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Saturday, August 11, 2018


1 - OFF TO THE FINALS: This Regina Red Sox run of 2018 is a remarkable story! Regina's baseball team is off to the WMBL finals after a 7-6 road win Friday over the Weyburn Beavers in Game 5 of the Best-of-5. Now only the Medicine Hat Mavericks stand in the way of the Red Sox claiming their first championship since 2012! Games 3 and 4 of the Best-of-5 are in Regina on Tuesday/Wednesday of this week at Currie Field.

2 - IT'S HAMMER TIME: The current bye week for the Saskatchewan Roughriders has caused some in the Rider Nation to be distracted and switch their focus to the current heat wave in the Wheat Province (40 degrees today!). But when the Riders get back to work and people check the standings in the CFL West, they're going to be sum pissed. The Riders are listed at the bottom of the five teams at 3-4!

3 - IT'S NOT THAT BAD: At least I don't think it is. Saskatchewan is actually tied with B.C. for 4th-place with identical 3-4 records and they have yet to face the Lions this year. That comes August 25 and October 27. Meanwhile the Riders have yet to face the 5-3 Winnipeg Blue Bombers but the prairie rivals will meet three times in September and October! The most important games have yet to be played so to panic now would be a waste of emotion.

4 - STILL...: The B.C. Lions' shocking 31-23 comeback victory over the Edmonton Eskimos Thursday in Vancouver was a bitter pill for Roughriders followers to swallow. The Lions did what Saskatchewan could not do just one week earlier: snuff out Mike Reilly and make Edmonton pay for their mistakes. I'll say it again ... kudos to the Lions for showing huge stones, and I'm really going to miss those Wally Buono postgame speeches. Wally is the CFL.

5 - #TNF: I've been forwarded data that shows the CFL's most-watched telecasts this season have come on Thursday nights. That's contrary to what I guessed in this space just a few days ago. I'm telling you -- Thursday Night Football is catching on in Canada. Now when the NFL season starts - for real - this is going to be a helluva battle to watch. I love the CFL's chutzpah by attempting to go head-to-head with the NFL in these midweek games.

6 - STOP IT: I've seen Canadians saying on social media this week, "So glad football is back" whatwith the NFL preseason games being televised. Anyone who says that should be forced to hand in their Canadian passport. Comments like that aren't a slap-in-the-face to the CFL. It's ignorance on behalf of the people who make them.

7 - MORE MANZIEL: It's Montreal at Ottawa Saturday night to close out Week 9 in the CFL and it's a delicious match-up. The RedBlacks Twitter account taunted Johnny Manziel this week about his interceptions and it makes one wonder if their words will come back and bite them in this one. Twitter is so much fun! But it gets people in soooo much trouble. (See: Roseanne Barr).

8 - HOGWASH: The agent for Johnny Manziel said the Alouettes rushed his client onto the field for this CFL debut and they are the ones to blame for his 4-pick outing. That's craziness! The Blue Bombers acquired Matt Nichols on the week of the 2015 Labour Day Classic and started him with relative success. New York Jets first round pick Sam Darnold held out of training camp before dazzling in his exhibition debut Friday night. All players want is a chance and Johnny got his! Unfortunately, he didn't make the most of it. Perhaps tonight will be Redemption Night.

9 - BACK TO THE RIDERS: Canada's Team has not yet posted their practice schedule for the week so it's not known when they'll return to the field from the bye week. We do know they'll host the Calgary Stampeders next Sunday at 5:00 pm in what's starting to look like a must-win game. Will Terrell Owens be on the field? We'll know soon. This is going to be a fun week!

10 - PLAZA WEEK: Just to remind you, the Saskatchewan Roughriders have moved their Plaza of Honour celebration up a month and it's THIS FRIDAY as the team inducts Jim Hopson and John Terry into its Hall of Fame. Tickets for the induction are still available at, 1-888-4-RIDERS or the Mosaic Stadium box office. The event has been affordably priced so that you can attend so please plan for it! See you there.

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Larry Schwentke said...

Totally agree with point six, I am a CFL fan that has zero interest in the four down sport south of the border!

Football Fan said...

It's not that surprising that BC beat Edmonton, and that's the result I was hoping for. Edmonton may be 5-3 but they've had a weak schedule so far and even with that they only beat Toronto by 1 and Winnipeg with Streveler by 3. Reilly has managed to pull out some wins for them in spite of being under a lot of pressure and taking some big hits, but he hasn't been getting away the last couple of games. He's been sacked 7 times in the last two games, and that damage looks like it's starting to add up. Our defence is so good that if Collaros can even be just a solid starter I think we could go on a run while Edmonton falls back. Winnipeg's offence, particularly Nichols, didn't look very good yesterday either. I don't think they're the team some people have made them out to be, and we have three games with them left. I think we could still host a home playoff game, but after the Calgary game, which would be a bonus, Collaros has to stay healthy and we have to start taking care of business.

Ed Driver said...

Football ( real ( is back ?

anyone that can actually watch NFL exhibition games ... must have NFL Exhibition games and C P A C channel as their only tv entertainment .
compared to NFL exhibition games ... eating worms is far more appealing .

Ed German Spruce Grove Alberta

SWC said...

6 - STOP IT: Anyone who says that should be forced to hand in their Canadian passport.

If they handed in their passport they'd be stuck in Canada. I think they should use it to leave.


Heptiro said...

Anyone else tired of media people calling a football a rock? Who started this and why must all announcers now repeatedly sheep-like follow. Guess they think its cool or they think we , the fans, demand such inside cool talk. I don’t care if I never hear what the coaches or players say during a game either.
A football fan can watch and enjoy both. The “No Fun League” used to be so boring and hard to watch but now I do find it entertaining. The CFL snobs think they are so cool by saying stupid things like that. They probably have never watched a CFL game in their life. I suspect a lot of that comes from big cities like Toronto where they worship anything NFL. You know “Big League” not bush like the CFL. The perception will never change no matter what or who is playing. The Toronto NFL fans didn’t ever see Flutie in his prime so will they change and come out to see Johnny Football. Nope.
Anyone remember the first regular season NFL game live in Toronto and televised across Canada. Bills vs Dolphins 16-3 The game was so boring the fans were giving standing ovations for a Bills first down.
Well that’s my rant. Cheers

SkPensFan said...

Thursday night football is horrible. Horrible to watch on TV, even worse to attend in person and terrible for the players on the short week. Have the special Labour Day games and maybe 1 Sunday ‘Family Game’ per season. At most. Other than that, 2 Friday and 2 Saturday games every week. It’s so simple and the CFL is managing to screw it up.

gman80 said...

Terrell Owens shouldn't be anywhere near a CFL field and I fully expect this news to die down very soon! Owens is not even close to being football ready and obviously he's too friggen old! TIME TO MOVE ON AND PUT THIS OWENS NONSENSE TO REST!

3RD and 1 said...

What an impressive series boys! To take out the Weyburn Beavers is an incredible task. The Beavers are an incredibly good Baseball team. The Redsocks lost many times to the Beavers during the regular season.
As a sports fanatic I played on sports teams that traveled to Weyburn on Weekends when I was a teenager. I love the name Weyburn Beavers. It fits so well. Not because the Souris River runs through the small City. As a teenaged athlete from the Big City playing in a small place. Many of us on the team had a blast. We were able to let it all out and let it go after the games. I will tell you that myself and a couple teammates played with a lot of Beaver in Weyburn. Man, we didn’t realize that those incredible times don’t last. Even though it felt like it would never end. if I could only turn back the clock. haha
I’m hoping the Redsocks belief on the team redlined after taking out Weyburn. As they have a harder task at hand now with SwiftCurrent. They can do it. The Redsocks can win the Championship!
It is so weird using the color Red when talking about a Regina SK team. Red is ok at the peewee, bantam & junior levels. It’s just do strange at the semi pro or pro level.
I know we can’t have green socks. Even though some teammates that didn’t have the best personal hygien back in the day often seemed to have green socks. haha
Anyway just need to get use to it. I said it at the top and I will say it again.

bramstead said...

The CFL is not going up against the NFL on Thursday nights. There's only one more scheduled CFL Thursday game on August 23rd and then it's over for the season. Take a look at the schedule before you assume the CFL is taking on the NFL.