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Friday, June 8, 2018


Welcome to Friday. Here are the usual assortment of thoughts running through my muddled mind. As always, they come in no particular order:

- Year 2 of Roughrider football in Mosaic Stadium begins tonight as we get our first look up close and personal at the 2018 version of the green-and-white.  I have no idea what Calgary is bringing, but I do know we will see a lot different team in green than the one who played in Edmonton.  All of the regulars will be in action.  The question is how much action will they see.  I am thinking Zach Collaros plays all of the first half and maybe part of the third quarter before giving way to Brandon Bridge. One has to think David Watford and BJ Daniels see some time as well.    How much time will Tre Mason and Zac Stacy get? Who will emerge as the team's Canadian linebacker?  There are so many questions that need to be answered.  Once the final gun sounds, it's go-time as everything starts for real in two weeks time.

- So, the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix has a story that says SaskTel Centre is obsolete and outdated.  The building is 30 years old.  Down the highway, the Brandt Centre is over 40 years old. How would we define IT?

I've been to the Brandt Centre many, many times.  I know every nook and cranny of that building.  Is it perfect?  NOOOOOOO. 

The home of the Pats could use an elevator or two and a larger press box as we saw at the recently-completed Memorial Cup, but it has a lot of amenities needed. Is the Brandt Centre better than SaskTel Centre? That's a question that needs to be answered by those who have been to both and have been to both on a regular basis. I am not one of those. It has been a while since I have been to SaskTel Centre.  When I visit, I like the experience and have no real problems.  I am sure those in Saskatoon would say you need to see this or need to see that when it comes to problems.

I just ask the question "If STC is considered obsolete and out-dated, than what do you call the Brandt Centre that is a decade older?"

- Should I know who Tim Hicks is as a guy that works at a country music station?  When the CFL came out with his Thursday night concert list, I had to ask who it was.  If he has a song I've heard, it hasn't stuck in my head.  The question I have is why wouldn't you get someone from Saskatchewan for that game.  Jess Moskaluke, the Hunter Brothers and Tenille Arts are three names that come to mind.   Moskaluke and the Hunter Brothers are established while Arts is on the way up and the first two have performed or will be performing in front of Rider Nation so perhaps that is the reason.  I just looked at the acts who are taking part and had to go who with some of them.  It's a good idea by the league and I hope it continues, but I would like to see some more established acts taking the stage.

- I'm still trying to wrap my head entirely around the decision this week by the CFL to put a salary cap on football operations staff.  There is obviously a reason for this and I think the teams are responsible for it as they collectively don't want to see things spiral out of control.  I thought Chris Jones would be ballistic when asked about it, but he was very calm about his comments.  I don't know if he believes what he is saying, but he didn't take it the way I thought he would.  I don't think I am alone in those comments.  The real impact will be felt in a year's time.   It doesn't seem right and on the surface perhaps Randy Ambrosie has stumbled for the first time as Commissioner, but Ambrosie has shown that he will do what he feels is right for the league. I can't doubt him right now.

- For Game 4 of the NBA Final, an NBA officials Twitter account (one that I don't think is a Bryan Colangelo burner account) in which the officials critiqued and defended calls that were made in the game.  Would it be possible for CFL officials to do something similar.  CFL fans beak about many calls and on some, there is good reason.  It would be great if in this day and age of social media we could get something like this during CFL games.  It might help with the relationship between fans and officials if we could get an explanation on plays where there are questions.  Are you reading this Mr. Ambrosie?

- Am I the only one that waits for Jay and Dan to invade the Tim and Sid set and beat the living hell out of those wannabes?   I had the misfortune of seeing their first 15 minutes this week.  Can you try any harder to be Jay and Dan boys. Guess what, it's not working!

- It's hard not to be happy for Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals.  The raw emotion of Ovi in the dying moments and the Cup presentation and follow-up was great to see.  I can only imagine what it will be like with him and the Cup in Vegas on Thursday night-Friday morning. Is a camera documenting everything? Will Phil Pritchard ever be the same?  The keeper of the Cup has had many memorable moments, but a Stanley Cup celebration by a road team in Vegas will test one's mettle. Congratulations to Regina's Ross Mahoney and former Pats Chandler Stephenson and Barry Trotz as well as former Blade Braden Holtby.  The Cup will be coming to Saskatchewan and it is likely headed to Humboldt.  I somehow get the feeling it would have ended up there at some point regardless of who won.

- Would it be wrong for the Riders to have Darian Durant come on the jumbotron to yell "Bring Em Out" for the Labour Day Classic this year? I think that would be outstanding.

- I'm OK with 25 degree days and rainy nights once it gets late.

- That's all I got. Have a great weekend!

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Tim said...

Enjoyed the read Scruffy. Can't disagree with most of what you said, except Tim and Sid. I can't think of any other sports talk show that I would prefer to watch on either TSN or Sportsnet.

Anonymous said...

Stop tuning into sportsnet at the time tim and sid are on. That's an easy fix to that problem smh.

Anonymous said...

Sask Tel Centre - STC Saskatoon should be gutted, wisely reconfigured as a domed stadium for their new CFL franchise christened SASKATCHEWAN ROUGH RIDERS. A team who would continually run roughshod over their southern cousins Saskatchewan Roughriders Regina.

Anonymous said...

I am a Regina guy. I love SaskTel Centre, but I hate the location. It is easy to get around. I think the concourses are somewhat wider. I can charge my phone if I need to. The lineups are not that long.

While the Brandt Centre has done a lot of good things, I find it is difficult to wander through without getting stuck in the corners where the concessions are.

If I had my choice, I would take SaskTel Centre.


Anonymous said...

Why must we get country music shoved down our throats?

Whale and the Wolf would be great for both a pre-game and half-time concert. I think most of the acts around the league performing are country. I don't get it!

Anonymous said...

No surprise that toontown is looking at a new arena. After Regina built a beautiful new stadium the Regina envy was obvious. Gormley was bragging yesterday about all the infrastructure in Saskatoon over the past 5 years, with 80% of the funding coming from the province and feds. I guess he assumes that will happen with an arena and convention center. The days of panhandling the government for money is over toontown, you'll actually have to pay for it yourself.

@mrt_man said...



Russell Cone said...

As always, I enjoy reading your column.

A few things.

-Randy Ambrosie didn't come up with the new rule/cap himself. It was an issue the board of governors came up with. There was a problem somewhere and I think it's in a little place called Regina.

-I think the Thursday Night Concert idea is great. I looked at the list and the only ones I did recognize was Hicks and Chad Brownlee. I think it's a great start.

-I think the Stanley Cuo should go to Humboldt with the Saskatchewan connections to the Caps and NOT count as a their day with the cup.

Have a good weekend Mitch.

See you next week for the home opener.

Russ from Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

you mentioned on SportsCage about Corey Chamblin working for Bobby Petrino at Arkansas. Bobby Petrino hasn't been there in years he's the Head Coach at Louisville. Chamblin is in the SEC and as a guy who is not even 40 or he is 40 he has money in the bank, took a step back in NCAA to go 4 to 7 leaps forward career wise and financially down the road.

The salary cap on coaches again is the most ridiculous thing. As an employer you can always say no and set a budget. This tells guys in a market economy to work hard and rather than move forward you can get fired at the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

Scruffy, if you followed the Rider news you would know Zach and Brandon are each playing alternate quarters and no other QBs will play as well as a few other things.

Anonymous said...

Why do Rider fans seem to take such pride in the fact that Darian Durant essentially screwed over the Blue Bombers? And while I won't get into the whole keeping the signing bonus issue as there is an argument for and against that, this fanbase is awful at crying foul when they feel slighted but jump at the first opportunity to stick a fork in the eyes of anyone else.

Anonymous said...

My 2 cents:

The Agridome is a better place to watch a show/game on account of it being way smaller than Saskplace. The worst ticket in the Agridome are better than about half of the available seats in Saskplace. That said, the size of the facility enables it to trump the Agridome for events that are very popular.

I don't really care about the amenities myself, but since they put in the boxes, Saskplace has become a bear to get around when it's packed up for things like a Rush game or a full concert. The concourses are quite skinny now whereas before they were spacious and I could watch the event while on the concourse.

I can't wait for a new arena in Saskatoon. I believe the location of the building is the single worst decision in the history of Saskatchewan urban planning. We've given up so much economic stimulus in the eatery/drinkery industry because of the ridiculous location.

Quick, raise my taxes! I want a new arena!

Rob in Stoon

Anonymous said...

Look at you stirring up the pot with DD. I'm all for it!

I'm OK with both rinks. I certainly wouldn't call them obsolete. The posturing in Saskatoon is to get a new facility downtown WHICH IS WHERE THE FIRST ONE SHOULD HAVE BEEN!

Anonymous said...

1) Nothing on the RUSH
2) Agree on Tim and Sid


Anonymous said...

I’ve lived in both cities, I could write volumes about poor city planning in Saskatoon.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh... rob in toontown. surely your last paragraph and sentence was in reference to the football stadium mosaic regina.

Anonymous said...

ROB!! What the hell are you smoking ? "The worst ticket in the Agridome are better than about half of the available seats in Saskplace. " Give your head a shake Buddy. Your so called barn of an agridome holds 6000 and Saskatoon holds over 15,000. Where are all the BAD seats? Up in the Nosebleeds? Well for your information that is the same in every Rink you go to , you want cheap seats you get what you pay for . You should know that if you live in Regina where the Patsies play in that old barn.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm Regina is satisfied with our 40 year old facility. Saskatoon wants a new rink to replace there 30 year old government built arena. So which was is a barn?