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Monday, April 16, 2018


EDMOND, Okla. - Running back Roy Finch of the Calgary Stampeders has been arrested for allegedly assaulting an Oklahoma police officer.

Oklahoma County Jail records indicate Finch, 26, was arrested Sunday for assault on a police officer, possession of marijuana and other charges. Records indicate Finch remained in jail Monday but don't show if he's represented by a lawyer.

Finch was arrested after officers found him in a car that smelled of marijuana. Finch allegedly swung at officers and ran through an apartment complex before officers finally wrestled Finch to the ground and handcuffed him.

"We have recently become aware of the matter regarding Roy Finch,'' Calgary President/GM John Hufnagel said in a statement. "We are in the process of gathering information.

"Once we have more information, we will have further comment.''

Finch signed a contract extension with Calgary in February prior to the start of CFL free agency.

The five-foot-seven, 165-pound Finch, a native of Niceville, Fla., was the CFL's top special-teams player last year. Finch appeared in 13 games with Calgary in 2017, registering career highs in rushing yards (114), receiving yards (133) and punt return yards (1,200).

Finch added 696 kickoff return yards and returned three punts for TDs.

He served a two-game suspension last season for violating the CFL's drug policy. Finch admitted he took Adderall to treat attention deficit disorder and failed to clear the medication with Stampeder doctors.

- With files from The Canadian Press


Anonymous said...

Saw the video - an army of police sweep in and beat up the small sized Finch. If there was a report of a white guy sitting in a car smoking a joint, would the response be the same? Same old sad story.

Anonymous said...

Now isnt that interesting. It is Jeffy Stamps, Mr Red, Horsey or whatever he chooses to call himself today that will be all over this and defend this loser. He always abuses the riders, players, coaches and whoever he can take a swing at even if they just drink a beer in a bar and now he will have to eat crow and see what karma looks like. In fact, all he is about is a smoke screen. It is actually the stamps who have more drug related issues than anyone. Finch was caught last season and suspended, then there was the poster boy for the stamps Tommie C, then there was a rash of others. I sure hope horsey boy now shuts his yap and leaves everyone else alone and takes a long walk off a short pier. teeeeheee.

Anonymous said...

The Riders should sign the cop that fan down Finch. He must be fast.

Anonymous said...

Replying to first comment;
When you take a swing at an officer and then run, be sure back-up is coming and coming fast.

Anonymous said...

Finch was also already in legal troubles;

Court records indicate other legal issues for Finch, who had a March 12 court appearance in Lincoln County on one count of possession of a controlled dangerous substance and reckless driving. He was due back in court Monday.

Anonymous said...

That film you saw was after he'd punched out the cop and ran through the apartment complex. Naturally back up was called in, hence all the cops. Get your facts straight before you play the 'race card'.

Anonymous said...

The biggest racist is the one who always points and calls someone else a racist and almost always is the biggest racist! It seems in north America you can't be white without someone calling you racist!

Tim from Kansas said...

I've seen white guys roughed up pretty bad too. A lot. It used to bother me, regardless of race.

It's different here. Cops want to go home at the end of the day and they know odds are the dude, white or black, is probably packin. Cause that's what people do here. I'm not judging, they are allowed to do that, I'm just saying that's how it works.

Cops are scared to death the guy has a gun. That's why they don't mess around. I know cops shoot too many people. There are bad cops, I get that.

If you drive down here and you get stopped, before the cop even gets out of his car, roll down your windows so he can see in the car, put your hands on the wheel and leave them there. Tell your passengers to put their open hands on their laps, and sit still.

Show some respect, they have dangerous jobs and they never know who they are dealing with. Nothing bad will happen if you do it right. That's just how it works here. And Roy Fitch went to school in OK, he knows that.