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Saturday, March 31, 2018


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SWIFT CURRENT - The Regina Pats lost 5-2 in Game 5 of their first round WHL Playoff series Friday night in Swift Current. With the win, the Broncos take a 3-2 series lead.

The Pats opened the scoring with the power play when Nick Henry jammed home his first of the post-season midway through the first period. The Broncos power play responded with two late in the frame to lead 2-1 at the break.

Swift Current added to their lead with three goals in the second and it was 5-1 after 40 minutes.

Regina got to within three with another power play goal from Nick Henry, his second of the night, but that’s as close as they came, falling 5-2.

Henry and Sam Steel led the offence with two point nights while Ryan Kubic made 28 saves. Tyler Steenbergen led the way for the Broncos, and was named the game's #1 star.

The Pats outshot Swift Current 42-33. The power play was 2/4 and the penalty kill went 3/6.

The Pats face elimination Saturday night home in Game 6.

Quick Hits
- Parker Gavlas made his WHL Playoff debut in Game 5.
- Nick Henry scored his first two goals of the playoffs.
- The Pats are four for eight on the power play in the last two games of the series.

What’s Next?
The Pats and Broncos will meet again in Game 6 Saturday night at the Brandt Centre in Regina at 7 p.m on Access 7 and 620 CKRM.. Re-sale tickets are available at

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Andrew Wiens said...

Just double checking but it was game 5 that you predicted would be 5-1 for the Broncos, right? Considering that that Pat's 2nd goal was pretty inconsequential I'd say your prediction was bang on. For the record, I still stand by my argument regarding anonymity and predictions, but will admit that there was no good reason for me to actually argue it as this blog is devoted to sports, not philosophy. Anyway, hopefully you enjoyed the game wherever you were taking it in - I almost lost my voice from all the cheering. Go Broncos!

Anonymous said...

It appears that the Pats are going to be sitting around a long time getting ready to play for something. They have given up 12 goals in the last three games. The PK is by far the worst I have ever seen. The discipline and stupidity are some of the worst ever seen. The Pats fans over the last two years have seen this time and time again. Yet the coaching staff has done "nothing " about the lack of awareness or personal discipline. This is for sure the 4th year but for sure the 3rd year the Pats have been undisciplined team and leading the league in minor useless penalties. All under Paddock's watch. Maybe there is something here that ownership should have been paying attention to. They have won nothing meaningful last year or this year. The soft play and lack of discipline are the sole responsibility and the Coach/GM haven't got the job done. This has resulted in needless injuries and puts ridiculous pressure on the few guys who are performing. These kids needs motivation and leadership and not some stoic lump of stone. They are not professionals who motivate themselves. What excuse will he give for sitting around for 6 weeks? Like most of the first half of the season they are now below .500 in the playoffs. Almost every move made hasn't worked out well. This has been a poorly assembled team.

Anonymous said...

Let's wait until the series is over before we start the blame game. The Pats will have something to say about Game 5 and will respond just as the Broncos had something to say after Game 4. Will it be enough, who knows but they are not done yet. Penalties are the difference right now and the team with less penalty minutes is going to win. To blame John Paddock in any way for the play of the team is ridiculous. Don't be surprised when the Pats win the next game and game seven. They have something to prove and they will.

Anonymous said...

So, when are Sam Steele and Matt Bradley going to show up and start scoring some goals as they are expected to do.....tonight or do we wait until the month of May? The Broncos stars Gawden and Steenbergen have so outplayed our "two stars". Not even close.

Limpton said...

It is very natural for Fans to be up and down on their team and especially during the Playoffs. You know they had a good year, you know they are Hosting the Memorial Cup , so you really want the team to show up and get by the first round of the Playoffs. You win a couple and you are high on a Kite with great expectations. You lose a couple and you are Down in the Dumps. You take it out on the Coaching staff and some of the players when they lose, but when they win , "They can walk on water" ! Hey Folks.... this is just a game of hockey with many talented young kids out there playing their hearts out and trying to win so badly not just for themselves but for you, the fans who have supported and cheered them on all year.
They did not get to where they are by themselves, you...the fans helped them get there, so why get so down when they lose.? They are not out of it yet, and if they do go out are you giving up on them for good? I would think not. It is you that rants and raves after they lose a game or more. But it is they who lie in bed at night and play the game over and over to try to find out why they lost. Be a TRUE FAN and get out there and Cheer them on . Don't go behind their backs and belittle them for not having a good game. "Good Luck To Both Teams Tonight" !

william weppler said...

Give credit to the Broncos PP as it was #1 in the WHL and is continuing that trend. The Pats PP isn't that bad either just doesn't compare this series. Clean up a few mistakes and we will be fine tonight.

Go Pats!

Anonymous said...

Great game Friday night boys

bdunc said...

Well I guuees we will see what the Memorial Cup host Regina Pat's are all about that have the dicipline and desire to I said before if they play 5 on 5 they have a good chance of upsetting the heavily favoured bad they don't have 3 key players in the lineup that led them down the stretch of the season..oh well hope to be entertained tonight...if it ends we will see in MJ next round and will see some of you at the Brandt in May.

Anonymous said...

who defines TRUE fan?.is that an acronym for blind sheep being told what someone wants you to hear. fan and cheerleader are two different things. true fans wan't to have questions answered and those responsible for below acceptable levels of performance held accountable. The fans have paid big money for everything Pats related and have lots taken away. Maybe the quality should at least be there. It will two years will all the sell-outs and hoop-la but nothing to show for it. The decision makers have to be held accountable at any time on the ride...

Jimmy from Regina said...

Well said Limpton.