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Wednesday, June 6, 2018


WINNIPEG - Blue Bombers starting quarterback Matt Nichols left practice with an injury on Wednesday, and the team said he would be evaluated by a doctor.

Nichols was stepping back to throw a pass late in practice when he fell to the turf without being touched by a teammate.

He lifted himself to one knee, tossed his helmet and rested for a few moments. With his arms around a trainer on either side of him, he then walked slowly off the field with a bit of a limp.

Winnipeg head coach Mike O'Shea said he didn't see Nichols go down.

"At some point today, he'll see the doctor and we'll get good information and make decisions from there,'' O'Shea said.

When asked about his level of concern, he replied ``it's way too early to comment on it.''

He said Nichols wasn't scheduled to travel to B.C. for the team's final pre-season game Friday.

Receiver Weston Dressler was running a route and didn't see Nichols fall.

"We don't know what the deal is right now yet, I haven't been inside (the locker room) to see what the prognosis is, so you hope for the best,'' Dressler said on the field after practice.

"It sucks that injuries are part of the game. I think, most importantly, you look at him like a friend and you feel bad for him. It's not even about the team at that point. It's a personal matter more than anything.''

Nichols had a breakout season in 2017, passing for 4,472 yards and 28 touchdowns while leading the Bombers to a 12-6 record.

He broke the ring finger on his throwing hand and strained a calf late in the campaign and missed the final regular-season game. He did play in a 39-32 loss to the Edmonton Eskimos in the CFL West Division semifinal.

The Bombers thought they had added veteran insurance behind him when they signed Darian Durant in the off-season, but he retired in early May.

The main hopefuls for the No. 2 spot are Alex Ross and Chris Streveler.

Ross has the most CFL experience. In four games with B.C. last season, he completed five of 12 pass attempts for 82 yards. He was 1 for 8 passing in Winnipeg's exhibition victory over Edmonton last week.

Streveler, a grad from the University of South Dakota, completed all 10 of his pass attempts against the Eskimos for 140 yards with one touchdown.

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hello DD, we sorry. What we said about you.


Anonymous said...

There's a Storm about to arrive on the Saskatchewan horizon, names Storm, Storm Johnson. Thanx for listening and signing Storm Johnson MrJones Mr Murphy, you wont be sorry. Storm is a good one.

Happy Rider Fan

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Nichols untouched in his injury late last year as well?

Dr. Schmeer said...

Ya. I'm pretty sure they signed him because of your recommendation.

Anonymous said...

oooops, it sounds like an Achilles to me, I wonder if DD would like to unretired for $400k?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like similar QB depth as 2007. Good thing for Winnipeg that the Grey Cup isn't one week away where the backup will be making his first CFL start.

Anonymous said...

WOW ! Bomber QB falls down no one around him and he is injured. And we get to see these kind of Headlines on Pedersen's Blog. Who really cares ?

Anonymous said...

I don’t wish harm anyone, even a Bomber, but I guess this could be considered karma for all the Bomber fans booing the Rider injuries at the 2017 Banjo Bowl.

Anonymous said...

If Nichols is out long time than the riders may have a chance at a playoff spot

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Anonymous said...

Well they ruined Durant s career ,what goes around comes around. Durant gets last laugh ,

Anonymous said...

Bad news for Winnipeg. ANON #3. Storm is another castoff from a club he wasn't good enough to play on. Now he's the answer in Regina? Along with Tre etc.. What happened to Messam? He's in tremendous shape but then Jones says he'll be on a pitch count.Pitch count? Hi Jerome, welcome to P/T RB duties. Mr Jones needs to take a psychology class so he understands the underlying message he is sending his players.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Ti-Cats deal Masoli to Bombers for Bighill? Let Johnny Football run the show in Austinville.

Anonymous said...

Dear Naysayers,

"In Jones We Trust"

Anonymous said...

If doubles gets the call, he should ask for a signing bonus.

Anonymous said...

Darian gets the last laugh ever with the Bombers. Not because Nichols is hurt, but because he said screw you to Winnipeg Management.

Anonymous said...

Kinda like last year hey bub?

Bombers out first round of the playoffs unlike the Riders who played in every week but the last.

Anonymous said...

I hardly think Durant is laughing at Nichols being injured.

Do you really he's that cruel?

Anonymous said...

Why would they do that?

Then Hamilton would have no backup if Johnny boy struggles or gets hurt.

Why would any team trade their backup?

3rd string maybe but backup I doubt it.

Unless it's an offer that can't be refused.

Anonymous said...

Manziel Mania Rules the CFL !