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Wednesday, June 27, 2018


1 - IT'S TIME: One man's misfortune is another man's opportunity. With Tuesday's news that Rider QB Zach Collaros is gone to the 6-game Injured List with a concussion, that means 4-year veteran Brandon Bridge will start on Saturday when Saskatchewan hosts Montreal (7 pm, TSN, CKRM Network). Bridge isn't a kid anymore. He's apprenticed long enough and now it's time to play like the star he can be. I believe he can.

2 - WHAT IF: Where are the people who said the Riders should trade Bridge coming out of training camp? Imagine if the Riders had made that gaffe ... Meanwhile where are all the Brandon Bridge fans who wanted Air Canada to start ahead of Collaros in the first place? ... And imagine if a Canadian QB counted towards the Canadian ratio! What a luxury the Riders would have on Saturday. It's ludicrous that it doesn't.

3 - ACK, ACK A ZACH: Collaros naysayers are having a field day. Those who said he couldn't stay healthy are filling up Facebook and Twitter. However the fact is when everything has gone right and Collaros has been protected well, he's been "as advertised". But he's been hit enough for an entire season already and now he's on the shelf. The only way to prove the critics wrong is by doing it on the field and right now he can't. What a shame.

4 - HOG HEAVEN: Those who had fears about the Riders' offensive line going into the season turned out to be correct. Chris Jones even admitted that his QBs were hit one-out-of-every-3-plays last week in Ottawa which is insane. But it's highly unlikely they're looking back at any personnel moves (a la cutting Travis Bond) and saying they whiffed. This regime looks ahead, not behind. Beginning Saturday night, I expect much improved play there.
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5 - DURON: Caught CFL Wired on TSN for Week 2 last night and boy is that a fantastic show! The sideline camera caught the intense battle between Duron Carter and Diontae Spencer all night long in Ottawa and it was popcorn-worthy stuff. Chris Jones said he thought Duron played "pretty good" against the RedBlacks and watching that battle was a thrill-a-minute. At one point Duron boasted into the camera, "Best player in the league!" Twice. Is it bragging if it's true? Just asking.

6 - RIDERS AND REDBLACKS: These two teams have had a simmering rivalry ever since Ottawa re-entered the league in 2014 when Jim Hopson blocked Ottawa from using the name Rough Riders. It's boiled to the point where, right now, the two teams hate each other. Again, watch CFL Wired on TSN this week to really feel it. I LOVE THIS STUFF! We're not curing cancer here people. This is entertainment.

Oh, and it appeared to me Diontae Spencer sat on the bench during the Canadian national anthem in Week 2. Can someone please confirm?

7 - JAM THE JOINT: It would be a tad embarrassing if Mosaic Stadium isn't soldout for Saturday's Humboldt Strong game. Can we show the nation - and more importantly the City of Humboldt - that we as a province stand together in support of them and the Broncos? It's a summer Saturday night under the lights in the CFL's nicest stadium. What's better than that?

8 - BRONCOS OR BRONCOS?: Dean Brockman will be introduced as Coach & GM of the Swift Current Broncos today and that's a homerun for that team. However Dean hinted on Facebook last night that the Humboldt Broncos approached him about their coaching opportunity only after he had already committed to Swift Current. Dean called the situation "extremely disheartening" and many of us felt he was the only guy who could walk into that Humboldt job and have everybody's blessing for reasons you should all know. There's lots of interesting things going on behind-the-scenes in hockey during these dog days of summer.

9 - GO JONNY GO: You can still get tickets for tonight's Wednesday Night Live comedy show at Casino Regina hosted by Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan. The Regina product even hinted on the SportsCage this week that he'll host tonight's event, and take a stab at a stand-up routine himself! That will be worth the price of admission right there. Tickets are at the Casino Regina box office or from their website.

10 - BONUS NOTES: The Regina Pats didn't have a player selected in this weekend's NHL Draft and that's a surprise and a shame. But I don't think the team will be as bad this season as everyone predicts ... Can we get Teagan LittleChief to sing Oh Canada on Saturday night at the football? The Riders are 1-0 with her, and could use her good luck ... The summer blockbuster Jurassic World gets the thumbs-down from me. I fell asleep twice and let me divulge the plot: people get chased and eaten by dinosaurs! Can we come up with a new theme please?

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Bill Fuller said...

Why would Jones sign Collaros in the 1st place? The guy already had 2 Concussions so anybody knows that usually a decent hit would put him out again. And by the sounds of it this was his most serious and so the next one, if there is one could be career ending. Keep your fingers crossed that Bridge doesn't go down and if so it could be lights out again for this season. Jones has to pick up a good sound QB from somewhere so let's get to it. Go Riders.

Unknown said...

As far as selling out the game goes. Why are game tickets on sites like Ticket master at inflated prices? If we could just but the tickets at face value we would.

SWC said...

Everyone from casual fans to so called expert on television all admit our o-line is a problem. (QB hit every third play)

So why is the GM, the guy responsible for finding players, not held accountable for this?

If the GM did his job, then why is the coaching staff not being blamed?

Grain said...

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@mrt_man said...



CM said...

if the oline is the issue why do they keep bringing in dlinemen and running backs all the time. Cant they find olinemen and dbacks so Carter can be a receiver? Frankly I don't think Jones gets enough heat for those decisions which are pretty head scratching. As for Zack hope he's ok but it sure didn't look like he took a hellacious hit.

Football Fan said...

Yo, nubes.
1. Many players have had more than two concussions. It doesn't mean their career is over. Dunnigan famously had somewhere well over 10. That's too many. Two or three, especially as wide spaced as Collaros's have been, are not. There is no science that says a 4th is career ending. Dunnigan played a long time after his 4th.

2. @SWC. Um, what?? Jones is responsible for fixing the OL. Who did you think it was? Every team goes through something like this at some point. Look at Edmonton with all their injuries the last couple of years. With us it was a bunch of things, but concentrated on the OL. Campbell has his PED issue and then didn't re-sign. Bond unexpectedly underperformed and was cut. JSJ got injured. Bladek got injured. Zver retired. Adusei, after looking good for a year as a developmental guy, tanked. And finally Harrison, a blue chip prospect 5th round NFL pick, has struggled in his introduction to the CFL. No team can plan for all of this, but the GM does have to deal with it when it happens. Going by Rod's excellent report, however, it seems that Bladek may be healthy now and ready to start, so that should be a big help. And hopefully JSJ is not too far away as well, as they were high on his play until he got injured.

T JH said...

Duron Carter -- "Best player in the league!"??? LOL!!! Rod, you are SO funny. Diontae (and others)left DC grasping at straws time after time after time, yet all anyone talks about is the pick 6 that he got lucky on.

Everyone and their grandmother knows that Mike Reilly is the best player in the league, and he even has the bling to prove it. DC is a nobody.

Old Rider Fan said...

Am a fan of BB but hate to see more bad luck for ZC. I suppose I think back too much and compare BB to young Burris. But sure did hate that Calgary option play where Burris ran out of the pocket with options to pitch out to the back or throw downfield or take off. Killed us a lot.

Don't know enough to know if/when you scheme to the talent or force the talent to the scheme. But would like to see BBs talent used as much as possible. Recall Flutie wearing out D players way back.

Recall former O lineman on the Huddle ... telling about playing with Flutie. Said one time when lining up for a play the opposing D lineman was still trying to catch his breath and said ... "Hold me so i don't have to chase that guy any more".

Old Rider Fan said...

T JH ... Don't know about coverages. But ... That was no 'lucky' pick. Watch it again. Carter moved around Spencer down low to make the pick before Spencer could go low for the catch. I have never seen that done before.