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Sunday, August 12, 2018


Chris Jones on Sunday
REGINA - Chris Jones wasn't prepared to divulge specific reasons as to why he released two-time all-star wide receiver Duron Carter, but working out NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Owens wasn't one of them.

The head coach and general manager of the Saskatchewan Roughriders said Sunday that the team wanted to go in a different direction of Carter and that's what prompted the decision.

"It had nothing to do with it,'' Jones said of the correlation between Owens and Carter. "That's a discussion for another time. Let's give this its due and then move on from here, OK?''

The Roughriders (3-4) cut Carter on Saturday night, after putting Owens through some drills on Aug. 5 in Chattanooga, Tenn. Owens, 44, was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame one day prior.

Jones said that the 27-year-old Carter is a dynamic individual who has a kind of unique set of qualities.

"We released a very good player who I think will end up, you know, he's going to land on his feet,'' Jones said.

Edmonton-based agent Jason Staroszik, who is handling Owens's CFL negotiations, declined comment when contacted by The Canadian Press on Saturday.

Carter was the Roughriders' top receiver in 2017 with a 1,043 yards and eight TDs, but he was shifted to cornerback in the second week of this season after Nick Marshall suffered a finger injury.

He was moved back to offence on Aug. 2 - a 26-19 loss to Edmonton - making three catches for 59 yards and one TD. In seven games this season, Carter had eight receptions for 111 yards and one touchdown.

The Fort Lauderdale, Fla., native tweeted earlier Sunday that he started getting calls from teammates on Saturday asking what happened.

"I eventually text coach Jones ''What's the deal? Why my teammates asking if I'm on the team?," the tweet said. ''Get a call from him saying 'thanks for your service on both sides.''

Jones, whose team is on a bye week, said that he constantly evaluates his roster and made the decision around halftime of Saturday's Montreal-Ottawa CFL matchup.

"It didn't seem to surprise him when I had the conversation with him yesterday,'' Jones said.

The Roughriders' offence has struggled to gain momentum this season. They're last in the CFL in passing yards with 1,407 while they're tied with Montreal for last in passing TDs with five.

Quarterback Zach Collaros was hurt during Saskatchewan's Week 2 game in Ottawa. Neither Canadian Brandon Bridge or David Watford were able to solidify the No. 1 job with Collaros out. Collaros made his return from the injured list against the Eskimos.

Jones is no stranger to dismissing big-name receivers from his roster after cutting veterans Rob Bagg, Bakari Grant and Chad Owens following this spring's training camp.

Jones said that Caleb Holley would take Carter's place in the lineup.

"We do have a very young roster at the receiver position with the exception of Naaman (Roosevelt),'' Jones said. "We have some very capable guys that we believe in.''

Saskatchewan gave Owens a look after Edmonton released him from its negotiation list in July.

Owens last played in the NFL in 2010 and has been out of football since 2012. He's ranked second all-time in receiving yards (15,934) and third in receiving TDs (153). Owens was a five-time first-team All-Pro and a six-time Pro Bowler over 16 seasons with five teams.

(Canadian Press/Ryan McKenna)


SWC said...

What a waste of ink that statement is.

Three weeks ago he was our "best option" on defense, plus he was an all-star receiver.

Now we've decided to go a "different direction".

I was hoping Jones would be honest with the Rider Nation.

Adrian Leusink said...

DC is a valuable player and can land with another team if he/they want that. Sounds like there were some underlying issues still at play and kudos to CJ for not airing any Rider dirty laundry if in fact there is any here.

Cory Mark said...

No Duron means no Grey Cup for Riders or Playoffs last place for Riders

Bill Fuller said...

HOG WASH. Carter was never happy or even looked happy once he moved permanently to Defence. Jones pushed the wrong button and Carter wanted out is my guess. They always like to butter things up when something like this happens just so the team doesn't look bad. Where will Carter go? Wpg will be my first guess just like Dressler and a few more. Bombers after all are our "B TEAM" . If Jones would have kept Dressler and Carter here together can you imagine what kind of a Receiving core we could have had ? Now, IF OWENS SIGNS WITH THE RIDERS, I think I will start watching "The Days Of Our Lives " , on tv.
If this really is true that Carter is gone and Owens is in that would mean there is something very loose upstairs and that would have to be in the Coaches Head.

RS said...

How many more directions is this team gunna change before the so called "PLAN" cj has in place is gunna be excuted

Anonymous said...

Uuuuuh no. He talked a lot but didn’t explain anything. I didn’t expect anything else from coach Jones, and that is absolutely fine. Football is a team game and when one player takes as much maintenance as Carter did it would be exhausting. Don’t get me wrong I wish he was still here, but I’m not surprised this happened. Go Riders, beat Calgary!

Dan said...

That was not an explanation, it was an official dodge.

I’m not upset about this, I remain confident in Jones. It was about this time last year that he got serious about the season and we started winning. This could be a sign of the same thing in 2018.

Justin Case U-win said...

Jones didn’t explain nothing in this scrum and it’s obvious the media are afraid of him. Now Carter is going to end up on the BC Lions or somewhere he can hurt the Riders. He will catch the TD that ends the Riders season. It’s Murphys law!
I’m tired of these wimpy sports media people bending over for Coach Jones.
I’m going to start SNBJ SPORTS NEWS. (SK NEWS BY JUSTIN) and I will ask the questions the wimps are afraid to ask. I will be known as the man that asks the tough questions and gets the answers everyone is wanting to hear!
Here is my question and how I would have approached this media scrum.
Coach Jones since Carter has come here you have spoken about his Athleticism. As well as how good of a football player Duron is. In fact you just stated how good Duron is as a player right now in your explanation.
So as the GM and HC of a community owned team. How can you justify your words today of moving in a different direction and away from one of the best receivers in the game today be enough to satisfy this fan base.
Is it true that you have had enough of Duron speaking out of his frustration and displeasures of the losing the team has been experiencing?
“””Coach answers””

Then Coach I ask you if a player is voicing his frustration of how things are going. Is this something you do not allow?
What about Duron Carters statement a few weeks back that he’s sick and tired of fans bothering him when he’s trying to have a meal. Did that statement to the media bother you?
Let the coach answer............
Then finally Coach. What is the best reason you can give this fan base for giving up on probably the best pair of hands in the league. Especially since you have stood behind Duron this past year and a half?

Dennis Campbell said...

I guess game film doesn't lie. Watched the Edmonton game over and Caters heart was not in the game.

Football Fan said...

I'm with Adrian. I think Jones said enough to give us a pretty good idea of what happened, but not so much that he threw Carter under the bus. Good balance imo. Jones said one thing that I disagree with, however. He said that he didn't have meetings with Carter this year because he expects players to grow and mature, but I don't think Carter's problem is a lack of maturity. I think he just has a severe case of ADD or some related thing, and he's just bouncing off the walls all the time. Still, it sounds like something may have happened and that was just the last straw for Jones. We've got very good depth in our receiving corps, however, so we'll be fine there. Our receivers were not the problem early in the year. Our QBing was.

John Knight said...

I am not upset Carter is gone in fact I was guessing he was on thin ice. Granted h is a very talented player but has far too much baggage. He would take very dumb selfish penalties at the silliest times. His talent will be missed but his stupidity and selfishness won't. I hpe he catches on with another team and plays well against everyone but us but I have a feeling he has burnt too many bridges in the CFL

Old Rider Fan said...

What do fans really want the coach to say? Please tell us. Should he say Duron did this then that then ... ? Or whatever. May not like all the coach does but what do fans really know and what should they know. He said he is not going to put someone on trial. That encompasses the answer.

SWC said...

To Old Rider Fan;

Just saying you cut a guy would be okay if two weeks earlier you hadn't said, "He's our best option."

Obviously something happened.

Football Fan said...

You're having some comprehension problems. When he said, "he's our best option," he meant that he was our best option at DB while Marshall was out. That's where Carter was playing and that's what Jones was talking about.