Realty One

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


By: Michael Zaplitny

The Bronco
On a hill the Bronco stands
Regarding the rising sun.
Nostrils quiver for the scent of his brothers and sisters,
Lost in the wind.

The Bronco knows his duty.
If strength is required, his hooves are hard.
If softness is needed, a nuzzle will be given.
His eyes are clear, focused, watchful.

He knows those who have gone before
And he honours their names and their glories.
He knows others will come after.
For there have always been, and will always be, Broncos.

His heart is massive.
His body ripples with power.
And his courage knows no bounds.

On a hill the Bronco stands

Michael Zaplitny
In tribute to Humboldt-we are all Broncos.
April 10, 2018


Anonymous said...

Very nice Mike.

Saggy Barns said...

Absolute moving tribute Michael. Good on you for your touching words and I hope the hurting but proud people of the Humboldt Broncos,the grieving families and Humboldt community might read it someday. I had the green tears yesterday when I read it. Didn't think I had any left from over the weekend. Many years ago I bled and sweated green wearing the Broncos jersey for 3 it's green tears.
My condolences to all affected families of the victims and injured, and all of Broncos nation. I salute the Humboldt Broncos and all the Humboldt community have done for countless young men searching out their dreams.And may God bless Dayna Brons who fought so hard.