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Wednesday, March 28, 2018


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1 - GAME 4: The Regina Pats host the Swift Current Broncos Wednesday night in the Brandt Centre, trailing their first round WHL series 2-1 in games. The Broncos got the upperhand with a weird 4-1 victory on Monday in Game 3 under the Orange Top. It was weird because the Pats outshot the visitors 40-24 and their work ethic couldn't be criticized. We all know that in junior hockey a series can change on a dime and that's what Pats fans are hoping for on Wednesday. The ratings for this series have been huge. Can't wait!

2 - PESKY WARRIORS: Moose Jaw scored twice in the final 2 minutes with their goalie pulled Tuesday in P.A., and came away with a 5-4 OT victory over the Raiders and a 2-1 series lead. Dub insiders say the Raiders won't be able to recover from a gut-wrenching loss such as that and the rest of the series will go Moose Jaw's way. It says here that both the Broncos and Warriors are only halfway to series wins and there's a ton of hockey left to play. Let's see what the Pats and Raiders are made of!

3 - SJHL: Saskatchewan's Junior A league is down to the Conference Finals which begin on Friday. Estevan visits the Battlefords and Humboldt travels to Nipawin in the series openers. Go Bruins!

4 - MCDAVID THE MAGNIFICENT: Not since Mario Lemieux in 1988 has the NHL's Hart Trophy winner as league MVP gone to a player on a non-playoff team. That 30-year drought has to end this season with the Oilers' Connor McDavid, doesn't it? Or am I just buying into the Canadian media hype?

5 - GO JOHNNY GO. LITERALLY. GO.: The comeback by Johnny Manziel is the car crash that football fans and media just can't stop staring at. Johnny Manziel's latest Pro Day at Texas A&M drew dozens of pro football scouts and even more media, including TSN's Dave Naylor. Manziel's agent - Erik Burkhardt - gave a rambling interview in which he wouldn't be pinned down on where his client will play in 2018. Please! UNCLE! Just make up your mind Johnny, and get to work. It sure makes me glad the Roughriders are set at the QB position.

6 - FAKE NEWS: BC Lions Special Teams Coordinator Jeff Reinebold called out the Canadian media for its infatuation with Manziel on Tuesday saying there are far better - and more positive - stories to be written about the players who are actually IN the CFL right now. Hey, as they say in our business, "If it bleeds, it leads". Johnny Manziel is click-bait and TSN and 3DownNation know where their bread is buttered. I'd tell the coaches to stick to coaching, but Reinebold's comments are fair since the coaches' moves are second-guessed endlessly by the media and fans.

7 - CFL WEEK: You know the CFL has a hit on its hands when teams are fighting over who gets to host the league's premiere off-season event next. Last week we reported that Edmonton, Hamilton and Ottawa are eager to play host to Marks CFL Week in 2019 and now rumours suggest the Riders will make a play for it again as well. At some point, this event is going to have to go to Halifax and then why not Saskatoon, Kelowna or Quebec City? The CFL is hot, hot, hot baby!

8 - RIDER PRIDE: It seems quiet in Riderville but it's not. The team is advertising upcoming free agent camps in Virginia Beach, Baltimore, Memphis, New Orleans, Bradenton, Miami, Detroit, L.A., Houston, Dallas and Oakland. Meanwhile this week's signing of shutdown corner John Ojo has observers feeling the 2018 Riders are going to be a major juggernaut. The Florida minicamp is less than a month away! The Rider Nation is bubbling with anticipation and the season is right around the corner.

9 - FEEL THE RUSH: The NLL's Saskatchewan Rush are big time - if you haven't noticed - and another 15,000 crammed SaskTel Centre on Saturday to witness a wild 13-10 loss to Rochester. There was a sea of charter buses in the parking lot from all across the 306. Imagine how popular the Rush will be when the roster features some actual players from Saskatchewan? Owner Bruce Urban and Coach/GM Derek Keenan say that's just a few years off. ... Meanwhile the league will welcome expansion franchises in San Diego and Philadelphia next year. I'd like to see new teams in Winnipeg, Phoenix and Las Vegas along with an expansion franchise in Regina, contingent on the construction of a new 15,000 seat arena.

10 - OKAY BLUE JAYS: Jays prospect Vladimir Guererro Jr. electrified Olympic Stadium Tuesday night with a walk-off homerun in the bottom of the 9th for a 1-0 exhibition win over St. Louis. Alas, experts tell us the son of the Expos great won't start the season in Toronto. Awwww, why not? Meanwhile I continue to be befuddled by the Jays' outlook in 2018. The pundits say the Jays are "One year away from the rebuild". So why can't they just start it now? Please explain.

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Anonymous said...

CFL Week would do better in Saskatoon than it would in Halifax. Love him or hate him but Manziel would absolutely drive TV ratings through the ROOF if he decides to come to the CFL. I would prefer he went to Montreal if possible

Anonymous said...

Love how you just slid this one in here Rod, like it's not going to make people go bonkers "I'd like to see new teams in Winnipeg, Phoenix and Las Vegas along with an expansion franchise in Regina, contingent on the construction of a new 15,000 seat arena." :D

Anonymous said...

Would the Regina franchise be called 'The Saskatchewan Saunter'?

Anonymous said...

The Ojo signing is huge. But let's not get carried away. He can only cover one guy. More important is the LT position. If we can't protect Zac we're going nowhere. Not to mention one large hole @ MLB. A juggernaut? That's dismissing how good the other clubs are in the West. Last time I looked Reilly & the Eskimos dominated most of the offensive categories & had better stats than the Riders on defence despite being decimated by injuries. Winnipeg & Calgary are improved. There's a reason no one has picked them 1st in the rankings. There's some very good clubs out there. Ojo should be good but we're relying on a player who hasn't played in 2 years, a QB who hasn't been good in 2 years, alomg with some older Calgary guys who were deemed expendable. A lot of these guys have to be what they were or it won't be good at all. Good to get excited but we'll see.

Anonymous said...

GO PATS and Raiders! Both series are far from over! Regina will make the right tweaks and find the back of the net tonight!

Anonymous said...

When is the last time Ojo played a meaningful snap?

Anonymous said...

McKinnon, Malkin and Hall are more deserving of Hart Trophy consideration. McDavid would win if he played for a playoff team. If you're not good enough to get your team in the playoffs, you are not the MVP.


Anonymous said...

Seeing as how you only cover Regina sports - although the Riders are a provincial team.

The Warriors won last night in overtime to take a 2-1 series lead. The win was awesome as the Warriors were down 4-2 with about a minute and a half left they scored two goals with a 6th attacker and the OT goal 19 seconds into overtime.

Go Warriors!!

Y'er Welcome Rod. Just thought I would help you out with your inability to report outside the perimeter.

Anonymous said...

Your Pats would be crushed and blown away with a NLL franchise in Regina and likely moved to another WHL City - Nanaimo perhaps

Anonymous said...

I still say the Pats will win in 7. Warriors in 6

Rod Pedersen said...


Anonymous said...

Re: NLL expansion.

If this were to happen to Regina they would have to be the main tenant in a new arena, thus owned by QCSEG. Because after this season the pats will be back to drawing flies.

mister winnipeg said...

Why would Regina need a 15,000 seat arena for lacrosse when most teams attract WHL-sized crowds with some even playing in WHL sized buildings? Brandt Centre is perfect for NLL.

Also with two pro hockey teams in Winnipeg burning up their leagues, I don't think there would be a huge market for it in Manitoba.

Anonymous said...

The Brandt Centre is 40 years old, time for something new!

Anonymous said...

It seems like a lot of time and money being spent on the free agent camps when there is less need this year than in years past. But if they can find a star to fill that left tackle position to protect our QB that here's hoping.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the CFL takes note of and brings in the rule change brought down by the NFL this week whereby there is no longer a need to kick the extra point at the end of a game on a winning touchdown. Common sense.

william weppler said...

The comeback last night by the Warriors might have just put the stake through the heart of the Raiders...but let's hope not as I always like cheering for the underdog. Maybe it will be just what PA needs.
Anyways kudus to the Warriors...that is the MO of a very good Team.
Let's hope the Pats rise to the occasion tonight.
Go Pats!

@mrt_man said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, "Common Sense" that rule already does exist in the CFL!

Anonymous said...

HEY RODDY, how about the dig from the poster who told you "Y'er welcome"

Very unsneakily sneaking around your blog quite a bit this guy.

Pon Jaddock

Rod Pedersen said...

He has a tremendous amount of free time on his hands these days.

Anonymous said...

To the dude complaining that Rod didn't cover the Warriors, how far did you read the post. Couldn't get to point #2 apparently.

Remember....Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought of as a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

Anonymous said...

the win was awesome yes, but also a fluke the warriors better commit to afull 60 to actually win anything.

Anonymous said...

Dear Y'er Welcome,

You're a clown, beat It. Git now, move along.