Realty One

Friday, February 2, 2018


By: Ashleigh Mattern,

Rod Pedersen has many memories of past Super Bowl parties, but not all of those memories are good — and that's why he's brought a new way to celebrate the big game to Regina fans who have struggled with alcohol addiction.

"Super Bowl was always not just a football game — it was a reason to drink, to be honest with you, for a guy that was suffering from alcoholism and active alcoholism," said Pedersen, who recently celebrated his third year sober.

The voice of the Saskatchewan Roughriders for the past 20 years, Pedersen said he knew he had to change when his workplace staged an intervention.

Being sober doesn't mean an end to having fun, though, so when Pedersen heard about Sober Bowl parties, he was intrigued.

"I'd still like to have a Super Bowl party. Why can't we have sober one with no alcohol?"

Sober Bowl parties are being hosted in cities like New York, Houston, and Minneapolis, and now Pedersen is bringing the idea of an alcohol-free Super Bowl celebration to Regina.

"We need these in Saskatchewan. We need to bring families together for a sporting event like this, and make it safe and know that they're going to drive home. We have this embarrassing stat of the highest drunk driving [rate] in the nation — like, very embarrassing."

Featuring a nacho and chili bar, Regina's Sober Bowl party will be held on Sunday at Tony Roma's Restaurant on Albert Street. Tickets are $30 for adults and $20 for kids, and the money raised will go to Oxford House, a sober-living facility for people who are newly out of treatment.

"It's just a party to watch the football game, that's all it is," Pedersen said. "Nothing too extravagant."


Marc said...

congratulations on three sober years. That takes a lot of work

Tim said...

I love the idea of Sober Bowl Sunday. I don't believe a person needs alcohol to have a good time anyway. Appreciate your honesty and initiative on this Rod.

Rod Pedersen said...

Thank you guys.

Anonymous said...

Great job Rod! Continued success to you in your recovery.

Harv Lomax said...

I have listened to you lots on the Sports Cage and have the greatest respect for you. This latest initiative just raises my impression of you and your work,Rod. It takes a great deal of courage to take a stand and you have my heartfelt respect and admiration! Keep up the great work. Harv Lomax

Anonymous said...

I may have one beer during the Super bowl for old times sake, but I am more aware than before of the fact that alcohol is a carcinogenic and seeing others succumb to cancer, no way I want to increase the risk.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to everyone that has beaten any kind of addiction. Continued success.
Dave in the Hat

Jeff in Saskatoon said...

Good on ya, Rod. Hope its a success and the first of many.

Anonymous said...

I have read your column for many years and I am not drinker but, the fact that you came forward with your addiction is inspiring. I am sure its not easy to be a public figure and talk about this so openly. The part that I find inspiring the most is that you walk the walk and try to make a difference. I have seen so many cases where people are contradictory in their causes. I have examples but the purpose here is not to shed light on the negative.

Anyway...keep it up !! Congrats on 3 years!

I will be making a donation to the Oxford House because of your stories. Just tell me where to send the money.

Rod Pedersen said...

Thank you!

For info please email

The Executive Director is Blair Pope.

Anonymous said...

This is a great initiative. It must be so hard to be such a part of the football culture and maintain sobriety. Many people in recovery probably just watch football at home alone because of this. This is a great event for people in recovery, and of course anyone who wants to support a good cause.