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Saturday, June 23, 2018


Welcome to Saturday. Here are the usual assortment of thoughts running through my muddled mind. As always, they come in no particular order:

--The Rider Nation has done a complete 180. Shocking! After a dazzling performance against the Argos to open the season, there is no doubt the green-and-white laid a big-time egg at TD Place Thursday night.  It allowed those who hate Chris Jones to come out swinging.  At what point does this stop? Why the hate for Jones? Never mind, I know the answer.  He doesn't fit your mold of what a head coach should be.  I guess you don't want a proven winner.  This team has improved each year under Jones' tutelage, but because he isn't warm and fuzzy and hasn't kept your favourite player you want to see him hit the highway.  Would I be right with that? Again, never mind because I know the answer.  Hey, I don't agree with everything he does either (look down a couple of lines), but I have confidence in him and have since Day 1 because of his track record. Perhaps try supporting your team and have some confidence in what is happening.

As for what has happened for the first two games of the season and what we have seen, I would say this.  This team is not as good as the one that clubbed Toronto and they're not as bad as the team that got clubbed in Ottawa.  They are somewhere in the middle so in the words of Aaron Rodgers....R E L A X!!

There are also some questions that deserve to be asked with the biggest being why are we continuing with the Duron Carter experiment.  He is a receiver.  He is not a defensive back.  He is a game-changer----when on offence!  His role is to catch passes and he does that quite well.  This playing defensive back has to stop unless they are in a 6 DB package.  You don't put Jerome Messam at linebacker and you don't have Zack Evans playing o-line so why have Carter playing defence.  He needs to be catching passes from Zach Collaros or Brandon Bridge and not defending them.  Defensive co-ordinators have to figure out how to stop Carter.  Chris Jones has found a way to stop Carter and that is not play him at his best position. Isn't that making the job easier for the opposition?

--The Edmonton Eskimos have reportedly added 44 year old Terrell Owens to their neg list.  Why?  Why are you wasting a spot on this guy? If it is because he ran a 4.4 40 on video, then perhaps you have some serious questions you should be asking your coaching staff.  Somewhat surprisingly, the Eskimos are not taking a lot of heat for this move. You know that wouldn't be the case if it were Chris Jones and the Riders doing this which tells you how both move the CFL needle.  If the Riders had done this, the CFL Twitterverse would have exploded. Let's face it win or lose, the Riders are to the CFL what the Yankees are to MLB, the Leafs are to the NHL and Duke is for college basketball.  They are the team that produces the most chatter love em or hate em.

--I had the Alouettes winning 3 games this season. I may have been kind. Is it safe to say they are on the clock for the first pick in the 2019 draft.  I am guessing no one took the team up on their 4th quarter cheap admission tickets.  YIKES!

--ESPN has hired former NFL ref Jeff Triplette to be in the booth for Monday Night Football.  If you thought Mike Carey was bad at CBS, wait for this.

--If you watched Christina Haugan accept the first ever Willie O'Ree award for her late husband Darcy at the NHL awards on Wednesday night with the surviving members of the Humboldt Broncos standing behind her and you didn't get a lump in your throat, you are better than me.  That was tough to watch. Not tough with what she said and the stage she said it on, but tough because what happened that Friday night in April still affects many of us in one manner or another.

--Let's move to the NHL Draft and to say it was an odd night would be an understatement.  Let's just say I wasn't the only one whose top 15 didn't match the top 15 selected.  The top 2 weren't surprising and I did have Jesperi Kotkaniemi going to Montreal, but after that, it was a dog's breakfast.  After watching Noah Dobson (who I had going at 5) at the Memorial Cup, I didn't think he would go 12th and some of the names taken were guys I had to look up.  Hello Ty Dellandrea!   The team that maybe did the best in the 1st round were the Islanders.  Getting Dobson and Oliver Wahlstrom sets that team up nicely for the future.

--Where were the trades in the NHL? Are they coming today? One would hope so.  The expected fireworks fizzled.

--Let me get this straight. Rams linebacker Nick Cross is getting his USports and Canada West rookie of the year awards taken away because he tested positive for marijuana.  A drug that will be legal in a few short months and a drug that many are already consuming.  Cross obviously is guilty, but when the drug is becoming legal in a short time, the decision is a little short-sighted if you ask me.   You can take the awards away, but you can't take the talent away and Cross is a big-time talent.

--I'm laughing at all the people who are being so critical of soccer----the world's most viewed sport. These people would go batcrap crazy if someone from another country or this country said they could not stand Canadian football or hockey.  Yes, soccer has wayyyy too much acting, but when it is played at the level it is being played at now at the World Cup, it is fantastic theatre.  It's not NASCAR!!

--That's all I got.  Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

"Proven winner." What is his record as a GM? He might be okay as a coach but he's got a lot to prove as a GM.

Anonymous said...

His track record: Jones record as a coach, perhaps, although I am not a fan. Too many experiments with players out of position. Too much turnaround on the roster every year. Year three and still the second most roster changes. Get over getting rid of favorites. Jones' supporters just keep going back to the same old excuses as to why people don't like Jones. Every year, he overpays a couple of good players and then has to cut them the following year to stay under the cap and move on to another overpaid player. Not sustainable.
His record as a GM? Yeah, he doesn't have a record. This is his first stint as a GM. Not a glowing success as such this far. Pretty sure someday you will understand.

Anonymous said...

Did you laugh In pedersens face since he so "proudly" proclaimed he had not watched one minute of the world cup? If Halifax gets a team it might be the 9th and not 10th team in the league with how Montreal is a disaster.

Anonymous said...

I have no problems with Jones as a coach, but as a GM his work is/has not been stellar.

I don't think that can be debated.

A 23 point loss isn't hung on a general manager though so those saying they hate Jones because of his GM qualities aren't really providing a solid reason.

Todd M

Anonymous said...

Chris Jones has 4 Grey Cups. The Riders have won 4 Grey Cups. That is all!

Anonymous said...

The Riders under Jones is becoming a stronger younger an more entertaining team to watch. To the dissenters, who do you suggest would be better? He is not perfect, like other humans he does have faults but to heap abuse on him if the Riders lose a game,that’s just dumb. Would you rather have the Allouttes to cheer for? How do you think they feel? I guess you would rather have Drew Willy instead of Collaros.
Bridge could struggle especially at first but he will get better and better as he gets more experience as starter. As it was stated RELAX.

Anonymous said...

Things look real grim for Montreal this year. The hiring of Kavis Reid was a very bad decision, one that could see serious long-term damage to the existence of that franchise. Their only chance is a new GM soon and then going all in on free agency for a QB.

Anonymous said...

Riders were dazzling vs Toronto?? Not quite

Anonymous said...

Too much turnaround on the roster? You do know that good teams do that every year right? You probably think Chick would be a better fit than Hughes and that Brackenridge should still be the safety!

Just another "intelligent" Riders fan speaking out.

Somewhat embarassing to have to be lumped in with people with that thought process.

Anonymous said...

It's not even about fan favorites moving on, it's about players playing the position there suppose to be playing, Jones juss needs to quit experimenting with something that doesn't work....cause me personally as a rider fan....I'll be embarrassed if the Riders lay an egg in week 3 against free Willy and Co. our own park in other words..."Jones, play the players in their position" ...simple as that, but what do I know I'm just a fan...Go Riders

Anonymous said...

The o line is bad. Very thin on d backs. Perhaps Macadoo could change the offence a bit and bring another blocker, run the ball more. When the d line can't get any pressure on the opposing qb. You might want to change you defence a bit and bring more d lineman. When you have 10 d lineman on the roster and rush three, makes you wander what the hell the other 7 are on the roster for. Maybe we could of stuck a extra d back or two on and maybe a extra o lineman. Half times are usually used for adjustments to the game plan. No adjustments were made and we got our assed kicked. Thanks Jones and Macadoo.

Anonymous said...

As I stated, get over favorites being cut. You are the ones bringing up old favorites. Other then BC, they changed the roster more then any other team so don't tell me that the good teams do it. Certainly, improvements need to be made every year but not wholesale changes every year. The constant experiments with receivers being DBs. Ten backup defensive linemen on the roster makes sense? No backup DBs? Third year in and the O line is still dreadful? Asking if I would rather cheer for Montreal is ridiculous but there are other teams who are much more competitive then the Riders in spite of also having recent bad records. Defending Jones by constantly bringing up Chick and Dressler is like a stuck record that comes from Jones fans not from his detractors. Honestly, Chick and Brack and add Demski to that list are far better off where they are now anyway. Just don't see that Jones is doing a good job as either a coach or GM.

Anonymous said...

Lots of work here for the Riders. Really overconfident after the Argo win and it kinda showed. Red blacks really underrated.

Anonymous said...

He said the Riders have the second biggest turnover in the CFL this year. You say good teams turnover a bunch. I guess Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Hamilton didn't get your memo.

Anonymous said...

Great point on Eskimos/Terrell Owens. Why aren't people roasting Sunderland? If it were Jones, the abuse he and the Riders would be taking would be extreme.


Anonymous said...

In first round of draft, I saw only 3 of the 31 were playing in western Canada and one of those was in AJHL. Not sure if WHL is the best path to the pros anymore.