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Friday, February 9, 2018


Welcome to Friday!  Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order.

- We are on the cusp  of CFL free agency.  While the Riders have done a lot in keeping the "core" guys like Duron Carter, Willie Jefferson, and Brandon Bridge - who I think would have been the top 3 going in - one has to wonder about some other guys and their future. 

Yes, a lot can happen between now and the time free agency officially starts (11 AM SK time) on February 13, and some may have already put their name on the dotted line with an announcement to come, but there are some quality FA's that can help this team moving forward.

Will Bruce Campbell be back? How about Dan Clark? Rider fans have to be wondering about whether or not DL Esa Mrabure and AC Leonard will be back after showing what they have.  If they don't come back, what is the gameplan?  Who is on the shopping list and how much can they afford to spend? Questions, questions, questions.  With Collaros and Hughes getting some big contracts, it likely means a high-priced veteran could be told his services are no longer needed.

As I look across the league, there are some good players out there. Players who very well not make it to free agency as well.  Players like Zack Evans, Ted Laurent, Tommie Campbell and Jermaine Gabriel.  So do names like Phillip Blake and Travis Bond.  At the end of the day, I don't see the Riders being a major player in free agency, but I do expect some additions to be made at the right price.  There is maybe room for a high-profile signing, but not a lot because of some big contracts already there.  At the end of the day, one has to like what is in the cupboard so far, so let's see.

- Charleston Hughes told Regina reporters on Wednesday that the Riders are a "Grey Cup contending team". If anyone should know what a Grey Cup contending team looks like, it is the former Calgary Stampeder.  By the way, did anyone ask him if he is looking forward to "introducing" himself to Bo Levi Mitchell. Somehow I get the feeling he wants to do that a few times. Could you blame him?

- Question for ya Rider Nation. Who is the more popular #7 in these parts these days.  Is it Weston Dressler or Willie Jefferson?  There are still a LOT of Dressler fans out there!

- A CFL player has "anonymously" said that players have lost faith in Commissioner Randy Ambrosie because of his stance towards players getting jobs in the off-season. Sorry, if you are going to make that statement, you better say who you are.  You might even want to confidentially reach out to Ambrosie. Putting that out there under the "anonymous" moniker is like being a blog commenter who does his or her thing anonymously.  Their opinion means squat.

- Patrik Laine is getting credit for saying he loves Winnipeg. What is the Jets forward supposed to say? If he were to say he hates it there, he would be crucified.  The same could be said for Connor McDavid in Edmonton and any superstar in the NHL.  Laine will likely be signing a mammoth deal to stay in Winnipeg for a long time so it is smart for him to make comments like that.  Let's not paint the guy as Mr. Winnipeg. Then again, would anyone want that distinction?

- The Olympics are underway.  I don't know if it's just the fact that most of these events are live during the middle of the night or if its something else, but I have very little interest in the goings-on in Pyongchang. Some have asked about the fact I could care less about Olympic hockey to which I respond "If I am not watching or caring about the Spengler Cup, why would I watch this?" Do you watch the Spengler Cup? If so, good on you.

- There are concerns about the "cold"in Pyongchang for the opening ceremonies. With the windchill it is supposed to feel like minus 23. Many of us in Saskatchewan have no sympathy for this! None!

- The Mark McMorris story is a great one. What a story it is and what a great documentary was produced on the Regina (Milestone) snowboarder who just about killed himself and the journey he has taken to hopefully get back on the medal podium in Pyongchang. I don't know if there is a way to see it if you didn't catch it Wednesday, but I suggest you try to find a way.

- The Oilers have been god-awful this season, but they have beaten Vegas twice and Tampa once winning those games by a total score of 17-5.  They turn around after blasting the Lightning and get blasted themselves in L-A by a Kings team that really isn't that good in my mind. I just don't understand.

- Did the Kings really do Austin Wagner a favour by not sending him back to the Pats?  The Kings sent Wagner to their AHL team where he has 6 points in 26 games. He would have had much more ice time and been a top guy here than what he is currently getting.  I'm sure this is a question John Paddock is asking as well.  Boston saw the light by sending Jesse Gabrielle back to junior, but its too late now for Wagner.  At the end of the day, it either would have been one or the other and nothing against Jesse, but I think the Pats would have welcomed Wagner back with open arms.

- It is safe to assume Josh McDaniels will be Bill Belichick's replacement once he steps down as head coach of the Patriots?  He better be because I am guessing his reputation is mud after telling the Colts to keep looking for a head coach after saying he would take the job.  One has to wonder just what Belichick and Robert Kraft told him to make him change his mind and leave Indy hanging. Say what you like about it, it was a pretty d-bag move to make.

- The Cougar men's basketball team are headed to Lethbridge for a Canada West quarterfinal series after a convincing win Thursday over Thompson Rivers at the CKHS.  It was the best effort of the year for Steve Burrows' squad on their home floor. Sadly, it was likely their last appearance on their home floor as some upsets will have to occur for them to play at home again.

That's all I got.  Enjoy the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Laine does love it there...what is it to you scruffy. Hughes knows Grey Cup contenders as in Calgary...he hasn't even practiced with the team yet and is already spouting off...guess he did learn something from BLM

Anonymous said...

I believe that on the radio they said they will be replaying the Mark McMorris Story "Unbroken" on CBC on Saturday (not sure of the time!)

Anonymous said...

Adarius signs in Wpg. Another guy reportedly pursued by Jones who didn't reunite with him. Oh, sorry, I forgot. Now that's he's signed elsewhere that means Jones never pursued him in the 1st place. Jones NEVER gets jilted, no, no, no.

Tim said...

Speaking to the anonymous player who was upset that the Commissioner suggested they have off season jobs, I say, is the player serious? A CFL career is SO short, the off season job prepares them for a vocation that probably sets them up for life after football.
That's mighty good advice in my view..

Anonymous said...

Would love to see Hughes "introduce" himself to BLM and SHUT HIS MOUTH!

Good read today!

mister winnipeg said...

***I*** want the distinction of Mr. Winnipeg!

mister winnipeg said...

In all seriousness though, if you're a teenage NHLer and your team is winning, it's fun and you're going to genuinely like it no matter what.

Let's face it, Edmonton circa 1987 wasn't exactly Vegas or Miami, but you won't find an ex-Oiler with a bad word to say about it because they were too busy sitting on top of the world.

BombersJets said...

I'll take Patrik Laine as Mr.Winnipeg over Duron Carter as Mr.Regina any day of the week Scruffy. I know it must get under your skin when, God Forbid, people actually like Winnipeg but hopefully you can get over it. I was born in the Peg, lived in Regina for a while and happily have been back in Winnipeg the last 25 years and this is my city. I have love for Regina too. We're not so different

Anonymous said...

Scratch Blake off the board. He apparently has re-upped with Montreal.
Is the Demski to Winnipeg rumour true?

Anonymous said...

Blair + Vanstone + McMorris = 3 muddled minds equaling 6 IQ total.
Connor McDavid = a dud with a IQ of 2 total.
Roughriders #7 = Willie Jeffersen, Bombers #7 a bum!
Ambrose = old archaic dinosaur out to lunch!
Charleston Hughes will be great as usual while in green.
Go Regina Pats!
Go Canada Go!
Go Cougar Athletics!
Winnipeg = who cares!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Roddy bashes Winnipeg every chance he gets and its crickets.

Scruffy bashes Winnipeg and the hammers come out. Your cult is operating at full capacity Pedersen!

Oh yeah, the best thing about Winnipeg is -------------yeah you're right there is nothing. Well OK, Sara Orlesky is from there but that's it.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about Oilers fans, the oil are losing to "bad teams". They dont realise they ARE a bad team! Why would anyone think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

They should have moved the Winter Olympics up a month to avoid the "bitter" cold. That is probably what a bunch of you Saskatchewan suckholes who have gotten soft are saying.


Anonymous said...

You say anonymous opinions mean squat but it's those very opinions that spark much of the debate and thus the revisit traffic. So essentially you and Pedersen are ignoring your own principles to get more visits to these sites.

Anonymous said...

QUESTION Mr. Scroofy.
Why would any grown a** man make a snow board jump into the nearby path of a sturdy as a brick tree? Since when did the sport of snowboarding introduce tree obsitcles? People who think the Mark McMorris story is great one just as lacking upstairs as he is. Seriously, anyone who thinks the Mark McMorris story is great... ah forget it... It's just stupid!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous opinions on a blog are worthless. All it is is some person who has no sack and hasn't got the stones to back up his opinion. You do bring up a valid point though as RP once got rid of comments and then realized no one would do so without having their name attached to it.

The comments on here are 90 percent laughable whether they be anonymous or not. The best thing would be not to allow comments period, but that is up to RP and the Scruffdog to decide.

It is like the Cage. You say no anonymous texters, but you keep reading them so you don't really follow the protocol.


Anonymous said...

Anyone thinking McMorris is stupid simply shouldn't state their name because it ain't worth squat.

The guy has more guts and balls than any of you nine to fivers that drive around in your truck thinking you are Mr. Tough Guy.

Anonymous said...

Patrik Laine probably thinks Winnipeg is New York City compared to whatever little place in Finland he came from. Didn't Selanne say the same thing too? How did that end up?

Anonymous said...

Re: Olympics

I have zero interest in the Olympics this year. Everything is basically happening while I am sleeping.

The NHL did make me appreciate Olympic hockey more because it was the best hockey we had seen. Guys playing in the KHL don't do it for me and your Spengler Cup reference is very accurate.

That being said, I hope our athletes represent our country well and that we win medals in the sports we should (hockey, curling, snowboarding).


Anonymous said...

My #7 vote= Weston Dressler, he'll always be a Rider to me.

Anonymous said...

Lets not be silly - 99% of number 7 rider jerseys you see on gameday are Dressler jerseys. Its not even close, and that wont change unless Jefferson spends the next 5-7 seasons here, and lights it up every single season. Then we can talk.

Anonymous said...

Sure 'Thomas' put your phone # and email address out there if you got the 'stones'

Anonymous said...

Jefferson is now, Dressler was then.. My 7 jersey has Jefferson on the back of it!


Anonymous said...

I'm with you Rick!

Anonymous said...

I could care less about a bunch of has-beens playing for Canada. When the Worlds start up and NHL'ers are dotting the rosters of the various teams, I will watch.

I don't watch the KHL and I don't watch the Spengler Cup either.

I'd rather watch senior hockey or Junior B than Olympic hockey this year. #thanksgary

Anonymous said...

Hey dummy, Blake signed with Montreal! Might want to pay attention!

Brad said...

Why would the riders pursue him, unless you mean offering him shit just at a chance he says yes.... the riders r stacked at receiver and don’t need an old overpaid one around