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Monday, February 5, 2018


1 - It was Super Bowl weekend but the buzz in the province was about Rider star Duron Carter getting arrested for marijuana possession in Saskatoon. I'm no lawyer but the charge doesn't seem right since pot's going to be legal in four months. On the other hand, the law is the law and I'm a HUGE supporter of Law Enforcement. Either way, it's a disappointing deal all around.

However my affection for Duron is well-known. He and his Dad have bent over backwards for me and therefore, I'm in their corner until the end.

2 - But don't think for a second that Duron won't be a Saskatchewan Roughrider in 2018. I only bring that up because several have asked.

3 - The addition of DE Charleston Hughes makes the Riders defensive front a force to be reckoned with, but I'm not yet ready to say it's the tops in the CFL. Some wonder about Hughes' pricetag, and how the Riders can fit these stars under the salary cap? I say it's February, and the roster will look a lot different by training camp.

4 - Do you think when John Hufnagel dealt Hughes to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Friday, that he thought the 34-year old would end up in Saskatchewan by day's end? Friday was an insane day in the Canadian Football League, and fans are still raving about the buffet of CFL news even when it's -34 with the windchill.

5 - The inaugural Sober Bowl Canada was a raging success at Tony Romas's and I'd like to thank all who played a part, including sponsor Saputo. The Sober Bowl at the Minneapolis Super Bowl was gigantic and featured live entertainment and an awards ceremony. It's got me thinking I'd like to bring this event to Grey Cup, beginning with Edmonton in 2018.

Meanwhile it's sad and disturbing to see how substances (drugs & alcohol) are killing the soul of good, smart and talented people. It's so easy to see from the other side.

6 - Super Bowl 52 was "off-the-hook", as they say. Nick Foles pulled off the unthinkable and gave the great city of Philadelphia its first-ever Super Bowl title with a 41-33 win over the Patriots! All the Brady-haters got what they wanted but New England isn't going away any time soon. Bill Belichick told the media he wants to coach the Pats as long as owner Robert Kraft will have him. But they'll be seething today because it might've been their worst game of the year.

7 - The best Super Bowl commercial? I was busy hosting a party so I didn't see them all but the one that caught my eye was Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. ballroom dancing! Ironically, the add was for the NFL. Kudos to the CRTC for lightening up and allowing Canadians to see the American TV ad.

The halftime show was just okay, I thought. 

8 - Rider great and Winnipeg Defensive Coordinator Richie Hall has written a book entitled Smoke and Mirrors and it's being launched this week. Watch for details on book signings near you! Plus we'll be giving away copies on the SportsCage and Richie will be coming on the air with us as well.

9 - Commissioner Randy Ambrosie is coming through town this Saturday as part of his cross-Canada tour of townhall meetings in CFL markets. The Roughriders made 300 spots in AGT Lounge available to Rewards Program members (season ticket holders) by reservations, and they were snapped up in hours. I'm grateful to be the moderator of the event and if you're weren't lucky enough to get in, we'll have tons o' coverage of this great event.

10 - We've got miles to go on this Regina Pats season but after calling Saturday's 5-4 OT win over PA on Access, here's my analysis: If this all blows up, it won't be on John Paddock. He's assembled a team capable of making some noise in the playoffs and, indeed, winning the Memorial Cup in the short tournament. But they can't seem to keep their eye on the ball for 60 minutes! That's all John needs to figure out between now and late-March, or mid-May. He's done it before.

Y'er welcome,


Anonymous said...
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Morgan said...

It was definitely a great weekend for Saskatchewan football fans as well as a great start to February! The riders will take the practice field in May and will look to bring a second championship to the city of regina in one year... the first one being the Memorial Cup!!! You heard it here first! Pats all the way baby!!!

Pumper said...
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Joey BiShop said...

"He's assembled a team capable of making some noise in the playoffs and, indeed, winning the Memorial Cup in the short tournament" !
AS quoted by Rod Pedersen.... Rod , you know damn well this Pats team will not get a Smell in the Memorial Cup little own win it. Morgan, up above "You heard it from here first" ! What are you guys smoking? Is that crazy stuff available already in Regina? This team has a chore beating Saskatoon and Prince Albert . Of course Moose Jaw and Swift Current are going to lose to less superior teams once in awhile just like the Biggies do in the NHL but I don't see Regina showing up very well at all in the Memorial Cup.

Anonymous said...

Re: Duron Carter.......WHY, oh WHY do people think that just because marijuana is going to be legal in the summer that someone who breaks the law NOW when it is still illegal, should get off scot free or have their charges dismissed/reduced just because it will be legal in a few months?? He broke the law NOW when it is illegal --actually twice in the past couple of months (where are his brains trying to sneak mj through an international airport??......maybe they're already scrambled). Its almost like for example, (and I know this sounds dumb, but...)what if they said murder was going to be legal in a few months, and someone murdered someone now when it is still illegal....should they get off scot free or get a reduced sentence just because it is going to be legal in a few months?? People should be prosecuted based on the laws they break which are in effect AT THE TIME THEY COMMIT THEM.

Anonymous said...

I bet Huffer is royaly pissed that Hughes is now a Rider. LOVE IT. ha ha

Anonymous said...

Wake up Anoymous. No one is saying Duron Carter should get away with it. What Rod is saying is that it is not going to cost him his career. And it shouldn’t.
What a brainiac comment. Using Murder as an example to possession of marijuana. Use sneaking an extra bottle of tequila home without paying duty. Not Murder! He’s not guilty of something searious. It’s not trafficking or growing but simple possession.
Listen if your going to bleed Green. You have to eat it and drink it. Apparently to be one of the best you need to smoke it too.
Lighten up already. The dude is guilty of marijuana possession. By the time it goes to court it will be legal. So he will receive something in the area of a misdemeanour for not adhering to the law.

Nezz Zen.. bringing it back to a level of calm

Anonymous said...

Actually I’m thinking Huff probably knew. Except Hamilton was willing to give up a draft choice (crappy one.. a 4th round) where as the Riders don’t have enough to sarifuce anymore. So everyone got what they wanted.
I’m thinking that Huff knows that Hughes only playing 14 games last year was a sign his body at 34 years of age is no longer as strong as his mind.

Anonymous said...

Hughes already was paid a 2018 roster bonus, by the Stamps, so the cap hit for the Riders is substantially less than what Hughes' actual paid salary.

Anonymous said...

People were ready to hang Korey Sheets for same things.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News???
Check out the link below that I found while googling Blake to see if the Riders might want to pick him up, and there he was on a page as a Rider.
He is not yet on the roster and there has been no announcement from the Riders, but the below is a riderville player page.

Are the Riders making an announcement soon?

Best Regards
Kevin Boechler

Anonymous said...

Hufnagel does what's best for the stampeders and could not care less what the riders do. You dont achieve the level of excellence by worrying about what other teams do.

Anonymous said...

Good to see how thinking on pot has evolved since Kory Sheets was here.

JackD83 said...

30 grams of marijuana is illegal and will still be illegal after July 2018.

Anonymous said...

Why can't Duron stay away from controversy? I'm sure his agent is shaking his head because he just cost himself $ on his next contract.

Anonymous said...

Kevin: put in any players name after the same as you did for Philip Blake (ie: Bo Levi Mitchell, Ricky Ray, etc) and their profile will come up - doesnt mean they play for Riders or part of Riders organization. BTW Blake is a free agent and cannot sign anywhere other than Montreal until after Feb 13. Cheers!

Rod S. in Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

The biggest joke in the whole Carter thing is your competitor. Newstalk is trying to bury him. They are so TMZ thinking it will gain them an additional listener or two.

Just embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

Nezz zen: You’re exactly one of those people that anonymous spoke about when you say “by the time he goes to court, it will be legal” so he will get a reduced charge such as a misdemeanour. It’s not that it’s legal by the time he goes to court, it’s that the punishment should fit the crime AT the time he committed it when it was illegal. Get it???? You must use dope yourself......but remember this......Only dopes use dope!

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing that Hughes was NOT paid his bonus and that's why huff traded him any idea on how much his bonus is gonna be for the 4 th place riders

Anonymous said...

Hughes wasn't paid his bonus...That is the exact reason he was traded