCE is between ANONONYMUS and 3rd and 1.

Rudyman said...


Using a Blogger account is using a Google account. Any account used from any device ties that account to the device. That device has a list at Google of all the accounts used from it. Add to that location data, times, etc all tracked and recorded. hell if you use multiple devices, it can tell by your movements if the user is the same person.

Now, if your an idiot and do something illegal, the police contact google with the warrant and all the information is turned over. They know who you are, where you live, go to work, and more.

You might as well stand up in the the public square surrounded by police and announce your crimes vocally.

The previous anonymous accounts here, could not be tracked as well or as easily.

You can put what ever name you want on the front. The back end knows exactly who you are. There is some anonymity, but when it counts, the right people can determine who you are.