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Wednesday, May 30, 2018


(#24 DB Nick Marshall takes snaps at QB on Tuesday)
SASKATOON - Following a day off the field on Monday, the Saskatchewan Roughriders returned to the Griffiths Stadium turf on Tuesday to being the second week of 2018 Training Camp, and Day 10.

Here are some notes:

- It was partly cloudy and 21 degrees Celsius with a 37 km/h wind on Tuesday. Head Coach Chris Jones says it was a good test for the quarterbacks and kickers, who will face windy conditions at times this season.

- Veteran QB Marquise Williams was one of four cuts the team made on Monday following their 35-12 preseason loss at Edmonton on the weekend. Jones said, "We love (Marquise). He's a good guy but we can't play everybody." Jones said the decision to release Williams was made on both his camp and game performances.

- Regarding Sunday's loss, Jones said he was proud of the team's effort but they were too undisciplined and took far too many penalties. On Tuesday, Jones had the players drop and do "Burpees" when they committed an infraction. Fining players for penalties is prohibited by the CFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement.

- Jones said none of the quarterbacks played great against Edmonton. "They gotta get us in and out of the huddle, set their feet, they can't stare down receivers, throw into coverage and you certainly can't throw it to the opponent."

- Rookie corner back Nick Marshall, who recorded an interception against the Eskimos, took a handful of reps at QB on Tuesday and looked impressive. He threw a deep spiral to WR Caleb Holley which would've set up an 80-yard touchdown, but Holley dropped the ball.

- Regarding looking at Marshall at quarterback, Jones said, "Well he led the nation in rushing so we'll just take a look at him."

- The Riders activated K Tyler Crapigna, LS Jorgen Hus and FB Spencer Moore for Week 2 of training camp. They did not participate last week. Regarding the solid play of sophomore kicker Brett Lauther against Edmonton (4/4 including a 55-yarder), Jones said "We've got a good issue there."

- Jones said sophomore LB Cameron Judge - the #2 overall pick in the 2017 CFL Draft - played "decent football" against Edmonton but came up with cramping issues on Tuesday. Jones said that may be due to the fact he hasn't played a lot of football in the past year. He spent most of 2017 on the Injured List.

- Duron Carter came up with a relatively easy interception off of Zach Collaros on Tuesday. It was so easy that it made me think Collaros was tricked by Duron’s white (offense) jersey. However that didn’t stop Carter from celebrating loudly.

- The Riders are back on the field Wednesday at Griffiths Stadium from 9:00-11:15 AM.



Anonymous said...

So many of SK Chicken little fans ran around late Sun and Mon screaming the Riders living skies are falling.
For a Province that has a lot of knowledgeable football fans. We sure do have our fill of dumb, stupid, clueless fans as well.
Honestly the uneducated ones never surprise me. Easpecially when someone dosent even play but you hear the uneducated fans calling for their head. Sunday was Zack Collaros fault. Wasn’t it.

Anonymous said...

Riders fighting for 4th or 5 th in the west again this year,Book It!

Anonymous said...

The sky can't fall silly!
The earth is rising!