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Monday, February 26, 2018


By: Staff

The first two weeks of free agency are in the books and the dust has pretty much settled.

After spending the last few weeks looking at player movement, let’s head Out of the Tunnel and take a look at the coaching staffs of all nine teams and what moves they've made as the teeth of the offseason is upon us.

Toronto Argonauts
Head coach – Marc Trestman
Asst. head coach/defensive coordinator – Corey Chamblin
Offensive coordinator – vacant
Special teams coordinator – Kevin Eiben

It looked like the Grey Cup champs would enter the 2018 season unscathed and keep the majority of their staff in place, but this week, TSN’s Dave Naylor said that offensive coordinator, Marcus Brady will join newly minted Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich’s staff. They will more than likely fill this from within with former Tiger-Cats and Roughriders offensive coordinator and current Argos receivers coach, Tommy Condell.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Head Coach – June Jones
Assistant head coach (offence) – Orlando Steinhauer
Defensive coordinator – Jerry Glanville
Special teams coordinator – Dennis McKnight

After a wretched start to the 2017 season, Kent Austin moved up to the front office and let June Jones take over on an interim basis. The interim tag was removed and Jones will be the head coach entering the 2018 season and will also handle the play calling duties.

He recently made a couple of huge, and surprising hires. Orlando Steinhauer returns to the Tiger-Cats as an assistant head coach (with an emphasis on the offensive side of the ball). This is surprising because Steinhauer was a part of a Fresno State coaching staff that turned a Bulldogs team around from a 1-11 team in 2016 to 10-4 in 2017 and a bowl appearance.

The other surprise was the addition of 77-year-old coach, Jerry Glanville as defensive coordinator. Glanville has over 50-years of coaching experience with his most recent stop being Portland State as their head coach. Glanville is most noted for his time with the Atlanta Falcons. First on the defensive side in the 70’s and was known for his “Grits Blitz” defence and then as head coach in the early 90’s.

Montreal Alouettes
Head Coach – Mike Sherman
Defensive coordinator – Khalil Carter
Offensive coordinator – Khari Jones
Special teams coordinator – Mickey Donovan

After a three-win season, the Montreal Alouettes' staff received a complete makeover. Long-time NFL and NCAA coach, Mike Sherman takes over the head coaching duties in his first stint in the CFL. He spent the past two seasons coaching high school after two seasons in Miami as their offensive coordinator. The 63-year-old will surround himself with coaches that he has coached with in the past while others bring with them a wealth of CFL experience.

Khalil Carter comes from the Calgary Stampeders to takeover the defensive coordinator duties. Joining Carter will be long-time CFL defensive coordinator Rich Stubler as a special assistant, Todd Howard will coach the linebackers and veteran NCAA coach, Bert Hill will coach the defensive line while Billy Parker remains with the team as defensive backs coach.

Khari Jones brings his experience as both a CFL quarterback and offensive coordinator to take over the offensive play-calling role. Veteran coach Paul Dunn is the offensive line coach and will handle the run game, former Riders and Tennessee Titans receivers coach, Jason Tucker will do the same with the Alouettes while Andre Bolduc remains with the team as running backs coach.

Ottawa Redblacks
Head coach – Rick Campbell
Defensive coordinator – Noel Thorpe
Offensive coordinator – Jamie Elizondo
Special teams coordinator – Bob Dyce

After losing to the Riders in the East Division semi-finals, Rick Campbell has decided to adjust his coaching staff. Noel Thorpe was named the defensive coordinator. The former Montreal Alouette defensive coordinator was let go at the end of the 2017 season and with his addition, Mark Nelson took a step down and is now the linebackers coach. Journeyman NCAA coach, John McDonell will take over as offensive line coach from Bryan Chiu and Winston October is now the receivers coach replacing Travis Moore. or 306-789-0011
Saskatchewan Roughriders
Head coach/defensive coordinator – Chris Jones
Asst. head coach/offensive coordinator – Stephen McAdoo
Special teams coordinator – Craig Dickenson

Chris Jones keeps a tight-knit group intact but still had to replace a few spots on offence. Jarius Jackson and Markus Howell went west to B.C. and they were replaced with former Argos special assistant, Steve Walsh (quarterbacks coach) and former Ottawa Redblacks receivers coach and former Rider, Travis Moore (receivers coach).

Calgary Stampeders
Head coach/ Offensive coordinator – Dave Dickenson
Defensive coordinator – DeVone Claybrooks
Special teams coordinator – Mark Killam

The roster may be undergoing a minor overhaul, but not so much for the coaching staff. The only change sees Joshua Bell hanging up the cleats and grabbing the whistle as the defensive backs coach, taking over from Khalil Carter who is now the Montreal Alouettes' defensive coordinator.

Edmonton Eskimos
Head coach – Jason Maas
Asst. head coach/Defensive coordinator – Mike Benevides
Offensive coordinator/receivers coach – Carson Walch
Special teams coordinator – Cory McDiarmud

Only one change on Jason Maas’ staff as Casey Creehan went south to take over as asst. athletic director and head coach of the Lyon College Scott in Arkansas. Lyon is an NAIA school out of the TranSouth Athletic Conference.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Head coach – Mike O’Shea
Asst. head coach/offensive coordinator – Paul LaPolice
Defensive coordinator – Richie Hall
Special teams coordinator – Paul Boudreau

One of the smallest coaching staffs and is the only CFL staff that remains unchanged from 2017.

B.C. Lions
Head coach – Wally Buono
Offensive coordinator/QB’s coach – Jarius Jackson
Defensive coordinator/defensive backs coach – Mark Washington
Special teams coordinator – Jeff Reinebold

A mass of changes to Wally Buono’s staff as he gets ready for his final season at the helm of the B.C. Lions. Jarius Jackson comes from Saskatchewan to replace Khari Jones as offensive coordinator and QB’s coach with Markus Howell to join him as the receivers coach. Mike Lionello also joins the staff as running back coach (from SFU).

Defensively, one change as former Lions defensive line coach Randy Melvin rejoins the Lions in the same roll after five seasons coaching in the NCAA. Finally, well-travelled CFL coach, Jeff Reinebold takes over the special teams duties after spending the last few years in Hamilton.

With some NFL and college teams rounding out their staffs, there may be one or two more changes, but this is what the CFL sidelines will look like to kick-off the 2018 season.

(By: Staff)


Anonymous said...

Didn't 3 Down report Chamblin would not be back in TO?

Rider Woman Prider said...

I have the same understanding as Anon 1. I read that Corey Chamblin would not be back with the Argos. I also read from that same source that earlier in the year Chamblin also declined an invitation to discuss the Allouettes Head Coaching position. That reporting was certainly correct. So I have no reason not to believe the report suggesting he will not return. Somebody is wrong here.
Unless Corey has changed his mind from not returning to the Argos to he is going to return to the Argos.
If Corey wants to stay in the CFL. His DC position in Toronto is pretty darn good. The next best thing for Chamblin. The best is obviously another HC position with a good team.
However a god suggestion for Corey is do not repeat the mistake you made in SK by running extra closed practises. Plus being defiant to opening up access to the team for the media and fans. It was additional garbage you created for your resume on top of losing the locker room. Just remember it didn’t work for EE GM Ed Hervey. So it surely isn’t going to work for a HC

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Anonymous said...

Chamblin is gone, he jumped ship.

appleguy said...

Rod Pederson:

How did you miss that error? You, of all people, missed it & I am truly shocked. Lol!

Anonymous said...

Metallica coming to Saskatchewan Sept 15. Why they would play indoors in Saskatoon rather than the new Mosiac Stadium in Regina is a real head scratcher. A missed opportunity for our city and the new stadium.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Scott!

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How can "CKRM's voice of the Saskatchewan Roughriders" be expected to be apprised of these CFL developements when he's never around? His life is one big vacation piled on top of one another. Being a "Cabana Boy" for "The old boys club" down south is a big responsibilty don't you know, so take it easy on him.

JPR said...

Well troll if you like, must be sad that you condem a person for having some fun, people who work hard and listen to b.s from Anons all day should get a vacation.
If you did listen to sports cage today Rod is back till the end of the season but i'm sure if you apply youself you will get their little buddy.

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Attention y'all,

Mr.Rod Pedersen is the only fellow in Canada who travels more than Mr. Justin Trudeau! Lots of folks in the Tory base who are blue in the face about Prime Minister Mr. Justin Trudeau and just green with pride about our Rider World Ambassador Mr. Rod Pedersen.

Taking it easy as an Oskawee wee .. Over and Out... See you in June ...

Morgan said...

Anyone else see Tanner Nagel get one punched this past weekend by Colton Kehler? That punch was symbolic, the Broncos will soon be one-punched in the WHL playoffs!!!

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I admit it, I'm jealous of the highway 39 playboy and all his gallavanting trips. Lol

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Someone call? Lonesome? Well here Wee go just for you prairie "Bum"kin buffoons from Regina.

Oskee Wee Wee,
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Tiger Cats kicking Rider ass all season long,
HTC 2018 Grey Cup Champions.
Hear the RoarrrRRRRR!!!!!!!

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The major difference is Rod is actually getting work done... Also, his trips are not funded by our tax dollars and his accommodations aren't extraordinary like Trudeau's are. Trudeau isn't half the man that Rod is. Good day sir.

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