Realty One

Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach Chris Jones told reporters on Tuesday that both quarterbacks Zach Collaros and Brandon Bridge will play on Thursday against the Edmonton Eskimos, but did not tip his hand on who would start.

Collaros, who was acquired from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in January, suffered a concussion in Week 2 against the Ottawa Redblacks and has been sidelined until this week.

"(Collaros) is certainly going to play a bunch," Jones said after Tuesday's closed workout. "It doesn't matter (who will start). I know for sure Zach Collaros will play and Brandon Bridge, I'd say, will play a little bit too."

TSN's Matthew Scianitti reported that Collaros was working with doctors and neck specialists and has been feeling better over the past couple weeks.

Saskatchewan is 3-3 and sits fourth in the West Division.


Anonymous said...

Hey, why not.

Helix said...

Hopefully Collaros gets protected by the o-line or he will be back on concussion protocol. He was getting hammered and smoked relentlessly in preseason and the first two games.

Rider Woman Prider said...

I’ve never understood why it’s so important that all of the important information that is needed by the opposing teams to have a solid game plan. Is given to them so freely by our local media. When playing the Riders the opposing team does not need any kind of scout whatsoever!
I’m positive that news agencies who so badly want to be close and associated with the team. What’s bad about that is given the opportunity they would tweet out who is on the field when fakes or trick plays are going to take place. Or tell CFL listeners the plan is to play Brandon for half a Qtr to make the defence do one thing and then quickly put in Collaros to do the opposite. Fortunately I can make this up. Stations like M.E. will give factual information. Thinking they are helping the local fan to understand. Unfortunately other ears are listening.
These news agencies want to report every little detail they can. If the team is replacing the Safety because one is far better at playing Cover Zero defence. They would report that and Jason Maas would eat that up.
CFL teams started reporting injuries as upper body or lower body. Teams were tired of the media telling the opposition the exact area to target on a player and take him out once again.
I’ve been reading and listening to the news coming out of the Edmonton area regarding the Thursday night game. No one and I mean no one reports about the EE in detail. No Alberta news agency gives the kind of ammunition that this Province gives them.
We as a Province need to go back to pre game Vanilla reporting.
Better yet have it where the local news agencies and the Coaching staff work together to give our competitor false information.