Realty One

Friday, July 13, 2018


Welcome to Friday and the usual thoughts running through my muddled mind. As always, they come in no particular order:

--We have a nine team CFL and three have the weekend off. I don't understand and frankly, I've stopped trying to understand some of the decisions made.  I understand you gave every team an additional bye week this year, but giving three teams a bye is dumb when you only have nine teams. Am I right on that one?

--The Johnny Manziel hype is on hold for a week because the Ti-Cats are off.  The hype is seemingly still as strong as it's ever been with hopes Johnny Football will get into a game.  Meanwhile, Jeremiah Masoli continues to turn heads as he is playing the best football of his career.  Are those tuning in to watch Manziel from south of the border intrigued by Masoli and what he can do in four-down football?  They should!

--What has happened to Jon Jennings? The Lions quarterback looks nothing like the QB that came out firing when he came into this league. Jennings has been a downward slide since injuring his shoulder early last year in Hamilton. He isn't even close to being the same QB. Is it a confidence issue? Is that shoulder still damaged? Is it something else?  Whatever it is, it would seem as if his days in BC are done. I am guessing he finds another CFL home, but will a change of scenery change anything?

--Are the Calgary Stampeders about to see what its like without Bo Levi Mitchell?  He left in the first half of Calgary's one-sided win over Ottawa and did not return.  On the surface, it would appear as if the knee injury he suffered is not serious in nature.  I think a lot of us didn't think Zach Collaros would be out for as long as he has been when he was hurt in Ottawa. We have seen how that turned out.  If its the Nick Arbuckle show, it is advantage Edmonton and perhaps Winnipeg.

--If Mitchell is out, it is bad for the CFL, He will be out, Ricky Ray is out, Zach Collaros is out, Drew Willy is out, Jennings is not playing well.  It means half of your league has a question mark at the game's most important position and that isn't good in my books.

--Speaking of Collaros, where is he at with his concussion? It's the question Rider Nation wants an answer to.  It has been deathly silent during the bye week at Mosaic and I expect that to continue until the team gets back on the field to get ready for Thursday's game in Hamilton.  There are other questions that need answering as well, but that is the big one.

--There is a thought process out there that the Rider offence would be better with Rob Bagg, Bakari Grant and Chad Owens.  Ummmmm, I know Bagg is hurt and likely wouldn't be on the roster right now if he were still here, but where are Grant and Owens these days? Oh yeah, they're not helping anyone. Never mind!

--The anti-Chris Jones faction is also starting to get worked up over the fact James Franklin is not here.  This just in.  He never was going to be.  The Eskimos knew they had to do something with their quarterback, and the last thing they wanted to do was give him to a Western Division rival that was on the rise.  Brock Sunderland is not that dumb, and Jones wasn't going to give Edmonton the rich offer they wanted.  Again, please put that conversation to bed and remember to renew your membership in the "I Hate Chris Jones" club when the notice hits your inbox.

--Why wasn't there a concert at half-time of the Calgary-Ottawa game? Wasn't that the plan on Thursday nights?

--The World Cup comes to an end this weekend. Croatia will meet France in the final.  All the games haven't been classics, but I've enjoyed the world's best going at it over the last month.  The game is not everyone's cup of tea though. I admit that.  There are a variety of reasons.  I asked on the Cage Thursday what would be on your TV when it came to sports in heaven or hell.  You can give me football, hockey and baseball, but don't give me tennis and NASCAR.

--Boston Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts suggested this week baseball should scrap the home-run derby and have some kind of skills competition on the day before the all-star game.  Does Betts think people want to see an outfielder try and throw it through a hoop from 350 feet away or a drag bunt competition.  Cmon Mookie!

That's all I got.  Have a great weekend!


Jeff Gordon said...

Scruffy, if you read this I believe the Thursday night concert series was 1 concert per city so 9 concerts in total. Ottawa already had their concert series during the Rider game did they not?

Albert Patenaude said...

I don't get all the love for James Franklin! How many games has he started? How many games has he won? How is he better than Brandon Bridge? We'll see but so far he's just a work in progress!

tskware said...

Are you trying to say the current Rider group of receivers (Evans, Roosevelt,Williams-Lambert, Holley, Stanford) compares to last year's group of receivers (Carter, Roosevelt, Grant, Owens, Bagg)? Do you not think that part of the offence's problem comes from a drop in talent and experience? I think you're naïve if you think otherwise. Not every decision CJ and Murph makes is pure gold. They make mistakes too. Not only have the QB's suffered from a drop in receiver play, B. Cammpbell has never been replaced on the Oline and while Bladek has potential, he is likely not playing at Dyakowski's level from last year. Again, the group of (Vaughn, Labatte, Clark, Bladek and Coleman) are not as strong as (Campbell, Dennis, Clark, Dyakowski and Coleman). All combined, this is a big part of the story why Bridge (and every other QB) has looked uncomfortable this season.

Old Rider Fan said...

Agree with tskware on O-line/QB issues. The most important stat to compare QBs is average protection time. Not Grey Cups Comp % Not picks etc. But it is rarely factored in. Put BB behind Stamps O line.

bramstead said...


Last year every team got two byes in a 20 week schedule with one team playing three games in eleven days to accomplish that.

This year they started the season early so each team can have three byes over a 21 week schedule. To fit three byes for each team into 21 weeks you have to have a couple weeks where three teams get a bye.

RS said...

Lmao!!!!....drew Willy in the same category as Ray, Mitchell and Collaros as being missing links to show case this league

3RD and 1 said...

Sorry Albert but Brandon Bridge is a make up as you go QB. He never sticks to the script because he has happy feet. Last year when he won games it was because he ran around until something opened up. All the teams understand him from film. James Franklin is composed and runs the play by the play book. Bridge will never ever be the QB that Franklin is becoming. Watch Franklin play. It’s as clear as crystal clean water.