Realty One

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


1 – DON’T ASSUME MESSAM STARTS: Just because Jerome Messam got all that attention for signing with the Roughriders this offseason, don’t assume for one second that he even makes the team, let alone starts on opening day. Jerome is 33 and although the great George Reed did it until he was 36, …. Messam is no Sweet George!

Rider running back greats Tim McCray, Mike Saunders (my all-time fav), Kenton Keith and Wes Cates had all played their last game by that age and Jerome can’t be all that far behind. His 6-figure salary alone would make him expendable if he doesn’t outshine Cameron Marshall and/or Trent Richardson, despite his non-import status.

As TSN’s Duane Forde put it last week, Coach Chris Jones likes to stockpile his puzzle pieces first and then figure out the puzzle later. Jerome was clearly enjoying the limelight at last week’s Regina Thunder dinner but there’s no guarantee he makes it past training camp.

2 –MANZIEL BETTER NOT GET SIDE-DEAL: The 2-year entry-level process for players entering the CFL is there for a reason and Johnny Manziel should be treated no differently. If he’s going to take the proper time to learn that 3-down offense and get the hang of it, he’ll never even get the chance to put it to use if the Ticats let him scamper off to the NFL after one season.

If Jeff Garcia was forced to give the Calgary Stampeders a multi-year return on their investment in him in order to earn a CFL contract, then so should Johnny Football in Hamilton.
1881 Scarth St. Regina, 306-789-0011

3 – NARCISSE MADE RIDERS RELEVANT: Donald Narcisse said his goodbye’s over the weekend and moved home to Texas again. It’s not the ’89 Grey Cup or what Narco did in the community that I’ll always appreciate him for, but rather for making my childhood trips to Taylor Field a little more bearable.

The late 90’s tore the guts out of this province and the Roughriders weren’t spared either. It wasn’t like those back-to-back last-place finishes of 2015 and 2016. The team had literally no hope of accomplishing anything and there was no thought of it realistically ever getting any better.

But there was always Narco. Always a smile on his face. Always played hard and at least pretended like he wanted to be here. He was a ray of sunshine on otherwise cloudy, depressing few years.

So long Donald, we’ll never see another like you!

4 – STRASCHNITZKI RIGHT ABOUT HUMBOLDT GOFUNDME: I would hate to be the ones deciding how to divvy up the Humboldt Broncos Memorial Fund but Tom Straschnitzki has an intriguing idea: Just split it up evenly for each person killed/injured in that bus crash.

Now at first, it sounds like a simple solution for a not-simple situation. In fact, one might suggest Tom’s own son Ryan, who is paralyzed from the chest down since the accident, should get more than the average victim. But the more I think about, it’s really not such a crazy idea at all.

Each one of the victims and their families have had their expenses incurred and personal struggles as a result of this tragedy and deciphering whose been victimized more than the other will prove to be a nearly impossible task. That said, I do think some priority will need to be given to those who now have to live with the worst injuries.

But it’s an idea worth considering.

5 – MOOSE JAW SHOULD BID FOR MEMORIAL CUP: It will probably be a while before the WHL’s Eastern Conference hosts another national championship with Red Deer hosting one 2 years ago and the Regina Pats putting on this year’s tournament later this month. But the City of Moose Jaw should seriously consider putting in a bid of their own for next time it comes around these parts.

Think about it.

Not far from a major airport and the city would go bananas for it. It's not fair for teams like the Moose Jaw Warriors, Swift Current Broncos, and Prince Albert Raiders to keep having to fight their way into the Mem Cup every year when teams like Regina and Saskatoon get an automatic birth every 20 years or so.

And if Brandon or Red Deer could make it work, so could Moose Jaw.

6 – WHL FINALS A REMINDER OF WHAT’S WRONG WITH HOCKEY: Since the WHL championship isn’t available on cable television, I listened to Game 1 last Friday night on the radio and it sounded pretty clear to me that once the Everett Silvertips got a 2-1 lead in the 3rd period, they just collapsed all 5 of their players to the front of the net to block all scoring chances. Thankfully, the Swift Current Broncos were able to crack that nut late in Game 2 but there’s still too much of that garbage happening in the playoffs.

It’s dreadful to watch and it happened in Game 7 of the SJHL finals too. The time has come for illegal defense penalties to be introduced when that happens. Stop letting teams bring more than 3 skaters in behind their own face-off circles. Sounds radical now but if the NHL had done something like this years ago, we wouldn’t have had to outlaw ties or tell goalies to stop playing the puck in the hexagon behind the net.

7 –BETTMAN SHOULD BE MORE INVOLVED: Still can’t believe the NHL head office is so gutless it can’t even suspend Brad Marchand for his licking of Ryan Callahan, long after they warned him to stop licking in the first place. It’s another sign Commissioner Gary Bettman doesn’t want to interfere with “hockey decisions” out of fear of angering the purists who know Gary really isn’t much of a hockey fan at all.

But Gary needs to get more involved and here’s why: When the NFL has a problem with headshots creating star quarterback injuries and legal liabilities, their Commissioner Roger Goodell steps in and fixes it. The NHL could use some more of that in this situation and when it comes to getting scoring back up to an acceptable level (8.5 goals per game).

8 – STILL RUNNING WITH THE JETS: Sad about those poor Winnipeg Jet fans who waited in the heat all day Monday to see their team punch its first-ever ticket to a Stanley Cup semi-final, only to head home disappointed. I picked the Peg to get to the finals and meet the Caps and I’m sticking with it. The Jets will quiet Music City in Game 7. You heard it here first!

9 – RAPTORS DON’T NEED CHANGE: Legendary Boston Globe scribe Bob Ryan recently told the talk show airwaves there was nothing the Toronto Raptors could do to stop LeBron James and he was probably right. Disappointing end for #wethenorth and especially DeMar DeRozan who sucked in game 3. But this crew appeared to lack leadership down the stretch this season and learned a few lessons in this episode of ‘Lebronto is the Raptors Daddy’. They have all summer to think about it and I expect a better DeRozan, Lowry and Serge Ibaka when they come back for training camp in October. If this experience won’t humble those guys, nothing will.

10 – DOCUMENTARY/BOOK OF THE WEEK: Small Potatoes: Who killed the USFL? This was one of the original ESPN 30 for 30’s that became so popular, they created a whole series around it. Donald Trump takes control of a group of struggling United States Football League owners and proceeds to run it right into the ground. It was probably headed there anyways but it’s still fun to blame ‘The Donald’ for screwing it up faster than he needed to anyways.

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Anonymous said...

Is Brendan McGuire a real person? I think we're being punked. He says some of the dumbest things I think I've ever heard. The average CFL salary is about $100k now, so Messam's "six figure salary" is only slightly above average. No, barring something unforeseen he's not going to get cut. And was anybody expecting that he would be a regular starter? We have great RB depth and I expect he'll be part of a rotation. And then if Richardson heads back to the NFL next year then I see Messam and Marshall splitting the carries two ways instead of three.

And what on earth does Jeff Garcia have to do with Johnny Manziel? Other than the fact that they're both QBs their career paths have nothing in common. The league desperately needs to reinstate the option year rule for the NFL, but I would be in favour of rookie contracts being 2+1 and subsequent contracts being 1+1. Not a fan of one and done.

Anonymous said...

SJHL has "always" been superior to MJHL? Tough argument this year. Looks pretty even for Anavet cups since around 2000.

Anonymous said...

thank you daddy

Anonymous said...

The evil of the bus crash is now starting to happen. I believe Mr. Strachnitzki has the right idea with each family evenly splitting the money, but some were affected more than others. How do you determine who should get what?

I hope the families all unite and agree instead of turning on one another. In this day and age of greed though, I have my doubts as if it will that be the case.


Anonymous said...

Yes, he's a real person and so far what I've enjoyed about his columns is the fact he isn't constantly 'blowing smoke' in the Riders direction.
He's right, Messam is too old. But you won't catch two other bloggers I know of saying that.

Anonymous said...

Point 1 - Messam may not start but he will get through training camp. He will be the beast he always is.
Point 5 - Moose Jaw being close to Regina could host a Memorial Cup, but you'll never see it in PA or Swift. Arena's are too small capacity wise and too old.
Point 6 - That style of play in the playoffs will never go away. The atrocious refs in the playoffs needs to change. Penalties that should be called are overlooked for whatever reason.
Point 7 - If I played in the NHL and Marchand did that to me, he would have no teeth left and his jaw would be wired shut for a year. If it was regular season someone would have cleaned his clock.
Point 9 - Basketball....who cares!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that 80% or more players on a roster make a lot less than 100,000 clams in the CFL.

Anonymous said...

Does LF realize Anavet Cup hasn't been contested for last 4-5 yrs due to WCC. Probably not.

That being said, if you are saying the SJHL is superior to the MJHL, you aren't saying much. The AJHL and BCHL are the premier Junior A leagues in Canada. After that, there isn't a lot.

Who is the last SJ or MJ player to get drafted or even make an impact in the NCAA?

Anonymous said...

Of course Messam is the starter. Cam Marshall will still be around but Messam is a stud. Richardson can stay home for all I care

Anonymous said...

Jerome Messam = a bull in a China shop. Tee hee, kaos unstoppable.

Anonymous said...

The jets are done, they had a chance to put Nashville away on home ice and laid a huge egg. So sick of hearing about them and vegas.

Anonymous said...

I am well aware of the WCC and that if you count those head to head SJvsMJ matchups not including host teams, MJ clearly has the edge. My comment was in response to Brendan's post about SJ "always" superior to MJ in his prediction of Hawks winning series.
But you are right, BC and AJ are in a different class.

Anonymous said...

Not one to comment generally but wanted to touch on a couple of things:

(1) The notion of creating rules around how a hockey team can defend their own net might quite possibly be one of the most ludicrous things I have heard in a long, long time.

(2) The Raptors absolutely need change. It is said they will learn from this and come back stronger next year. Shouldn't that have happened this year given the fact Cleveland basically crushed them last year as well. The core of that team will NOT get to the promised land even should Lebron move to the west. The best basketball they played in the playoffs was the fourth quarter of Game Three where Derozan sat and watched. The Raps got killed when he was on the floor throughout the series. He has worn out his worth in my opinion. He is a tremendous individual player but lacks leadership attributes. Time for him to move on.


Joey BiShop said...

I put my thoughts on here 2 hours ago. Why are they not showing up?

Anonymous said...

The raptors don't need change? That might one the most pathetic pitiful performances in a playoff series in any sport. They essentially lost this series in the 4th quarter of game 1.

Anonymous said...

Well - he wasn't drafted, but Chris Kunitz did make an impact in the NCAA and is the active NHL player with the most Stanley Cups.

Anonymous said...

Messam will start he is still good

I'm all for Moose Jaw and a Memorial Cup - long overdue!!

Swift Current got a dose of their own medicine they have played that way the whole playoffs - boring!! Go Everett anybody but Swift Current

Anonymous said...

This idea will get laughed at, but how about Swift Current hosting a Memorial Cup? Being two hours away from a major airport would seemingly sink the idea right away, but the city supports their team like no other market in the CHL. Swift Current also did a fantastic job of hosting the week long World Women's Curling Championships not once by twice to sold out draws. Swift has sold out every game since January. Moose Jaw couldn't even fill a rink for round of the playoffs without 800 Swift fans making the drive.

Also, Swift Current has more trips to the WHL finals in the last 30 years than all other Sask teams combined. Look it up. It would also be a good look for the CHL to get past large stadiums and greed for some grass roots hockey in, what has become, the loudest rink in the league.

Anonymous said...

If McGuire is real then I'd say he writes like he's constantly "inhaling smoke". Messam rushed for over 1000 yards last year, we signed him for $110k was it? and McGuire thinks maybe he's not going to make the team? Cue the Brewer and Shipley song. Lots of players are coming to us because they want to play for Chris Jones, and I think Messam came to us for that reason, and he took a little less money so he could fit into our cap structure, and because he knows he's going to make playoff money and have a good chance of winning the cup, something he was giving up hope of in Calgary.

Soup said...

The Donald may have screwed up the USFL in a make believe world but doing a pretty good job of draining the swamp!

Anonymous said...

Hey speaking about throwing a few elbows. I would like to throw a few hard elbows to the face of that loser who names himself Mr Red who trolls the cfl sites with Riders abuse. He even had the gall to abuse the nomination of Hobson, the latest riders to the Hall of Fame. That guy should be eliminated from any communication on 3downnation or Rods site.

Anonymous said...

Criticism is now abuse... wow.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but old Donald is filling the Swamp back up with all sorts of sleaze and right-wing nut-jobs to drain the Treasury.

Anonymous said...

You've seen the last Broncos game this year, they aren't coming back from Everett. Your arena seats 2800 never host a mem cup.

Anonymous said...

People have a right to their own opinion as long as it's in alignment with yours right.

Anonymous said...

Follow CNN or Canadian news much? Sheeple!

Anonymous said...

Now appearing! McGuire is Mr Red.