Realty One

Sunday, March 4, 2018

SASKATOON - Robert Church scored four times and added four assists to power the Saskatchewan Rush past the Vancouver Stealth 16-10 on Saturday in National Lacrosse League action.

Matthew Dinsdale had four goals and Mark Matthews nine assists for Saskatchewan (10-2), while Jeff Shattler had three goals and three assists. Ben McIntosh and Ryan Keenan had a pair of goals each.

Dan Dawson added a goal and two assists in his first game since being traded to the Rush from the Rochester Knighthawks on Monday. Evan Kirk made 28 saves for the win.

Joel McCready, Tony Malcom and Pat Saunders had two goals and an assist each for the Stealth (1-11). Corey Small scored and added five assists and Rhys Duch scored to go with four assists, while Matt Beers and Brandon Clelland added singles.

Eric Penney stopped 14-of-24 shots in 25:04 of work and Brodie MacDonald turned aside 21-of-27 shots the rest of the way.

Saskatchewan went 5 for 6 on the power play and Vancouver was 1 for 4 with the man advantage.

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Another Great Crowd ( 14,075 ) on a Stormy, Wintery night to take in the Rush coming out on top of Vancouver again last night.

Anonymous said...

I’m sorry sports fans but I still can’t get my head wrapped around this game. It’s a stripped down, watered down version of the Mesoamerican game Pok-A-Tok. A ball game played by the ancient Maya well over 1000 years ago in the Cancun and Riviera Maya area.
As a huge football, Hockey and Baseball fan. I will watch any version of these games. Even football in a hockey rink.
I’ve tried to like Lacrosse but it’s about as much fun to watch as the game Cricket. Yes Lacrosse was invented in North America and Cricket in Europe or India... Still watching a Lacrosse game dosent look anything like a professional sport. It looks like a game made for kids to play in their back yard.
I know Saskatoon has embraced it and the fans here in Saskatoon swear by it. Yet other City’s with their Lacrosse teams are not fairing near as well.
Maybe its just that here in Saskatoon we are that bored and hungry for sports entertainment at a professional level. Too me this shows we would embrace just about anything.
Why SK dosent have an NHL team is beyond me. I’m not saying can the Lacrosse. I’m saying Football down south in Regina and Hockey here in Saskatoon would work. As long as the team name was a provincial name.

SK needs the NHL and the NHL needs SK. There is a team that could become the Saskatchewan Prairie Fire. I mean the logo of the flame is perfect.
Oppps, too soon? Too sensitive?

Anonymous said...

Rush are a championship team this year 👍..saskatchewans team

Anonymous said...

Another idiotic nhl dreamer

Anonymous said...

NHL? Give it up. There will NEVER, I repeat Never be an NHL team in Sask! The league owners won't allow it and you would not be able to get 20,000 people to travel to over 40+ games in Sask winters at a ridiculous cost of over $100 per game

Anonymous said...

Man take it easy with your name calling. Where did I call you a name in my post. Some of you insecure people really need to lay off the cyber bullying.
I’ve always noticed that any kind of bully’s are not very intelligent. They don’t understand humour very well. Unless it’s at the expense of someone. They don’t get Rhetorical at all. Always seem to focus on the small and insignificant parts of a couple paragraphs.
I mean are the two of you that stupid that you don’t get any of the humour in that at all. Instead you race to put words and name calling to a reply comment. Next time allow what you’ve read to simmer and digest. Instead of showing stupidity.
The words Opps, too soon? Too sensitive? should have given away that it wasn’t serious. Read man, read!
So a good solid reply bringing it down a level for you to understand with no name calling.
As the Famously remembered and cared for Sports Cages own J. Lynch use to say.... How Dumb can you be.

Still not feeling it (Lacrosse) in Saskatoon.
For me it’s Still in the same boat as the ICC Cricket World Cup.

Anonymous said...

Chances of Saskatoon getting an NHL Franchise are about as great as Regina Patsies winning the Memorial Cup "NOT " !

Red said...

Stuck in the past.
How was the NDP convention? Say ho to comerade Ryan

Curt Dittmer said...

I agree with the comments about a NHL team in Saskatchewan. We simply do not have the population and dollars to support a NHL team on a long-term basis. Plus, for the person comparing lacrosse to cricket I could make the same comparison about NHL hockey. I gave up watching NHL hockey a few years ago as it is simply a dull and boring product. Everything in the NHL is based on defensive systems and eliminating scoring. 2-1 and 3-2 hockey games are not generally that exciting. Combine that with an increasingly diluted talent pool (Vegas and soon to be Seattle) and you get an even worse product. I honestly do not know how such a gate driven league survives, especially in the US. The NHL is the most expensive ticket in pro sports which is insane and is why it could not survive in SK at this time. If Saskatoon or Regina could get populations near the 1 million mark then maybe there will be a chance but that won't happen in most of our lifetimes. I love the NLL and the fast paced exciting game it delivers on a consistent basis (the NHL cannot make that claim). I understand that it is not for everyone but I do not see how you can compare to a sport like cricket.