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Monday, April 2, 2018


CFL legend John Chick announced his retirement from pro football on Friday after 12 seasons in the NFL and CFL. He retired as a member of the Edmonton Eskimos but the Gillette, Wyoming product spent six seasons with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, winning two Grey Cups.

In an appearance on 620 CKRM's SportsCage on Monday, the 35-year old said he's now preparing for life after football.

"Shoot man I'm already shaking in my boots trying to figure out what I'm going to do!" Chick laughed. "No, it's been good. For some time, over the past year, you guys know my family dynamic, I wasn't at peace with a decision that really affects the whole family.

"We had to make a decision, with older kids, that it wasn't in their best interest to go back and forth anymore. For the past six months I've been going back and forth on it and with a wife due in July, she's an awesome woman, but man I couldn't come to peace with knowing what the day-to-day expectations were as a Dad and as a husband. So we came to this decision and it's brought a lot of peace. There's lots to figure out between now and five years from now - if we make it that far - but we're very much at peace with this decision."

Chick, his wife Catherine and their eight children (soon to be nine), are living in Jacksonville, FL and plotting their next move.

"Great question," Chick agreed. "I love the training side of things. That's what I've lived for. There is so much in natural talent in what makes a great football player but I'm a firm believer in the training side of it.

"I've been a mentor in the locker room the past number of years but I've spent more and more time on the personal training side of things with players. I love every single second of it because I get to take what I've learned, and the knowledge I have, and share that with others. I'm training some high school kids now and I put the helmet on once in awhile and give them a look. Sometimes I get schooled by a high school kid! So I'm doing a lot on the training side and overall physical fitness."

Chick said for now, it's time to decompress and enjoy family time. He said his kids will be happy to have Dad at home year-round.

"I think so," the defensive end said. "It's pro and con for the kids because they get to take advantage of Mom when Dad's not around running the ship! Moving around each year has been a major shift for them and they have to say good-bye to friends everywhere we go. I've had my oldest boy signed up for football four times in Saskatchewan, Hamilton and Edmonton but he has yet to play. So I know he's looking forward to knowing we're staying put and they're signed up for summer camps and so forth. As a father, that's the least I owe them. This decision has brought a lot of peace to the family."



Anonymous said...

And that sir, is how you build a football team. 9 kids! Poor wife!

Don Duvall said...

Good for you, John Chick. You were an awesome Rider, and I wish you all the best!!