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Sunday, May 27, 2018


REGINA - Evan Fitzpatrick stopped 28 shots as the Acadie-Bathurst Titan shutout the host Regina Pats 3-0 on Sunday to win their first Memorial Cup in franchise history.

It's the first time since 2013 that a Quebec Major Junior Hockey League team captured the Canadian major junior championship.

Adam Holwell, Samuel Asselin and Ethan Crossman, into an empty net, scored for the Titan to win the 100th edition of the tournament.

Max Paddock turned away 41-of-43 shots for Regina, which was vying for its fifth Memorial Cup in franchise history.

Asselin provided insurance at 13:02 of the third when he tapped in a pass from Titan captain Jeffrey Truchon-Viel. Truchon-Viel made a nice move on Regina defenceman Cale Fleury in order to make the pass.

Fitzpatrick faced increased pressure in the third as the Pats pressed, but he wasn't fazed.

Regina's Sam Steel, who was named Memorial Cup MVP after the game, almost tied it midway through the third after a juicy Fitzpatrick rebound, but the goaltender pushed across to stop the Regina captain.

Steel had 13 points throughout the tournament - three off the Memorial Cup record held by Kitchener's Jeff Larmer and Hull's Guy Rouleau.

Holwell opened the scoring at 16:10 of the first when his wrist shot from the left face-off circle sneaked through Paddock's five-hole.

Asselin nearly made it a two-goal lead shortly after when he picked up the puck from a Nick Henry turnover and hit the post. Acadie-Bathurst's German Rubtsov also had a shot ring off the post midway through the first.

Paddock took over in the second with his team getting heavily outshot and made several highlight-reel saves to keep the Pats in the game.

Crossman had two glorious chances nine minutes into the second, but Paddock stopped him on both _ a partial breakaway and a glove save off a nice wrist shot.

The Brandt Centre crowd started to chant ``Go Pats Go'' to try and get their team in the game. The crowd gave a big jeer when Regina recorded its first shot of the second period _ and sixth of the game - 11 minutes into the second.

Paddock made another spectacular save on Truchon-Viel after he received a saucer pass from Crossman during a 2-on-1.

The Pats started to press near the end of the second but Fitzpatrick stood tall. Jared Legien had Regina's best chance during a 2-on-1 with Steel, but Legien's shot rang off the post.

Acadie-Bathurst held on to beat the Pats 8-6 when the two teams faced each other in the round robin.

Notes: The 2005 London Knights, who won the Memorial Cup that season, were named the Canadian Hockey League's team of the century in the second intermission.

(Canadian Press/Ryan McKenna)


Andrew Wiens said...

Aw, Morgan, did your team lose last night?? That's just terrible - LOL. Time for you to put on your bib and finish off the left overs to the 'humble pie' you have so generously been serving all week. Just a word of warning though, be careful you don't choke because with your big mouth the possibility you might bite off more than you can swallow is quite high.

Anonymous said...

Just proves that an “ in thru the backdoor “ team does not belong in the tournament as hosting team.

Anonymous said...

I think I heard the phrase "Just not good enough" after last Wednesday's game vs Swift. Karma........

However, kudos to the Pats coaching staff for preparing the team for the tourney. You always worry that the host will embarrass itself; that certainly did not happen.

Anonymous said...

Well at least we have one winning team in Saskatchewan...GO Rush GO!!!!

Anonymous said...

the pats put on a great show they were great so were the broncos no need for the above posters comments shows lack of class

Anonymous said...

Reading the comments from the fans of the Broncos, Warriors, Blades, Eskimos, Stampeders, Blue Bombers is just pure comedy on this site. Your fixation with the dislike of any Regina based home team is entertainment at it's lowest level. Now that the Pats season is done I can't wait to read the forthcoming Rider comments. There is a saying "You can't fix stupid", and you guys fit the bill.

Anonymous said...

Good Job Pats, proved you can play with the best. Titan were the better team last night, if Steels two goal posts go in may have been a different result. Looking forward to next year!

Anonymous said...

Simply not good enough. Not talented enough, not fast enough, not deep enough. Paddock wore Steel out with double and triple shifting because he had little else. Titan were big, fast and relentless. They had three great d-men. I don't think the Pats had one. The Pats struggled with fast teams all year.

Hats off and congratulations to the Titan. They were the best team last night and at the tournament.

The Pats have now wasted two years and will be on the outs for at least a few. Couldn't win a WHL Championship. Couldn't win a MemorialCup. A lot of people last night at the game felt the last two years had been very poorly handled. Lots left early and very upset at getting nothing in the last two seasons where we were supposed to have had excellence.

Whoever runs the Pats going forward had better believe that you need players and who can skate. Slugs won't do it. The Broncos were the only team that could really skate with the Titan. If Paddock is still around he better have learned something.

Anonymous said...

Great job by the host committee on a fantastic 100th Memorial Cup! It was great to see all the tributes to the Humboldt Broncos, the military and seeing Pats Alumni on the ice again (most notably...Adam Brooks!) I am sad to see it end.

I'm so proud of the Pats. They proved to the nay-sayers that they DID deserve to be there! They played amongst the best but couldn't quite beat the best team last night. Congrats to the Titan.

All the best to the overage players and those who won't be back next season (Steel, Mahura, Fleury, Hyman to name a few).

Here's to the next 100 years for the Pats!!

Morgan said...

No humble pie needed for this fellow Andrew. I am as humble as it gets. I can admit when my team loses to a better team unlike you. You're an arrogant fool. You're still talking trash even after your Broncos went 0 and 3 in the tournament! Who knows though, maybe this off-season you'll find some humbleness and oh ya... a new head coach too! Snap!

Morgan said...

Does not belong in the tournament? Better than two of the 4 teams and lost to the champs only? You are as dumb as they come!

Anonymous said...

Wiens... You have about as much class as a hole in a donut . Your Broncos are now the laughing stock of the Memorial Cup being the big time League Champs and getting shot down and out in the Memorial Cup. They, Big Boy are now the CHUMPS not the Champs.
Pats did well , but you cannot get outshot and outplayed as bad as you did for 2 solid periods and expect to come flying back.
All around, a great bunch of hockey teams played by a great bunch of young guys who will have a future ahead of them.

Anonymous said...

No one can say anything about the pats not being worthy. They took out two league champions and lost to what was truly the best team in Canada
What a great year!!!
Kudos to Paddock, the players, owners and all the people that made the mem cup a fantastic success!!!!

Morgan said...

I've noticed the bizarre hatred that people have for regina as well. So much jealousy and bitterness towards such a humble city on the prairies. I honestly don't get it. Maybe they're just jealous of people who are content with their lives and support their hometown teams through thick and thin.

Anonymous said...

And you wonder why the Pats and their fans are disliked. It's hateful comments from the peanut gallery fan base such as you.
Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Well said Morgan, Reginan's are a content bunch. Most of the posters who find some pleasure in insulting this great city and residents really are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the Memorial Cup tournament I was able to attend a couple of games. It was all very entertaining and great hockey. Congratulations to the Titan they were deserving winners. Well done Pats I am glad (this from a Warriors fan) glad to see you in the final.

Well done all round Pats.

Andrew Wiens said...

Nope, the Broncos are still champs with a banner and a trophy to prove it (they also came a lot closer to beating the Titan at this tournament than your Pats did on either occasion). After selling the farm at trade deadline all your Pats will have to show for it next year is a multimillion dollar deficit and an insignificant footnote on that says ‘host team’.

Andrew Wiens said...

Morgan, without exception every comment you have made about the teams the Pats have played this year have been classless and condescending. If you are unwilling to give any respect then don’t expect any in return.

Anonymous said...

Pats next few years will be struggling after selling the farm this year. However will have excellant trade bait in a couple of years when an all in team wants a goal tender for the run.

Great games for the tournament by all teams excitement to the final horn except final last minute.

Best team won as it should be. Unless it is "your team" getting a lucky break to win a game always seems unfair. Hard work paid off.

Next season will be interesting in WHL east withe the three top teams having to replace significant contibutors. Watch out for P A Raiders. They were young and a handful this year.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the Pats organization for running a first class event.

I'm willing to bet average game attendance for the Pats drops by 50% during tough times. Lots of part time fans in that crowd. I hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

This blog can be so much better if the guy in charge would disable comments.

Morgan said...

Classless and condescending? Sounds like you didn't like the taste of your own medicine that I gave you. You bashed the pats and their hosting of the memorial cup from way up on your ivory tower. Your Broncos were a solid team but you over rated them all season long and under rated the pats even more. It was a sweet and fitting end to the tournament for your Broncos when the pats laid them to rest for good. I have yet to hear any type of humbleness from you even in your team's defeat. You need to grow up.

Anonymous said...

How about that kid named Max Paddock...

Anonymous said...

Get real man. We are owned by billionaires. They will find that deficit under their couch cushions. Don't know if you noticed...but the Broncos sold farm too.

Andrew Wiens said...

Morgan, maybe you should dig into the blog archives and find the post where I 'under rated the Pats'. There is a big difference between saying that the Pats don't have a good enough team to be competitive at the Memorial Cup (which I have never done) and saying that the Pats don't deserve to be in the Memorial Cup because they didn't win their way there. If you insist on interpreting every criticism of the current tournament format as a direct assessment of how good the Pats are then maybe you need to grow up.

By the way, on the topic of classless and condescending, I'm sure your description of Stuart Skinner as a 'wannabe all star goaltender' doesn't fit into either of those categories; although if someone had described Paddock in the same way I can imagine what your response would be.

Also, you claim that you can admit when another team is better than the Pats but you haven't actually bothered to do so (at least not on this blog), so I think now is your chance. John Paddock said that what the Pats needed the other day was 'a second puck to play with'. So considering that your coach thinks the Pats got their butts kicked by a superior team it shouldn't be too hard for you to put in a future post: 'the Pats got their butts handed to them by a better team on Sunday, correct?'

Anonymous said...

Andrew and Morgan just support you re teams and stop arguing you are both intelligent so just be nice! and both teams know they did their best lets leave it at that just enjoy hockey and don't get caught up on which team is better, because in the end it does not matter the sun comes up every day enjoy!