Realty One

Thursday, August 30, 2018


By: Russ Hobson
Global Winnipeg

Quarterback Matt Nichols is trying to put another mini controversy behind him as they now prepare for Sunday’s big Labour Day tilt against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

After Blue Bombers hall of famer Milt Stegall accused Nichols of throwing his receivers under the bus in his post game comments, Nichols only wanted to talk about football Wednesday.

“Honestly, I can totally respect that you guys have a job to do and everything,” Nichols said. “But I’m sticking to talking about Sask. and Labour Day.”

Stegall has since apologized to Nichols and while some may have misconstrued his post game thoughts, the head coach says there’s no confusion in the locker room.

“To have somebody step to a mic in front of the media and say something like that,” O’Shea said. “I think it’s irrelevant to the team because the team understands what’s going on inside the room.”

Nichols has been criticized for not taking more of the blame for their recent offensive struggles.

“One, I believe Matt does take the blame,” offensive coordinator Paul LaPolice said. “And certainly first and foremost it all falls on me as the offensive coordinator. I got to be better and we all got to be better. It ain’t just one guy.”

But after practice on Wednesday Nichols admitted that he needs to be sharper.

“Of course I want to play better,” Nichols said. “I’m obviously not satisfied with this season so far. Obviously I have higher expectations and those expectations on myself are high enough.”

Nichols could have another weapon on offence in the annual Labour Day game.

Receiver Weston Dressler was among a handful of players who didn’t practice, but according to O’Shea there’s a good possibility he’ll be in the lineup to face his ex-teammates after sitting out the last two games.

“He’s out there running around,” O’Shea said. “We’ll see. Once again, he doesn’t need the reps. He’s one of the smartest guys in the league so he can play on a moments notice.”


Unknown said...


Tim said...

I think Stegall was right, I think Nicholls DID throw the receivers under the bus, and didn't take enough blame himself. Also I think he
blew it by criticizing the fans. If he thinks the Bomber fans were hard on him, just wait until he comes to Mosaic for Labour Day and hears it from Rider fans. Can't wait for Sunday..

Dennis Campbell said...

The game starts at 1 pm the sun will be straight up so Nichols should have a good view of it!

Justin Case U-win said...

The hostility between Rider fans and Bomber fans is NOT because of what happens on the field. Nor is it the color of the uniforms. In my opinion the Media has purposely stirred up a hornets nest and truthfully taken it too far. There are fans from both sides that truly hate the other team fans. To the point they actually want to do physical harm. I know this because I was threatened simply for wearing Rider green at a game in Winnipeg. The same crap happens here.
Don’t tell me that the Rider fans don’t get on the Team when they are losing Jovan. Maybe your just tuning it out. This site that is usually pretty tame as Rod and team filter out the real bad stuff. However the stuff I read at is far worse than what I read at As the Winnipeg site monitors far better than the rider fans site.
I’m not joking when I say that social media has fueled the fire far too much and sooner than later someone is going to be hurt really bad when a drunken crew from one side takes their frustration out on a single fan from the other side.
It’s gone too far now. It’s no longer fun when the 2 fan base pour alcohol into their gut and the media continuous to pour gasoline on the fire.
Time to pull it back some.