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Wednesday, May 16, 2018


1 - EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING: It's finally here. The Eagles, Vince Gill, the Memorial Cup, Roughriders training camp, the NLL Finals ... it's all hitting at once. Is Saskatchewan ready for it? It's all coming, ready for not.

2 - MUST WIN: We're dusting off a phrase we haven't used here since football season. The Regina Pats are already facing a must-win scenario when they open the 2018 Memorial Cup at home against the Hamilton Bulldogs on Friday night. The Queen City Kids CANNOT afford to get behind the 8-ball early in this tournament. That's what happened in the 2001 Memorial Cup in the Agridome and they were forced to "chase" the rest of the week. It's a "must-win" on Friday.

3 - THE ODDS: An oft-asked question lately is, "What are the Pats' chances of winning the Memorial Cup?" I'd say 1-in-4, or 25%. If there's an official betting line somewhere, I can't find it. Swift Current, Acadie-Bathurst and Hamilton are all riding momentum coming into Regina but the Pats obviously can't rely on that. The Blueshirts have been off since April 2 and one of the phrases I've heard from Pats staff is: "Rest is our weapon". They're good enough to compete for the championship in a short tournament such as this so they've got as good of a chance as the other three teams. Mainly, because they're in it.

4 - IN THE PADDOCK: Pats Coach/GM John Paddock refuses to tip his hand over who will start in goal on Friday: his 17-year old nephew Max Paddock, or 19-year old Ryan Kubic. Paddock didn't play in Round 1 versus Swift Current - we can only assume he was injured - but he represents the Pats' best chance to win next week. Will the stage be too big for him? We're about to find out but the Brandon product certainly seems to have the appropriate demeanour. He definitely has the tools.

5 - SAVE A HORSE: Clearly I want the Pats to win the Memorial Cup, but I wouldn't be disappointed if the Swift Current Broncos are skating around with the trophy on May 27. They've earned it so far, and they aren't taking their eye off the prize. "The job's not done," one Broncos scout told me this week. How ironic that the WHL championship is so hard to win, yet no one is ever satisfied with it. That's why they say the Memorial Cup is the toughest trophy to win in sports.

Oh, and a Bronco alumni told me the whole province of Sask is cheering for Swift Current. Stop it! There at least as many cheering for the Pats.

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6 - TAKE IT EASY: We'll be in attendance on Thursday when the Eagles - featuring Vince Gill - entertain Mosaic Stadium. Vince was quick to point out in a surprising interview on Monday's SportsCage that he is not the "frontman" for the Eagles on this tour. He's simply singing a few of their hits, while Glenn Frey's son Deacon will sing his fair share of the band's hits too. It should be a fantastic show! Hopefully the weather cooperates.

7 - GET YOUR TICKETS: I had no trouble buying extra tickets for Friday's and Saturday's Memorial Cup games and there are still scores of seats left for the Eagles show. What gives? I expected an automatic sellout of the hockey tournament, at the very least. Many listeners complained about high ticket prices when we asked them on Tuesday's radio show. Several said, "They're charging NHL prices for junior hockey!" Stop it. I think the pricing was set very reasonably.

8 - DOUBLE-BOOKED: The Saskatchewan Roughriders visit the Edmonton Eskimos in CFL preseason play on Sunday, May 27. That's the same day as the Memorial Cup championship game in the Brandt Centre. As far as Saskatchewan's Sports Radio 620 CKRM goes, we'll air the Rider broadcast on the AM band while the Memorial Cup final will be carried on 104.9 The Wolf. Easy peezy.

9 - THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN: Tongues were wagging at CKRM Radio on Tuesday when Rider QB Zach Collaros came in to voice some commercials. "He looks so young," many of my co-workers marvelled while others were surprised by the size of his arms. Welcome to the fishbowl Zach. Your every move is being examined six ways from Sunday.

10 - DARIAN: The way Darian Durant pulled one over on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers - accepting a $70,000 bonus and then retiring - will be talked about for years. I don't think I could've done it, (although maybe I would have, who knows?), but as most everyone has pointed out, he didn't do anything illegal. What shocked me is how pissy it made the Winnipeg media. I get why the Bombers and their fans would be upset, but why on earth would Winnipeg reporters be so upset? Weird.

BIRTHDAYS: Happy Birthday to Pats and Riders alum Kelly Markwart and Khari Jones today!

Y'er welcome,


william weppler said...

Great read Rod!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod is Schultzie going to be back on TV this year? He’s the best at what he does.

Anonymous said...

Do you realize that not everybody has the income you may have so "reasonable" for you might not be so for others, and they are entitled to an opinion.

Anonymous said...

Not a must win until your 3rd game you only need to win 1 game to gaurantee your self a tie breaker game .

Anonymous said...

Let's See... Rider Tickets $1800, See the Rush a few times $400, Brier $800.

The Hockey Tournament will no doubt be awesome, but my wallet was tapped too one many times this year. The Eagles wouldn't

Price point is more than fair, it's going to be much better than the typical NHL pre-season game that rolls through town or Saskatoon. But again, I just couldn't reason going to everything.

And to think they wanted to do an outdoor hockey game at Mosaic too this year.

Anonymous said...

I have convinced an employer to wave the wait time for benefits. I then immediately got my eyes examined, teeth all polished up the works - I then accepted a new job and gladly moved along. I have also been in a pension plan where it's matched. If you leave after 2 years you take the employer portion with you - I left the day after it was vested. It's nothing personal it's only business. Having been in senior management this is how it works. If you think you are a number you are correct. Nobody has a "name" all jobs are owned by the employer and the employer controls the work. The work is assigned to a position number - whoever sits in that job is an employee number. When it comes time to cut staff and downsize - you start at the bottom and work up. If it's not a union environment - you cut the old/lazy and most expensive. Then you cut the chronically injured, the malcontents and generally anyone who mouths off so they finally have something to complain about. Darian did the right thing if he didn't take that $70 grand someone else would have. When he uses it to put a down payment on his house for his family or he stuffs it away for his child's education fund I am sure the good people of Manitoba will not be on his mind.

Anonymous said...

The Eagles have had many lineup changes since their inception. The heartbeat of the Eagles was Glenn and Don. They are on par with Lennon/McCartney as song writers and a duo.

Everyone else if you examine the history are employees of the Eagles. Their big hit Take it to the Limit is done by Randy Miesner - he is long gone. Don Felder in his delusion was lucky he got in that limo in 1979 before Glenn could have gotten his hands on him so he's long gone. Joe Walsh was brought in and Timothy Van Patten as replacements and have stuck around.

Vince Gill could have been an Eagle way back when, but he was in Pure Prairie League and then went solo. I don't see Vince as a frontman, he's a good picker that can sing those songs and he has fit right into the band.

I wish Glenn was still alive but this is still the Eagles and the songs will be amazing.

Anonymous said...

Bums in the seats will determine if the pricing is reasonable. They've gone from tournament packages to 2 game packages and now single game tickets. Next up giveaways or price reductions.

Rod Pedersen said...

Very true.

Rudyman said...

I have nothing against the eagles, but I can't help but think that with the major problem of getting youth into attending major sporting events, the attraction of a more modern/hip music selection may have been a better choice.

I hope the memorial cup does well, but I can't afford it this year.

When Garth Brooks only charges $50-60 per seat (Or at least that is what I paid to see him), I can't see spending a minimum of $100 for seats.

Anonymous said...

Let's face the facts. Regina is no better than Saskatoon. An event comes up and people think it should cost no more than $25 to attend. Wake up losers!

Oh by the way, keep plunking down money on that football team that you root for. Buy another wayyyyy too expensive t-shirt at the game, buy a wayyyyyy too expensive beer or two while you're at it too.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the League and players association should get there acts together. Situations like the Durant situation should never happen. Teams negotiate multiyear deals with bonuses latter to screw players out of income they agree to pay. Players have found ways to screw a team back (and indirectly the league) out of money they agreed to accept. Don't put the problem at Durant's feet. This is a league and Players Association problem. How quickly we forget about the Maurice Price situation.

Anonymous said...

CHL has 60 teams so yeah the Memorial Cup is tough to win. But if you consider that the CJHL has 132 teams, the RBC Cup is much more difficult.

Anonymous said...

Got burned buying seats for the Mem Cup. Bought a 2 game package for $186, now I can buy individual single game tickets that are less than what the package price was.

Tim said...

Just looked at Ticketmaster for Pats versus Hamilton Friday night. The tickets that aren't in the "obstructed" areas or first couple rows on glass are $82.25 CDN. With fees they are $95.25 each. I think if some find that a bit steep, I wouldn't think them unreasonable.

Anonymous said...

my unsolicited opinion,

lots of pats news but no insight into the real news of whats happening with the team and who won't be on the ice for the mem cup?

paddock will start.

the pats (brandt) over saturated their own market! business genius? over priced outdoor game which failed. over priced concert which has as many as 7,000 tickets remaining. over priced tournament packs that have 25% of capacity open. over priced social event that will include $9 beers.

i could care less that darian kept the $70,000 that is his right to keep what they gave him. but how he handled the announcement, his responses in interviews and his arguments with fans on twitter reveal his true character.

have you noticed the riders have barely acknowledged durant's retirement. i wonder why. maybe they know more than us.

Anonymous said...

Rod Pedersen, see you changed up your tiny "reply pic" with the Hamilton Tiger Cats black & gold theme, wayyyy better look on you than your previous. Well dressed, Impressive looking business man. Fantastic! Welcome to Oskee Wee Wee land.

Please dont change it. (pic)

Go Cats Go!

Anonymous said...

Times are kinda tough right now and first thing people cut is entertainment money. Makes total sense. Plus the whole come to a concert but don't cheer loud or stand or take pictures...

Anonymous said...

Pats will be out of this thing before you know it. It's a good thing Swift Current is in because they are a short drive to Regina. That might fill a few seats but other than that look for an empty rink for most games. Prices are ridiculous but they don't seem to care.

Anonymous said...

Rod I live in Winnipeg and the DD story has gotten very little discussion locally in the news . It has been a far bigger story in Regina. It was a 2 day story here. Tis week there has been a bit of discussion about who the backup QB will be

mister winnipeg said...

You guys have suddenly become a lot more chill about players retiring after cashing bonus cheques. Where was that chill attitude when Maurice Price did it to the Riders?

Anonymous said...

Last year Guns 'n Roses was the same way - people stand then sit down. The floor seats and the lower bowl are for hipster, high bowl is for the old foggies who want to listen to music, sip a bevy and chill out.

The Eagles have long been about respect. To go to a show and have some a-hole stand up in front of you and not sit down forget it.

I'll never forget out at Craven. George Strait finally came. We all waited patiently and out comes King George. These older people - late 50s, early 60s were in lawn chairs by the metal fence. These young people waltz up to the fence and stand there. The old guy got up and he meant business. It's ignorant stuff like that where the Eagles clamp down.

Glenn had long said that some people have waited 10 years to finally see them in concert and to play whatever song. They owe it to the crowd, and the crowd owes it to one another to be respectful.

Anonymous said...

The Winnipeg people are dealing with the Jets right now. That's big time Stanley Cup action. What some old QB did with $70 grand is for ham 'n egger small time Regina. Nobody in Winnipeg or Manitoba cares about Darian Durant. I

Anonymous said...

I thought Regina was a sports town?

Anonymous said...

Yep. People in Winterpig are still p!ssed at DD. They should be mad at their own GM to letting $70K walk away.

How Winnepegish !

Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

I'd say that Bronco alum, you were talking to, has been snacking on a few too many HORSE TURDS! DUH!

Anonymous said...

Rod, when was the last time you actually paid for a ticket to a sports event.

Rod Pedersen said...

I have 4 Pats season tickets and 2 Rider season tickets plus I pay wherever I travel so people like you can’t say anything.

Anonymous said...

He absolutely pays for the events and keep in mind he had to work these events and has done so for over 20 years so it's not all sunshine and roses. I an remember listening to Pedersen call a Pats game from some remote outpost then when I get up he's doing the early morning sports. I think and this is where I need to show empathy. If you look at his trajectory over 20 years he has been in anything which could not be even remotely considered normal for any type of environment. I think you'll eventually see Rod Pedersen move away from media and into work that he would appear passionate about and that is something in the recovery addictions field. I know reading the blog, the tone on the radio show I think he's put his time in and it's maybe time to move onto new endeavors.

william weppler said...

Rod - don't you find those tickets extremely expensive! lol

Anonymous said...

Who's Darian Durant ?

Anonymous said...

I posted that last comment - I think it's fair to say after 20 years we all go from boys to men. There have been some bumps, and dealing with reality and getting a grip on addiction issues it's time to move forward. I think Rod has the same mindset I have in the sense I used to be the biggest troll on the internet. So much so I have been threatened with physical harm and at one time had the police talk to me. We all battle demons and my issues came from a very dark place and I lived in denial. I don't live in denial and I live in reality not fantasy. I wish Rod Pedersen all the best on his journey. I am on my journey. Duron Carter said it best there is something to see when you get middle aged men arguing on the internet and getting so upset they can't see the humanity of the other person. It is a sickness and one I participated in not of sound mind and grinning like the devil in hell the entire time I was. Those days are long gone. I am moving forward and take care. The best amend is just do better and learn. I am sorry though.

Anonymous said...

Haha obviously many didn’t feel the tickets were a good value to the memorial cup.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous that posted that “history of the Eagles”, good post......but I think it’s actually Timothy Schmidt.......not van patton

Anonymous said...

God love ya old Oskee ... looking forward to doing battle with youse guys this season

Go Riders ! Eat 'em Raw!
Bad times coming Oskee's way by our Green Giant's victories against June Jones, Sk. fallen football god Mr. Kent Austin, and their players!

Anonymous said...

The only ones cheering for the Pats are the people from Regina. As a Raiderfan I can pretty much assure you everyone is cheering for Swift over here. Pats aren't loved anywhere but Regina...

Anonymous said...

Well if ain't the ole blog troll,
Y'er Welcome Obama

Hello, take care.

Your ole nemesis ... V8.

Anonymous said...

Go Riders! Eat'em Raw????
Bad times Oskee's way????
Green Giants????

The Jones boys Chris and June ready and raring to duke it out 2018. But June and his hungry ferocious RoarrrRRing Tiger Cats come out on top of this little Eat'em Raw! starter meal battle of fancy pansy mamby finger (Roughriders) food while looking for the bigger morsel of scraps to chew on (Edmonton, Toronto), and quenching a thirst with a nice big bubbly drink out of a Grey Cup at seasons end. Sorry, good times are here 2018+.
Hear the roarrrrrr ! Its Tiger Cat Time!
Good luck on your end Green Beans.

Mr. Kent Austin The SK. Football God, infinity.


Anonymous said...

So Jesse Gabrielle played in and finished game 7... but now he's injured after 40 some days off?
Or paddock just sweeping a bad move under the rug?

Anonymous said...

I’m going because I can afford it. That being said, I can easily appreciate why many people can not at the moment. Typically junior hockey is seen as a family friendly event, because it typically is. In case people haven’t noticed, wages haven’t exactly been keeping up to the increases in costs of living, year over year, for most people. Not to mention, the natural resource sector hasn’t rebounded fully yet. Like it or not, these things do factor into whether or not a family of 4 can drop ~$400 to go see a single junior hockey game. That doesn’t include thinks like food for the kids, souvenirs, parking etc, that people may be inclined to purchase upon arrival.
Just my thoughts.
See you Friday.


Anonymous said...

Can confirm.

Gunderson’s Yorkton

Anonymous said...

Weppler must stand in with the RICH people on here as that is how I read his comment to Rod Pedersen. Well MR. WONDERFUL we are all NOT in that same situation so quit trying to impress the rest of us with your unwanted comments on here.