Realty One

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


1 - WHAT A DIFFERENCE...: ....A win makes. Particularly a home win over the Calgary Stampeders, like Sunday's 40-27 dismantling of the Horsemen. The win proved a lot of things including: 1) The Riders are in contention for a home playoff game and 2) Saskatchewan can beat any team in the league.

2 - AHEM: Count me among those who wasn't surprised Saskatchewan won that game and will soon be considered among the CFL's elite. I've been beating that drum since training camp but - like you - I was getting frustrated that they couldn't/wouldn't beat a West Division opponent. Not anymore.

3 - DICKIE, DICKIE, DICKIE: It took several days for me to be convinced that that was in fact Dave Dickenson trash-talking Roughriders kicker Brett Lauther prior to his 1st quarter field goal on Sunday (which he made). The TSN "live mic" picked it up. The always-classy and sportsmanlike Dave Dickenson wouldn't do something so low would he? Apparently he would. But that's another reason I'm not a fan of the "live mic". What happens down there should stay down there.

4 - SCOUTING: It must take nerves of steel for the Riders to ignore the detractors who say their personnel department can't find anybody. Now with fans raving about the play of these rookies: CB Nick Marshall, REC Jordan Williams-Lambert, REC Shaq Evans, RB Tre Mason, OL Terran Vaughn, DB Matt Elam, OL Tacoby Cofield, et al, the scouting staff can puff out their chests. Like always, the players need to play. It's always on them.

5 - NO MAAS: I like Jason Maas. A lot. But the Edmonton Head Coach is getting widely criticized for his team being the most-penalized in the CFL, already reaching 1,000+ yards on the season. In six games this year, they've been penalized for over 100 yards! While some in Edmonton feel Maas's sideline tantrums and Gatorade cooler assaults are "not a big deal", you can't tell me the penalties aren't related Maas's temper. Jason has vowed to calm down. Let's see if he's successful.

6 - BOO BOMBERS: I was at the Plaza of Honour celebration Friday night so I missed the Ottawa-Winnipeg game but word quickly reached me that the Bombers were being booed off the field at home and then afterwards, I saw the quotes from QB Matt Nichols that he was insulted by the actions of the fans. None of it surprised me. Bomber fans are justifiably restless and they are wondering if they have the proper QB. The heat is hot in Winnipeg and there is farrrrrrrr more pressure on Head Coach Mike O'Shea there than there is on Chris Jones here.

7 - JONNY B GOOD: It's no shock it took less than 24 hours for Regina's Jon Ryan to sign with the NFL's Buffalo Bills after being released by the Seattle Seahawks. The 36-year old saw the writing on the wall since he was making a contract in the millions (what a problem to have!). Rider fans were hoping to see him in Saskatchewan since Jon once said he'd like to finish his career with his hometown Roughriders. Don't hold your breath on that one. A lot of things would have to happen for that to line up, and the Riders really like their current punter Josh Bartel.

8 - GAME NOTES: Week 11 in the CFL opens Thursday with Edmonton at Hamilton. ... Esks kicker Sean Whyte has made 13 consecutive field goals and has overtaken Justin Medlock for #2 all-time in CFL FG accuracy ... The Ticats have the CFL's #1 Red Zone defense, stopping offenses 15 out of 23 times.

9 - LIFE'S NOT FAIR: Famoso Pizzeria tried to sponsor an amateur sports league's Power Rankings but was told it won't work because it would make the teams at the bottom feel bad about themselves.  Err, THAT'S THE POINT! What's this world coming to?

10 - NOTES: The U of R Rams are home to the Manitoba Bisons Wednesday at 6:00 pm at Leibel Field. There's no broadcast of it so get out and pack the park to see what Coach Steve Bryce has got! Plus it's Noah Picton's final career exhibition game ... The Regina Pats opened training camp on Tuesday at the Brandt Centre. It's nice being in the big rink. The Blue & White Game is Monday night! ... Regina Thunder Coach Scott MacAulay joins us on the SportsCage Wednesdays at 5:35 pm. His team is 0-1 after losing to the Hilltops in Week 1 and hosts the Winnipeg Rifles Saturday at 4:00 pm at Leibel Field.. ... Hey! Who's going to be the first team to move to Leibel Field permanently: the Rams or the Thunder? ... This week is the 3rd anniversary of Famoso Pizzeria. See you there!

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T JH said...

Before everyone gets so sky-high about the Riders.......remember this: They lost to the Montreal Alouettes for the Alouettes ONLY win in their 1-8 season so you were wrong Roddy in #1 in that the Riders can beat any team in the league.....they cannot beat the sad-sack Alouettes.

John Knight said...

Here comes Nichols. He will want out of winterpeg now

Elaine said...

Regarding Dave yakking at Lauther, Mr Dickenson also gave a Trudeau salute to his brother Craig when shaking hands after the game.

Sean Criddle said...

Rod is overzealous with a win. It was a good win but winners are consistent. The riders need to show that BEFORE a home playoff game is even considered.

@mrt_man said...

"also gave a Trudeau salute to his brother Craig when shaking hands after the game."