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Sunday, June 3, 2018


Rider fans were treated to a light team practice on Green & White Fan Day at SMF Field on Saturday. On a cool, windy afternoon in Saskatoon, the workout amounted to a touch football game before hundreds of fans.

Head Coach & GM Chris Jones said the light pace was by design.

"We've gotten 1,370-some reps over 11 days so we're over 100 reps a day," Jones told reporters after the session. "That's with a prep day, a walk-through, before a game so we're averaging 115 plays a day. We were trying to get them off their legs a little bit.

"We didn't want to have any soft tissue injuries and that type of thing. We wanted to get lined up, make sure the QBs went through their reads, and deliver the football. That's kind of what we wanted to get accomplished today."

There was no power to the scoreboard at the under-construction stadium so fans were unable to keep track of the offense vs defense competition. Judging by the individual stats, the offense won the day.

Veteran pivot Zach Collaros got the most plays at 24, going 16/16 for 177 yards. Brandon Bridge was 8/10 for 137 yards on his 11 plays. B.J. Daniels got 16 plays (8/11 for 126 yards) and David Watford ran 15 (10/11 for 160 yards).

Duron Carter caught 4 passes for 66 yards and saw 22 snaps on defense.

Rookie receivers Kyran Moore and Shaq Evans were targeted a lot. Moore caught 4 passes for 128 yards while Evans caught 7 for 151 yards.

Rookie LB Tyrell Robinson registered 6 tackles while Eric Stryker and Kaleb Jackson each had 4.

The Roughriders will head to Humboldt, SK on Sunday for a noon practice at Glenn Hall Park at noon. There will be an autograph session afterwards and we'll do our first In The Huddle TV taping of the season on location as well.

STATE OF THE RIDER NATION NOTES: Roughly 100 Rider season ticket holders gathered in the SMF Field Clubhouse with President Craig Reynolds, Head Coach & GM Chris Jones and Assistant GMs Jeremy O'Day and John Murphy prior to the practice ... Jones mentioned that they've fielded offers regarding their stable of QBs but aren't interested in moving any of them ... Murphy said they finally have a stable 1-2 QB situation which affords them the luxury of not having to rush Watford and Daniels ... Reynolds said the Halifax CFL expansion situation is "pretty positive" despite the fact we haven't heard much in the news lately ... Regarding his 2018 Riders, Jones said "we're gonna be good."



Anonymous said...

Oh WOW this offence is on fire whatch out CFL the 4 th place riders are coming to get you . Lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod did anyone ask about tours of the new stadium? They should at least offer that to season seat holders as the package they did give was quite chintzy. It sucks hearing that some special TiCats fans got to see the new digs before we have.

Gunderson’s Yorkton

GWil26 said...

I still don’t understand why anyone who isn’t a Rider fan would read this blog? And second, why anyone feels the need to take time out of their day to post something negative.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear some good news about Halifax. Very encouraging

Anonymous said...

But watch out for the Bomber's new defense!!

Anonymous said...

All I know is that the Riders were one of the final four teams and played in every game but the last one which was the Grey Cup.

Who are you a Bombers fan who lost in the first week of the playoffs?

At least we were within a minute of playing in the Grey Cup but nice try guy!