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Thursday, May 24, 2018


David Watford #9, and Marquie Williams #12
1 - Others may differ, but I feel the most-intriguing battle at 2018 Roughriders Training Camp here in Saskatoon is for the #3 quarterback spot. Zach Collaros and Brandon Bridge are performing well enough, but they have their spots sewn up. It's the competition for their top back-up spot between David Watford and Marquise Williams which has been a thrill-a-minute.

2 - "Well they're both having good camps," agreed Head Coach & GM Chris Jones. "They've both done some very good things. As you saw on that second-last drive, Marquise took us down the field and scored a TD. And B.J. Daniels has had a good camp as well. We've got a good problem."

3 - Sunday's game at Edmonton (3:00 pm, TSN, CKRM Rider Network) will go the furthest to telling the tale at the #3 QB position. Interestingly, the Riders will fly into Edmonton Sunday morning and return to Saskatoon immediately after Sunday's game. Not that it matters, but I don't ever recall the Riders going into a road city on the day of a game. However the City of Champions is a scant 45 minutes away.

Duron on D
4 - Another takeaway from Wednesday is that Chris Jones cautioned the media and fans not to take too much away from the position groupings we see on a daily basis. For instance, KR Christion Jones has spent the past 2 days at WR. Jones says he likely won't see any action there this season. QB Brandon Bridge spent the majority of his time on Day 4 with the 1st team offense. Duron Carter spent Day 4 of camp entirely on defense, wearing an unmarked green jersey.

5 - What this means is we shouldn't try to read-between-the-lines regarding "Who's ahead of whom". Jones is trying to examine his players' versatility, and who fits best where. From our perspective, we're just trying to report on who's lining up where - and with whom - and who's making plays. Other than that, Sunday's game will be the determining factor. I love the old scouting phrase, "The decisions will make themselves".

6 - To answer your favourite question: Who looks good? Devon Bailey has been the top Canadian receiver since Jake Harty went down on Sunday. Based on groupings and depth, the Rider CDN receivers are Bagg, Bailey, Joshua Stanford and Mitchell Picton. At OLB, Sam Hurl has seen far more action with the 1s than Cameron Judge. Rookie DB #29 Orlandus Harris has been the top rookie standout at that position, with a handful of interceptions.

#20 Zac Stacy
7 - More: Centre Dan Clark of Regina is having the best camp of his career. ... The sudden retirement of C Jeremy Zver seemed to catch the Riders off-guard, and put them in a pinch. Sophomore OL Dariusz Bladek has struggled with the 2nd team snaps, so hopefully he gets a handle on it. ... At RB, it's Jerome Messam, Zac Stacy and Marcus Thigpen. That could change once "Thiggy" serves his 2-game suspension for a positive banned substance test.

8 - Even More: Canadian Mike Edem is your starting safety, followed closely by Marc-Olivier Brouillette. Edem's been very good, and I've really liked what "Marc-O" has brought. .. It still seems like Chris Lyles will replace Kacey Rodgers at CB, even though they're rotating a lot of bodies through there ...K Brett Lauther has handled all of the FGs with veteran Tyler Crapigna still nursing a mild injury which has lingered from last year. I'm told Lauther has been decent, but it's still Tyler's job. ... Meanwhile veteran LB Alexandre Gagne has done the long-snapping in the absence of veteran Jorgen Hus.

Keith Hershmiller Photography
9 - The Regina Pats worked their tails off in a 6-5 round robin victory over Swift Current on Wednesday, eliminating the Broncos and punching their ticket to Friday's semifinal versus the Hamilton Bulldogs. The Pats finally played like their life depended on it (similar to Friday's win over Hamilton) and they were rewarded. Now they have a chance to win their 4th Memorial Cup in franchise history with two more wins. ... For those upset that the host team is in contention on playoff weekend, don't go away mad. Just go away! (That’s not directed at SC. It’s for those still belly-aching about the tournament format)

10 - The Stanley Cup Finals match-up is salacious: The wily, beleagured old vet Alex Ovechkin looking for his first Stanley Cup win versus the upstart, expansion Vegas Golden Knights. Who are you cheering for? And who do you think will win? Sometimes those are two separate things. NO ONE ALIVE predicted this would be the Finals pairing when the playoffs began and this is why this is the best time of the year.

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Anonymous said...

Good morning,

My son needed a new NHL team so picked Vegas, and in his pool he had them winning the Cup. Go figure.

Who do I want to win? I haven't wanted a guy to win a Cup this bad since Ray Bourque so I really hope Ovechkin can get it done. He has been so good for so long and is worth the price of getting the NHL package for his games. The guy does everything and in some cases to much because I think for years guys slacked off knowing Ovechkin is pulling double duty. They seem to have the right mix now.

Who will win? - well the idea of an "expansion" team winning 50 games was ridiculous. The idea of an "expansion" team winning a playoff round was ridiculous. The idea of an "expansion" team winning a second and third round was utterly ridiculous. The idea of an "expansion" team winning the Stanley Cup it can't happen. - Vegas in 5!. Marc Andre Fleury has owned Ovechkin for 10 years so why would it stop.

I hope the Pats win the Memorial Cup.

Anonymous said...

For those upset that the host team is in contention on playoff weekend, don't go away mad. Just go away!
Pedersen that comment shows that you are about as Classy as an old Rubber boot. You wonder why some people on here make the comments that they do. Well I guess if you can do it they think "Why Can't I Do It" ?

Anonymous said...

Stuck a nerve with a Swift Current fan it would appear.

Anonymous said...

It's no wonder there's so many of us in Regina hate the Pats. The remarks by some, including the blogger are embarrassing. So, on that note I will go away.

Anonymous said...

Not a Swift Current Fan at all. I just know that you can say whatever you want to , but we can't or we don't get on here. And you sure as hell don't like to be reminded because it's your show.

Bill Salloum said...

In # 8 you mention K Brett Lauther handling all FGs with Crapigna still a bit injured. What's happened to Van Gylswyk? Is he no longer with the team?

Anonymous said...

For those upset that the host team is in contention on playoff weekend, don't go away mad. Just go away! Perfect response, this is how the Memorial Cup tournament works, get over it. The attendance Nazi's were all over the number of empty seats, can you imagine the attendance at any Memorial Cup tournament without the host city team involved?

Anonymous said...

For those upset that the host team gets a bye into the Memorial Cup, they should buy a team, spend the money to host, demand that they not be granted a bye into the tournament, and sign their name to their comment.


Anonymous said...

Van Gylswyk signed with Montreal

Unknown said...

He signed as a free agent elsewhere in February

Anonymous said...

The team foolishly let him walk away. Van Gylswyk was a far superior athlete than Crapigna.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Regina and am now living in my 6th city in Canada. I still go online and read blogs, news stories and so on from the cities I lived in as I like to keep abreast of what is happening as I enjoyed living in them all as Canada really is a special place. But I must say of all the ones I read the people who complain the most are those from Regina. It's unreal really. People across the country complain but Regina residents just don't stop. Folks complain about everything there. Be happy that the Pats won the bid to host it. It's the format, get used to it as it probably won't change. They are a very good hockey team that lost to a very good team in the first round. It happens. No system is perfect. Even the Grey Cup isn't perfect. There was no reason for Toronto to be in it last year except they were the best of a weak east division. So sit back, enjoy the ride, support the Pats and cheer them on! It may be another decade or two till they get back or have another chance to host. You have 60 other junior hockey cities who are jealous they aren't the hosts right now. It's sports, you don't always have to be the best team...just the best team that day! There have been teams that have had no business winning the Super Bowl or Stanley Cup, but they did because they were the best when they needed to be. GO PATS GO!! Stop whining Regina!

Anonymous said...



DURON CARTER is ALL WORLD SUPERSTAR ATHLETE, a football phenom. This status as such permits him to play both sides of the field without one ounce of a drop off to the overall Saskatchewan Roughriders team efforts. He's a unselfish team player willing to do as coach Jones says to get the win. Anyone ever see him play qb yet? throwing a high long bomb arching pass down field to himself and catching it for a touchdown? AMAZING! Catch exciting SUPERSTAR DURON CARTER this CFL season everyone, you won't be sorry!

Anonymous said...

Always appreciate the fan that pulls for the more obscure players. Like back-up kicker Van Gylswyk, it reminds one of the fan that never gave up on the Canadian back-up receiver Pawcheloski (sp), even after he got cut.

Anonymous said...

If ya don't like what RP has to say, then why do you keep coming back?

Oh right!

Anonymous said...

So sad to see the empty seats this week at the Brandt Centre. Black eye for junior hockey.

So, if you're thinking Ovechkin might be a sentimental choice to win the cup, here's a little insight into the mental make-up of this cat.

World Juniors, Halifax, 2003. Russians come back from a 2-1 deficit to score twice in the third and win 3-2. Teams are lined up at each blue line and the Canadian kids are just gutted. Heads down, crying, in a world of hurt.

Russians are bouncing. Suddenly, a pimply-faced 17-year-old Ovechkin breaks from the ranks, steps forward and loudly yells "Hey Canada. F*** you!" His team mates break up in laughter then, emboldened, begin to echo him. Quickly a chorus of insulting 'eff you's' rings around the ice. The medals get presented and the Canadian kids leave without incident.

But nearby, on the bench, watching and listening intently is their stick boy. Sidney Crosby. He takes it all on board and stores it up.

Two years later, he's on Team Canada in North Dakota. Gold medal final against Russia. Sid catches Ovie with a clean, hard open ice hit and separates Ovie's shoulder. Canada wins. Ovie has to shake hands with his arm in a sling.

Many years down the road, Crosby has Stanley Cups, World Cups, Olympic gold medal glory. We're still waiting for Ovie to win his first cup.

Hope he keeps waiting.

And I know all about the Halifax incident because I was standing on the red line, listening and watching.

Anonymous said...

Total bs