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Wednesday, March 21, 2018


1 - PLAYOFF TIME: For fans of the WHL, this is the longest week of the year. The regular season wrapped up last weekend and Round 1 of the WHL Playoffs doesn't begin until Friday. That's okay though, because it gives teams time to heal up and sell tickets. For the Regina Pats, they face Swift Current in Round 1 and visit the Broncos in Game 1 on Friday. A prediction? I'll take the Broncos in 6 because they're hungrier, and don't have an automatic bye into the Memorial Cup. Obviously I pray I'm wrong, but for once I'm trying to be objective. Oh, and thanks to the Pats stars for coming into Famoso this week for lunch. Prove me wrong.

2 - I HAD A DREAM: At the risk of sounding like Friends of the Riders Lottery President Tom Shepherd, I had a dream earlier this week. In it, the Regina Pats won the Memorial Cup in their own arena. As time ran out in the championship final on May 27, the Pats bench erupted (they were wearing their maroon 100th anniversary jerseys) and they celebrated in the southeast corner of the Brandt Centre ice. This is what I dream about these days.

3 - MR. MAGOO: I was laughing so hard during Saturday night's Sports Dinner in Sedley, SK that I was wiping tears off my cheeks with a napkin. What was so funny? Former NHL referee Mick McGeough - who officiated 1,083 big league games - was the guest speaker. Granted, he swore enough to make Andrew Dice Clay blush but it's clear Mick makes no apologies for his language, nor for the way he is. His stories covered Wayne Gretzky, Steve Yzerman, Mario Lemieux, Gary Bettman, Al Arbour, Mike Babcock, etc. His best comments were regarding NHL video replay and goalie interference but unfortunately, that has to stay in the room.

4 - IT'S GETTING REAL: According to 3DownNation, the CFL Players Association filed a grievance against the CFL and its member clubs this week, seeking financial compensation for all injuries suffered while playing pro football in Canada. The grievance accuses the CFL and its teams of not properly warning the players of the risks of playing the game. The grievance is on behalf of all current and former CFL players. What a bomb to drop just before CFL Week!

5 - FAN REACTION: I wrote it on Facebook and Twitter last week - with plenty of reaction - and I'll write it here: I believe football fans are uncomfortable with the discussions around concussions and steroids. Frankly, I believe the majority just want to put on their jersey and cheer. As a metaphor, I just want to eat the hotdog. I don't actually want to know what's IN the hotdog.

6 - MARKS CFL WEEK: It begins today in Winnipeg and there will be big news this evening when the 2018 Canadian Football Hall of Fame induction class is unveiled. I believe organizers erred last year in Regina by not including any Roughriders in their announcement although the Huskies Brian Towriss was close enough. Will there be any Roughriders inducted in 2018? Tune in tonight to find out. 620 CKRM's SportsCage will be broadcasting live from CFL Week Fan Fest on Thursday and Friday. My co-hosts and guests include The Sports Doctor Dave Petrishen, Podcaster Winston Chapman and Mental Strength Coach Shayne McGowan. Honestly, I can't wait to get to Winnipeg!

7 - 2019 GREY CUP: I suspect the CFL Governors are wisely waiting for CFL Week to announce the host city for the 2019 Grey Cup. The decision was made over a month ago and when Commissioner Randy Ambrosie was through Regina on February 10, he promised an announcement "in a month". It's now been over a month, and we're still waiting. Has the announcement hit a snag? Not likely. But it would be a great tidbit of news for the marquee CFL event of the spring, which is this week.

8 - POWER RANKINGS: Another great part of this time of year in the CFL are the Power Rankings from seemingly anyone who's got a Twitter account, blog or radio show. What's even more entertaining are the rampant opinions from fans and players alike! Star Argonauts safety Jermaine Gabriel even Tweeted last night, "Tired of seeing all these bulls--t CFL Power Rankings." That's fantastic! It means we're getting a reaction. However they're a cheap imitation of Predictions. Power Rankings are simply where you think a team is NOW compared to where they'll finish at the end of the year. I'll officially make my 2018 CFL Predictions (the kind that make Mike Reilly's head pop off) on April 1 and that announcement will be sponsored. Apparently it's a big deal.

9 - IT'S KNIGHT TIME: A lady asked me at the Pats game the other night who my favourite NHL team is. I panicked and said it's the Arizona Coyotes. She wrinkled her nose up and said, "Arizona?" I said yes, we have ties to the team (or did) and they can use the fans. I should've said the Vegas Golden Knights but didn't want to appear like a bandwagon jumper. Plenty of people scoff that I change favourite NHL teams every few years but if the players can do it, why can't I?

10 - JUST NOTES: We caught the movie Red Sparrow this week and have to give it a robust two thumbs up! Jennifer Lawrence is becoming American's new sweetheart if she hasn't already. Howard Stern calls her "the most perfect woman I've ever seen". ... There are just a few seats left on the SportsCage's Rush Bus this Saturday to watch the Saskatchewan Rush host the Rochester Knighthawks in Saskatoon. $40 gets you a seat on the bus plus a game ticket. Reserve yours at CKRM reception ... Stay tuned for big news from Regina curler Braeden Moskowy who left Manitoba's Reid Carruthers team and WON'T be joining Alberta's Kevin Koe outfit. The news will come out within a week at the latest ... A study's been released that says Saskatoon requires a new $350-million downtown arena. I'm not sure I agree, but I'm all for it. If that's what they want, give it to 'em. Who's paying for it?

Y'er welcome,


Dick Rubnutz said...

Roddy, one doesn't just change their favourite team. Goes against everything in the fan rulebook

Rod Pedersen said...

Where can I see this rulebook?

Anonymous said...

CFL week might be coming just in time for Winnipeg fans after Laine took a puck last night, left the game and didn't return. I know he's not the entire Jets team but man that could be a huge loss!

Anonymous said...

Can hardly wait for your prediction. Let me guess - Reilly will be upset because you pick the Riders higher than the Eskimos? You can check this out yourself Rod. EVERY Rider scribe did that last year & every non-Rider scribe didn't. Put it down to how badly you need to have Jones be better than his old team. Easy prediction - like Luc, who's already been there, you'll go there again. Reilly can roll his eyes again. I take it you're probably ready for another Grey Cup prediction, Roddy? Sooooooo predictable. Just goes to show, you CAN be wrong all the time. You're entitled to your biases. You're Not afraid to put your foot in it. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you need to take a team and stick with it.

Anonymous said...

Saying you need to pick a team and stick with it is like saying you need to pick a wife and stick with her. Sorry things change along the way and if it doesn't work it doesn't work. Why would anyone stay with the Edmonton Oilers? Oh Gretzky played his last game there - 30 years ago. Messier played his last game there - 27 years ago. Who would be a fan of the Calgary Flames that's even worse.

Garbage franchises get what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Surprising no word on new football league announced. This means 400 American players will play down south and have an option to cfl can't be good for quality of player left over to come play for maybe 100,000 which is 70,000 American Can't be good news as they have tv contract already

Anonymous said...

Stern isn't wrong!

Don Mitchell said...

How many football leagues in the states have been announced and we never see them touch a field. I wouldn't worry too much if I was the CFL.
Control what you can control.

And switching teams as a fan? Why not, players do it and owners switch cities. Screw them all I say. My loyalty is not free either!

Russell Cone said...


The power rankings on your blog have made me laugh. They absolutely couldn't have been more different. Amazing really. And I know you love it.

See you in Winnipeg.

Russ from Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

I don't know of anyone else who gives away their April fools joke ahead of time.

Anonymous said...

I change teams every few years. Not going to cheer for a boring team.

I get excited about interesting players or teams or stories etc.

Meanwhile, I’m always a rider fan.

Anonymous said...

Changing teams is for losers. You never truly were passionate about "your team" anyways if you can just change allegiances.

Anonymous said...

Been a Habs fan for life just saying