Realty One

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


The Saskatchewan Roughriders have confirmed that they will be holding this year’s Roughriders Coors Light training camp in Saskatoon. Training Camp will officially open May 20th at Griffiths Stadium on the University of Saskatchewan campus.

The team will also hold practices at SMF Field at Gordie Howe Bowl over the 18-day training camp including the annual Green & White Day on June 2nd. 

This will mark the sixth consecutive season the team will travel to Saskatoon to hold training camp after the Riders began holding regular practice sessions there in 2013.

The team will stay in Saskatoon through June 6th before returning to Regina ahead of its final preseason game June 8th. 

Further details including daily practice times and fan events will be released in the coming weeks. For up to date schedules please visit or follow @sskroughriders.


Anonymous said...

Riders again choose to hold camp at another Sask premium football facility. Griffiths Stadium is gold. Now compare that to the dump the stamps have to have their camp at and practise at. That MCMahon is the worst stadium in the country never mind the cfl. No wonder they cant win the big game, they have no stability at home to draw on. Even the riders new def end Hughes they got from the stamps in free agency ditched that dump when interviewed. He will now see what a real training camp facility looks like and what a real stadium feels like and how a good player should be treated. Plus, he hasn't even witnessed he rider fans yet and how he will be supported as compared to living in Calgary where football is something to do if there is nothing else. heeee heeee.

Anonymous said...

OK, you’re right. Just don’t be a troll about it. If you’re part of Rider Nation you should be better than that.