Realty One

Tuesday, May 22, 2018



The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced the following roster moves:



  • International defensive back Daniel Davie
  • National defensive back Tristan MacDonald-Doughlin



  • National defensive lineman Eddie Steele



  • International defensive lineman Nick James
  • International defensive back John Ojo



  • National offensive lineman Jeremy Zver



Anonymous said...

Couple of surprises here. I thought Nick James would be a starter, was hoping Zver was going to develop since he was taking snaps at center. I don’t think John Ojo had fully recovered from his Achilles injury, he got scorched a few times.

Anonymous said...

This back and forth moving between practice fields very unprofessional. These training camps need to be based in Regina at Mosaic Stadium.

Anonymous said...

The training facilities are 2nd to none anon 1..ask the players and coaches 😀

Anonymous said...

Why? They’re the Saskatchewan Roughriders!

Anonymous said...

Maybe so ... but being out of Regina during the Memorial Cup was a good move by the Riders and for all concerned!

Anonymous said...

Three surprises there, to varying degrees. Ojo would have been a big surprise a few days ago, but he's been struggling in camp and it sounds like he's not healthy yet, or perhaps he wasn't able to get it all back. We have lots of depth, however, including a couple of guys from last year who have a year under their belts now. Nick Marshall and a couple of other new guys sound like great prospects as well.

I'm surprised by Nick James being cut as well, but I was privately hoping that one or two of our young DTs would step up and we could make both DTs Canadians, and reading between the lines I think that's what's happened. Unless something out of the blue has happened, James played well last year and the only reason I can think of for why we would cut him his early is that we've decided to go with two Canadians at DT. Looking for updates on Mak Henry and Big Mafuta!

Zver is the biggest out of the blue surprise here. He was a converted basketball player so maybe his heart wasn't really in football. Luckily it sounds like Adusei is coming along nicely, and CJ had some good words for JSJ as well, before he got hurt.

I also predict that Campbell will sign just before the start of the season.

Anonymous said...

Mark Henry is coming along nicely and has been drawing praise from coach Philion.