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Thursday, April 5, 2018


"If you fight against Addiction daily and are successful, I think that makes you a hero." - Scott Oake 

The star of CBC's Hockey Night In Canada Scott Oake tells his family's Recovery story on the latest Pedersen Recovery Rodcast.

Oake's son Bruce died of a drug overdose in 2011 in Winnipeg and while the Oake family will always struggle with that loss, they are working hard to ensure Bruce's death wasn't in vain.

In this month's podcast Scott talks about what got Bruce on the wrong path, how he struggled even in Recovery, the stigma facing both active and recovering addicts, and what the family is doing to attack the Addiction Crisis in Winnipeg.

A huge thank you to our sponsors Fine Foods, Milk2Go Sport and CJ Evans Home Designs for bringing you another edition of the podcast, and for sponsoring my speaking tour on Substance Abuse Prevention and Recovery.

The next stop on the tour is Saturday, May 12 at the fundraising gala for the Oak Tree Place centre in Moose Jaw. We'll be raising funds for the opening of the facility and the speakers are Billy Cuthbert and me. For tickets email

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Scott, your families resilience is inspiring.

Anonymous said...

All the talk is about guns costing is a spit in the ocean when it comes to drugs and alcohol

Anonymous said...

Serious teenage drug problems don't happen overnight. They are more likely to develop where relationships with parents are weak. Therefore, it is healthy for parents to assume they are highly influential in preventing their children's drug abuse.

Anonymous said...

Guns don't cost lives.

I own guns they are locked in a cabinet and I am the only person who had the key. There has never been a time in 30 years of gun ownership where I came home and my guns were misbehaving or acting up or causing harm. In turn when I've gone hunting or target shooting I never had to tell my guns to settle down or to quit misbehaving or we are going home.
In turn I have raised my child into a successful young person. The number one criteria that is required is trust and holistic balance. If that is not there you end up turning a bunch of kids loose who feel like garbage, have no identity and then search to fill the void. To me that is all on parenting. If parents spent a little less time on their careers. A little less time acting like adult children and put a little more time into enforcing boundaries and consequences you wouldn't have the issues you have now. Take a walk around your local hockey rink, ball diamond, Rider game wherever and look at the adults. Then come and tell me these people should be raising children and if there is some accountability that falls on their part for the kids being so screwed up.

Duane Berry

Anonymous said...

Duane Berry thank your lucky stars your child turned out Great as many dont even with responsible parents. Life sometimes grabs those for what ever reason and a troubled life developes. We are blessed with good children but others may have taken the same steps and yet there child encounters troubles. As far as guns go way to many not used for gayhering of food or self protection and way to easy to get. No way to justify 50 shot clips,bump stocks etc. Im sorry. Good to see you are a responsible gun handler as am i.