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Tuesday, July 3, 2018


The Saskatchewan Roughriders have traded international defensive lineman Eric Striker to the Toronto Argonauts in exchange for a negotiation list player.  

Striker originally signed with the Riders in April, 2018. He played the Riders first regular season game, registering two tackles, before spending the next two weeks on the practice roster. 

**After Tuesday’s Rider practice, Head Coach & GM Chris Jones announced the negotiation list player is former Jacksonville Jaguar and Michigan Wolverine running back Denard Robinson.


Rider Woman Prider said...

June 24th 2018 The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed defensive tackle Michael Brooks, who was a 2015 CFL West Division all-star with the B.C. Lions.
No doubt HC and GM Chris Jones was trying to get something for a Practise roster player.
Ironically Striker played in our only Victory. Since demoting him in favour of Brooks. We have had a beat down. Then we lost to the lowest team in the league. OH, WAIT... that’s us now! The Saskatchewan Roughriders are now the lowest team in the CFL.
This is a strange work week. The Rider Conversations at the water cooler is how embarrassed people are to be a Rider fan right now. One of the Ladies suggested that the shade of Rider green has changed on the 2018 team. It’s presently the shade of something going bad.
The only way to fix it is to show up and beat Hamilton when they show up in your home. Last week you allowed someone in your home who took what was yours. Change that this week and the discussions will turn to “maybe” there is a good team in there somewhere. Win a few in a row and mostly all will be forgiven.
Lose this week and then a couple more. Yuck! I would have to save myself from all of the fire them, release him, trade for him. I don’t even want to think that.

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SWC said...

Still looking for a running back.

Tim said...

Tim said:
Still looking for a cornerback.