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Thursday, March 1, 2018


Johnny Manziel is now saying he'll play football for free.

On Wednesday, he sent out a series of tweets saying, "It's not about the money it's about getting back to doing what I miss and love." He added, "I've been down and out for too long. Nothing but positivity on this end."

Manziel last played in the NFL for the Browns in 2015. Since then, he has been trying to make a comeback, and lately he has been opening up about his life, his hopes and his past mistakes. He told ABC News' Good Morning America that he's taking medication for bipolar disorder and no longer drinks, and on the Pardon My Take podcast, he predicted that he'll be a starting quarterback in the NFL again in the future.

Manziel's next step toward his NFL comeback starts on March 28, which is the first day of the developmental league and scouting event called The Spring League.

(USA Today)

We're one step closer to a Johnny Manziel return to the National Football League.

NFL Network's Mike Garafolo reported Wednesday that the former first-round pick of the Cleveland Browns "is in touch with multiple NFL head coaches" in an attempt to revive a career that crashed and burned in 2015 due to a storied rash of off-the-field troubles.

"There have been conversations," Garafolo told NFL Network. "... People around him believe it's a very real possibility that he could return to the NFL, whether before or after his appearance in the Spring League."

Garafolo added that "teams have been informed that Manziel will take zero dollars guaranteed, minimum salary, if need be."

Showing no demands for money, Manziel is willing to prove it on the field, too, with the former Texas A&M star "open to signing a practice-squad contract, staying on a team's practice squad and proving that he is in the right mindset during this entire season," Garafolo noted.

In recent days, Manziel has spoken honestly about the drama and substance-abuse issues that cratered his brief, chaotic run with the Browns.



Anonymous said...

As ironic as this all is, what with Manziel's side publicly seeking more money in Hamilton, I still do think that he's right to stay in the US and play in the Spring League. It'd be hard for a QB to come and succeed in the CFL right away. There are many things that are different (are you listening Kavis?). The Spring League would be Manziel's best realistic shot at impressing NFL teams.


Anonymous said...

If there is a team in the NFL as desperate to need him to be their back-up as Johnny Football is to play football, then I say there is a chance.

Anonymous said...

Good for him, hope he succeeds!

Anonymous said...

Tired of the whole soap opera.

Anonymous said...

'Johnny Hockey' seems to be doing better than 'Johnny Football'. There's 30 teams in the NHL would gladly take him from the Flames and he ain't playing for free.

cowboycash1985 said...

Manziel's biggest obstacle is that there is so much talent out there at the QB position right now. Even Nick Foles will be out there demanding to be traded very soon. Doug Flutie and Warren Moon did quite well using the CFL as a platform to get back to the NFL. He still has to prove that he can remain on the straight and narrow path, not just proclaim it. If he does pull it off... I wish him luck.

Anonymous said...

I bet the players will be happy that, maybe it will bring their wages down.

3RD and 1 said...

Johnny Manziel's social media has become eccentric.
On posts of late Johnny is stating he will play for free. Yet posts not so long ago stated that Johnny wants a fair money deal. Compared to the TigerCats previous QB. Who was to become the top paid QB in the CFL.
Either Johnny has to make all of the social media posts. Or his Agent has to make all the posts. The combination of both making comments on social media when they conflict one another. Just makes the Johnny story that much more annoying.