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Friday, June 1, 2018


- Some believe the Regina Pats won't be a playoff team in 2018-19.  You can believe that if you want to, but it may be a mistake.  Max Paddock is undoubtedly the starter as he tries to build off a 17-year-old season that should see him get drafted somewhere in the mid-to-late rounds of the NHL draft.  On defence, Aaron Hyman, Brady Pouteau and Cale Fleury are all 20 and one has to think one, if not two, will be back.

Up front you have Jake Leschyshyn, Nick Henry, Austin Pratt and Robbie Holmes to start off with. Jared Legien could be a 20 year old forward. If Cole Dubinsky does as a 16 year old what he did in his short stint with the team this past season, he will become a fan favourite in no time.

Make no doubt about it, what you have seen the last two years with the likes of Brooks, Steel, Hobbs, Mahura and Wagner have come to an end, but the situation isn't as dire as one might think it is. It is far too early though to determine just where the Pats could be in the Eastern Division.  It is one that some believe Prince Albert could have the inside track on, but one has to believe Brandon will be right there again.

- Now that his days as a Pat are done, let the debate start: Where does Sam Steel fit when it comes to all-time greats for the team? The book can't be closed when it comes to that because of where his professional career will take him. However, if you take a look at his accomplishments in junior where does he fit?  There is no doubt he is top 10, but did he have a better junior career than Jock Callander, Dale Derkatch or Jordan Eberle?  I know what my answer would be.

- One regret from Memorial Cup week.  I did not have the chance to meet Dennis Sobchuk. He was The Man when I first started going to Pats games at the Exhibition Stadium in the 70's.  I've had the opportunity to shake hands and speak with Ed Staniowski and Clark Gillies a number of times, but I've never had the chance to meet Sobchuk.  He looked great!  Another time!

- The Stanley Cup Final is even at one heading back to Washington. That shouldn't surprise anyone.  Game 2 may not have had the same excitement level as Game 1, but the two teams are giving us a treat in these finals to cap off a playoffs that have been one of the more enjoyable ones in years.

- Is your popcorn ready? Johnny Manziel makes his CFL debut tonight as the Ti-Cats take on the Argos. I'm more interested in whether or not Noah Picton gets a chance to play  If he is going to have a CFL snap, this will be the game.

- Uh oh!! What do the Ottawa REDBLACKS do if Trevor Harris is done for the year?  I think it is safe to say he won't be starting the season unless he has amazing recuperative powers because that hit looked nasty.  At best, it's a knee sprain that keeps him out for 4-6 weeks like Mike Reilly a few years ago. Do you stick with Dominique Davis? Do you call Darian Durant who I believe is still property of the Bombers.  Do you call Marquise Williams?  Here's one---do you see what the asking price is for Brandon Bridge?  The medical report will be key on what direction Rick Campbell and Marcel Desjardins take!

- What happened to the CFL in Halifax?  It would seem to me as if that issue has been put on the backburner.  Halifax will host next year's Memorial Cup.  I asked one of their organizers if he knew enough about the situation to comment or if he cared.  He said he didn't, but there is a lot of excitement about the potential of the league coming, but there are still far too many question marks.  I think we may be a couple of years away.

- It's been asked again, it will be asked before: Why don't Regina drivers like using their signal lights?

- The Regina Red Sox begin another season tonight.  The home opener will be Sunday and the Red Sox have asked this guy to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. This guy played a lot of ball in his younger years, but due to age and a bad shoulder (from playing ball), I haven't stepped on a diamond in quite a while.  That arm has one more toss in it doesn't it?  I guess we will find out Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock.  The question I have is will there be more chirps for yours truly from the 1st base stands, the 3rd base stands or behind the plate.

- The Toronto Blue Jays aren't winning this year. That has been established.  Fans want Vladimir Guerrero Junior.  Why?  Yes, he is hitting the cover off the ball in double A, but that's double A and not the majors.  He still has some work to do in the field by the sounds of it and while there is no doubt he will be in Toronto come September when rosters expand, the need is not there to bring him up now. Patience is the key.  Bringing him up will mean that Ross Shapiro and Mark Atkins have pushed the panic button.  You're not going anywhere with him in the lineup or not.  Just continue the development and make room for him next season.  Plus, if you bring him up now, you lose a year of service which could be huge moving forward.  If Toronto fans are so desperate to see him, then call him up to Triple A Buffalo and watch the convoy head across the border.

- The Bryan Colangelo story is just one of pure fascination.  You don't think that could happen, but it might be.  Is he the only one?

- When the NHL playoffs start, you have many different teams that can win the Stanley Cup. 16 in fact that have a legitimate argument as to why they could win.  Let's face the facts in the NBA.  While there are pretenders (Houston, Toronto etc. etc. etc), you can just pencil in the Cavaliers and Warriors.  Seeing the same team in the cap era in four straight finals hurts your overall product doesn't it?  Would you want to watch Nashville and Pittsburgh for four straight years in the Cup final?

- That's all I got. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

The 1 little detail of a stadium to play in and where is the money is going to come from,is probably why all the clamour of a cfl team in Halifax has died down.

Anonymous said...

John has some assets to trade. When does he do it. I would be surprised if Henry and Jake are here in January.

I can see him doing what he did when Klimchuk and Burroughs were here. That worked out pretty well.

Anonymous said...

Any medical report on Harris this morning? That looked bad!

Anonymous said...

Re: Halifax, the fact it's gone quiet in the media is a good sign, if it means they doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes to get the stadium financing in place. This project isn't going to happen overnight, so patience is key. The CFL could look to keep the momentum going be having CFL Week there next March.

Re: NBA playoff, it's not boring when you have talent like LeBron vs. Steph Curry going head-to-head. Was it boring when it was Magic vs. Larry Bird in the NBA finals? Or when Micheal Jordan won 6 titles? Or the Islanders won 4 in a row? People need to just sit back and appreciate greatness because it doesn't come along that often

CM said...

You'd rather see Picton play than Manziel? lol I don't know if that's dumber or JR Smith forgetting the score. Both of you #dumbo

Anonymous said...

Scruffy, way to much Jays talk. Way to much. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

With Kavis Reed running the show in Montreal I worry that we could see a team in Halifax sooner than later, but it will be a relocation of the Als'.

Anonymous said...

Now that we are done with the memorial cup can we please stop talking like Brooks, Steel, Hobbs, Mahura and Wagner were some kind of dynasty. 2015 out in the first round, 2016 out in the second round, 2017 4th round loss 2018 out in the first round. For all the talent those teams had even the Pats themselves would tell you they underachieved. If anything we should be looking back at a major missed chance of having a junior hockey run that get talks about for years to come. Those guys were all good players and have bright futures but their junior hockey careers are getting a rose coloured glasses treatment

Anonymous said...

Nobody comes close to Dennis Sobchuck as Regina Pats all time #1 player. Dave Michayluk 2nd, Doug Wickenheiser 3rd. Ron Flockhart in the picture.

Anonymous said...

Signaling an intention in Stoon motivates any vehicle slightly behind the signalling vehicle to speed up taking over the space needed to negotiate the turn or change the lane. Frustrated signallers learn it's easier but less safe to not signal. Perhaps it's similar in Regina. Drivers on rural roads seem to be excempt from signalling and speed limits. It's quite dangerous driving in this province.

Anonymous said...

Too much talk about Blue Jays? C'mon, One small paragraph and a whole bunch about the Pats whose season is over. That said, the Jays have gone down steady since they brought in the losers, Shapiro and Atkins and let Anthropolus leave.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather see Picton than Manziel. Of course, the chances of Manziel being a complete dud are high. At least Picton knows the Canadian game!

Anonymous said...

Highly anticipated Johnny Football game buried on obscure_ TSN4, TSN5. This is what's wrong with the CFL.

Anonymous said...

`1nobody watches baseball, it’s kind of like watching golf isn’t it?

Anonymous said...

I can't be the only one hoping Johnny Football embarrasses himself tonight!


Anonymous said...

But I dislike the Jays. Immensely. So , any Jays talk is too much.

Anonymous said...

ROSS Atkins... MARK Shapiro.

Anonymous said...

Lots of people watch baseball. I would rather watch baseball than the 2nd rate football that you morons eat, breathe and sleep. By the way, less than 100 days until real football (NCAA and NFL) start.

Why watch amateur sport when the pros can be seen every weekend on TV. That is what some were saying on here last week when it came to Memorial Cup.


Anonymous said...

Sask drivers don’t signal because everyone in town knows where they are going so it is redundant.