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Sunday, July 15, 2018


REGINA -- After enjoying a bye last week, the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders were back on the Mosaic Stadium turf on Sunday for a walk-through on Day 1 of their work week. The Riders visit Hamilton in Week 6 of the season on Thursday (5:30 pm Sask Time, TSN, 620 CKRM Radio Network).

Here are some notes from the practice:

- QB Zach Collaros was absent from the workout, which isn't entirely unexpected since he's on the 6-Game Injured List with a concussion but we were hoping for at least an update on his status. Head Coach & GM Chris Jones obliged.

"I talked to Zach this morning and he feels a whole lot better," Jones reported. "He's not 100%. I told him I'm gonna treat him like I would my son. My expectation is that he does everything he can do to get back, and I'm not gonna stick him back out there until he's 100%.

"Until the trainers say that he's okay - and he's gotta be 100%, not 90% - I'm not gonna stick him back out there."

- Jones announced Brandon Bridge will start Thursday's game at Hamilton, his third straight. As long as Bridge is performing efficiently and successfully, he'll remain in the game but the club will have some packages for back-up David Watford.

- Bridge said having a short leash doesn't really bother him. He related the situation to baseball, and that any starting pitcher would want to stay on the mound for as long as he can but understands it's not the starter's call if he doesn't have "it".

- Bridge said he watched "a little bit of film" over the bye week, at Nik Lewis's house, and said it was great to breakdown film with a "future Hall of Famer".

- Bridge's first career win as a starter came in Hamilton last year and agreed that it feels like a "home game" for him since he hails from Mississauga, ON.

- Jones said no new players were brought in during the bye week. They're sticking with what they have - (Duron Carter was with the 1's in the defensive secondary) - and that their focus is on successful execution, not changing schemes or personnel.

- Monday's Rider workout is closed.



Football Fan said...

If Collaros isn't even practicing that's not good news. There's a big difference between practicing and playing, where he might take a hit, and he's not even practicing.

Jones is clearly trying to push different buttons to get Bridge going. Bridge is a poor practice player who steps it up on game day, but so far this year he hasn't stepped it up. Maybe Jones saw enough sparks in the last game to give him full control again.

Rider Woman Prider said...

After listening at the work place water cooler. Some fans are thinking the Chris Jones plan right now is to push through this time of the Zack Collaros and Rookie sensation Corner Nick Marshall injuries. Hoping they can get a few wins in the first 6 games that keep them close.
Then during the middle 6 games Jones starts to implement the older Vets a little more and keeping in line with making the playoffs. Then the last 6 games Jones will rely heavily on the older Vets. Pushing for a home playoff game.
Chris Jones has stated before; it’s how you finish that is most important. You want the team clicking on a cylinders the last 4 or 5 games. As the teams that continue to build and find their mojo at this time usually win the Grey Cup.
Where as a team like Calgary that racks up all those regular season wins. Really masks the issues they may in fact have. If you know the weakness of a great team like Calgary. You try not to expose it until it’s absolutely needed.
We all watched the 2009-10 Riders and 2016-17 Stamoeders have great regular seasons only to lose the GC.
Let’s hope the mad defensive scientist of the Riders stays on his own path. They say once a leader like Jones starts listening to us. It won’t be long until he’s sitting with us.
Brandin Bridge needs to step up and become a real QB. Go through his reads. Stand in there and let it develope. Not taking off 2 seconds after the snap. No more making it up on the fly Brandon. Remove any and all College ball. Become a legitimate CFL QB. Mike Reilly is a great example

Football Fan said...

Carter has filled in well for Marshall so that's not a major issue. (In fact Carter may have won the game for us last game with his play on the deep ball to Toliver.) But the injury to Collaros is. Last year we did well in spite of not having a top tier QB because Glenn stayed healthy and Bridge played well when he came in. This year we have our top tier QB, Collaros, but he's injured and Bridge is struggling. That's the difference. We need to sort out our QB situation and then we'll be on our way. Bridge either needs to step up, or Collaros needs to get healthy, or we need to make a trade (very hard to get a top tier guy at this point of the season) and then we'll be ready to make the playoff run.

Rudyman said...

We are winning nothing without a QB. I don't believe we have one at this point that can win us a game.

Why does every other team go out and find someone who can light it up, and we can't at QB?

Anonymous said...

Apparently it’s difficult for some scouting departments. You know what’s not hard? Finding a cb so Carter can return to offense. Oh wait, that’s hard too.

Football Fan said...

Every other as in every second one? Well, they're hard to find and/or develop. Montreal brought in Freeman, but being a high profile NFL QB doesn't guarantee you success in the CFL. And sometimes they regress. Jennings passed for over 5,000 yards two years ago, but something has happened the last couple of years and he seems to have lost it. And sometimes they get injured, see Collaros and Lulay. And sometimes they never reach that level. Nichols may fall into this category. And sometimes you have to wait quite a while for them to develop. It's taken Masoli many years but I'd say he's there now. We'll just have to wait and see what happens with Franklin and Bridge.

Helix said...

Still haven’t given up on bridge. Masoli took years to develop but now he looks real good. Bridge still has time, let’s hope he has a good game in Hamilton.