Realty One

Saturday, July 28, 2018


REGINA - Bo Levi Mitchell threw three touchdown passes and the Calgary Stampeders improved to 6-0 with a 34-22 victory over the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Saturday night.

The Stampeders exploded with a 24-point first quarter, highlighted by Mitchell's two touchdown strikes, both of which were set up by Saskatchewan turnovers.

Calgary recovered a fumble at the Saskatchewan 40-yard line and on the ensuing play from scrimmage, Mitchell connected with Marken Michel for a 40-yard touchdown.

After a Rene Paredes field goal and a 78-yard punt return for a touchdown from Terry Williams, Calgary's defence forced another Saskatchewan turnover.

Jerome Messam, a former Stampeder, fumbled, and Calgary recovered inside Saskatchewan territory. Four plays later, Mitchell hooked up with Eric Rogers on a 15-yard touchdown.

Calgary led 24-0 after the first quarter and the rout appeared to be on.

Saskatchewan's lone first-half touchdown came on Tobi Antigha's 52-yard interception return. Kicker Brett Lauther added a pair of field goals for the Roughriders (3-3).

Calgary led 24-13 at the half.

Saskatchewan's momentum carried over into the second half, as Lauther connected on two field goals to cut the Calgary lead to five (24-19) with five minutes to go in the third quarter.

It marked the first time in 2018 that Calgary had allowed more than 14 points in any game. The 1979 Edmonton Eskimos were the most recent team to record such a stingy start to a season.

Order was restored, however, when Mitchell marched the Stampeders and capped a drive with a 15-yard touchdown strike to DaVaris Daniels.

Calgary led 31-19 after three quarters.

Lauther booted his fifth field goal of the game midway through the fourth quarter to make it 31-22, but that was as close as the home side would get.

Lauther was 5-for-5 on field goal attempts.

Paredes' second field goal of the game gave Calgary a 34-22 lead.

Former Stampeders standout Charleston Hughes, in his first year with Saskatchewan, had two sacks against his former team.

Saskatchewan will travel to Edmonton to take on the Eskimos next week, while Calgary will host the B.C. Lions.


- We talked as a team. I'll be honest, it showed a lot of character to be down 24 points and come back. I've never been down that much after the first quarter, I believe. They kept fighting and scratching and Calgary had to play into the 4th quarter to win the game.

- The first quarter was a lack of discipline. We put the ball on the ground and took some bad penalties. A fumble is more making sure of taking care of the football. I wish it was all mental but you have give them credit for stripping it out.

- Calgary's got a good defense. Give credit where it's due. Brandon did not throw the ball exceptional tonight and I think he was down percentage-wise from what he was a week ago. Those gimme throws, those 2nd-and-5 checkdowns, need to be made.

- They scored 24 points in the first quarter and then after that they scored 10. Defensively we did a nice job of not panicking and get out of their gaps. They stayed disciplined. Offensively, we were able to move the football. Again, we just have to be more consistent through all three phases.

- I think we got a good football team. There's no doubt about it. Nobody'll be looking past us, I can assure you of that.

- We've made a commitment to try to be a ball-control offense and slow the game down. We're trying to get where Brandon can throw a higher percentage. When you're struggling throwing deeper routes, it doesn't add up to high completion percentages.

- Naaman Roosevelt will be precautionary. It's not his head. It's more of his neck.

- On the 56-yard field goal, there was a tad bit of wind. He hit a 59-yarder in the pregame and he's been hitting it clean. We were at a point in the game where we needed points and you need to give him the opportunity. I was willing to risk the fact that if we missed it, we'd have to cover it. But we needed the points there.

- I look at the successful teams and try to emulate what they're doing. Calgary's offense isn't greatly different from ours. Play selection becomes very interesting when you're a defensive coach, looking at what they're doing with screens. If you take away the turnovers and the returns - which you can't, but if you do - the games become nip-and-tuck at the end.

- You take away the fumbles, and you can't give up a 60-yard punt return, and I wish Ed made a better play on the deep ball, but if you takeaway the turnovers and penalties at the wrong times, it'll be a much tighter ball game.

- I feel like the officiating has been a lot better and the games have been quicker. If they missed one, they're human too. I'm sure they missed some on Calgary. Some of the calls cost us in the end, and one took away a turnover.

(With files from Canadian Press)


Kevin S said...

Team was not at all prepared to start against Stamps. Dug hole that could never dig out of against a good team. I don't see them beating anyone in the west. The offense plays not to lose rather than to win. This team is not getting better in my opinion. Just hearing Jones say they are a good team.....really???

John Waynes Holster said...

Luc Mullinder is so up and down on his cheering or criticism of Brandon Bridge. The playbook BB has is as bad as a Khari Jones run offence. Thom Collegiate has more than 3 pass plays longer than 5 yards. The play calling is a joke and Thadeus Coleman got his shorts handed to him today. Couldn't block a 5 year old. Wasn't on the coaching staff, c'mon Mullinder get with it.

John Waynes Holster said...

One other thing, don't tell me this team would be any better with Zac Collaros cause he didn't show anything that people should be excited about. Whats his record in the last year?

Dennis Campbell said...

This team will be 0 & 5 over the next 5 games, Book it

swift_fox said...

he complains about the fumble but says nothing about the punt return TD that we screwed up on.

Enigma said...

We're three years into this thing with Jones and if you look at it rationally, well lets say we're less than impressive. As it stands today we're a .500 football club, that's it! We don't know where we stack up against the West because we're 0-1 there so far. We're into a poor performing brittle OB for 400K and we still don't know if he will ever play. Hamilton didn't think so. One of the best all time offensive talents in the CFL is playing defensive back, and Canadian talents are putting the ball on the ground needlessly. Coulda, shoulda, woulda seems to be the game and rationale these days. Calgary only scored 10 points after the first quarter but then again, they didn't need to. After three years we still haven't established ourselves as an elite team. Many think rightfully that's there is something just not right here. I get a sense talking to folks that barring a Grey Cup win, there will be considerable changes coming down the pike after this season.

3RD and 1 said...

Stop with this book it crap. First of all it honestly sounds dumb! You don’t know anything that anyone else dosent already know. Every team plays a crappy game a few times a year. Even Calgary will down the road.
Once again fans getting comfortable after 2 wins in a row and then panicking and over reacting to an ugly loss.
The Riders will not be 0-5. SK dismantled Hamilton right in steel town. After beating them here. That is a very hard thing to do. Secondly only the week before this same Hamilton team that the Riders just beat twice. Went into Common Wealth Stadium and had no trouble beating the Eskimos at home. Right now just about every team can beat the other team on any given day.
Chris Jones will make this 2018 team respectable.
Will this team with the talent they have win anything other than some regular season games. I would venture in the “NO” category.

Unknown said...

Don't bet on it genius! Jones has forgot more than you will ever know!

Helix said...

Riders were schooled in that game. Mitchell showed what a premier qb looks like. Calgary is a much better team than riders. Let’s see how we stack up against Edmonton next.

ReginaRed said...

Just listened to coach Jones post game comments. Very interesting. If we take away all our errors and capitalize on their errors, we win. Wow, it is just that easy. Damn, I could never coach, too complicated!!

RudersWestman said...

Calgary once again demonstrated yesterday that while far from perfect, they are the best team in the CFL (which has been a consistent them over the past 20 years or so, even if they have some inopportune off games when it counts most in the playoffs or Grey Cup). Right now, Winnipeg would be next in my mind, followed by Edmonton as far as the best teams so far, and probably over the course of the rest of the season. I would not go as far as saying Nicholls is an elite QB (like what you have by CFL standards in Mitchell or Reilly) but he does what he has to and lets their defence do its thing (not quite as bad as Trent Dilver and the Ravens, who won the Super Bowl as a result of Ray Lewis and their stellar D, who told Dilver to just throw it away or take a knee versus throwing an interception or making a big mistake). In contrast, unfortunately, the offense as a whole is causing the strong play of the Riders defence to be underutilized, and one of the primary reasons for a so so year thus far. I hope I am wrong but I see the Riders likely coming in fourth in the west, trying to stay ahead of BC and to qualify for a cross over to the door mats in the east. The continued baffling use of Duron Carter, and not having a reliable back up at QB, as well as little faith in your supposed future QB by holding back on the play calls, when he needs time to grow and endure some growing pains, has had the added negative effect on young Bridge's confidence, to the point where they either stick with him, for better or worse, or cut and run, and see him as a back up but nothing more. All in all, there is lots of talent on the field, but as a team, they are average, and while the franchise appears to be in good health, this is not a championship team despite what Rod and others may say on here. Sorry, although you never do know in the CFL (get into the playoffs at 9-9, and get hot for a few weeks and you never know).

Football Fan said...

Well, our defence was outstanding once again. Hughes, Antigha, and even Elam looked very good. We were probably too eager in the first quarter and we made too many BIG mistakes. We spotted Calgary 24 points and we almost came back! Even with Bridge at QB! I don't know what's happened to Bridge this year. Sophomore slump? It looked like he was going to be ready to break out this year, but instead he's fallen back. The mistakes we can fix. They were an anomaly in this game, and I'm sure that was because it was such a big game and in front of a sellout crowd. Our QB, otoh, I think is going to have to be someone other than Bridge. I think that's the one personnel change we need to make to be a top tier team, and Collaros could well be that guy. And if not there will be a bunch of good FA QBs at the end of the year.

Football Fan said...

You're so predictable and transparent at this point that you're not really worth responding to, but just so you know, you and your friends aren't fooling anyone anymore.