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Thursday, February 22, 2018


1 - If you're missing the Roughriders, then Thursday's Riderville Arizona Tour IV is for you! Once again we'll be hosting the Rider Nation at Salt Tacos & Tequila in Glendale, AZ prior to the Arizona Coyotes-Calgary Flames NHL game. Approximately 2,000 Rider fans are expected for the bash and we'll be joined by the Riders' Brandon Bridge and Craig Reynolds. If you can't be here in person, listen to 620 CKRM's SportsCage as we'll be broadcasting live beginning at 4:00 pm Sask Time (3:00 pm Arizona Time). Flames broadcaster Peter Loubardias will make a live appearance along with Coyotes alum Darcy Hordichuk (Kamsack, SK) and Rob Pederson from Canada To Arizona.

2 - We'll be talking all things Roughrider on the show, not to mention the availability of linebacker Jerrell Freeman who was cut by the Chicago Bears on Tuesday. From what I'm told, the Riders are taking it slow on this one. Freeman still has two games left of an NFL suspension to serve, which has to be honoured by the CFL. Also the last time we heard from "Free", he was suffering from memory loss due to injuries suffered on the field of battle. NFL pundits call him a “tackling machine” and he’s made millions in The League, however those same pundits fear his career is over.

3 - I'm excited to interview Bridge on the show, particularly to see how his off-season training is going. Based on salaries, he's going into the 2018 season as the back-up to Zach Collaros however Brandon has the talent to out-perform Collaros in camp. As Chris Jones has stated repeatedly, the competition is wide-open and the top pivot will start in Week 1 regardless of salary. Bridge is an extremely charismatic personality and will be a hit among Rider fans at the Arizona party.

4 - While there seems to be a surplus of starting-quality quarterbacks in the CFL (James Franklin, Darian Durant, Travis Lulay, Brandon Bridge, Kevin Glenn, etc.), there's a scarcity in the NFL. Arizona Cardinals fans are in a state of panic after the retirement of Carson Palmer. Names which have come up are A.J. McCarron, Kirk Cousins, Chase Daniel, Sam Bradford or even Baker Mayfield. None are exciting anybody. And Johnny Manziel's name isn't even being mentioned. It still seems his best option is playing for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and proving himself all over again. The trouble is, he doesn't want to despite the baiting of Duron Carter.

5 - I'm interested to watch Thursday's Coyotes-Flames game. While still rock bottom in the NHL standings, the Coyotes have won 4 in a row including a thrilling 1-0 home victory over Edmonton on Saturday (it actually was thrilling, and played before a full house). The 'Yotes are a young, injury-free team who plays their hearts out on a nightly basis, and are tough to dislike. Had a visit with Coyotes radio analyst Paul Bissonnette and he said they're in Year 3 of a 5-Year rebuild. Is that how long it takes in the NHL?

With my friends gone from the organization, they're no longer my rooting interest but the franchise still has a place in my heart. We've had some great times here and the Coyotes are still big fans of the Roughriders.

6 - Those friends - Anthony Leblanc and Gary Drummond - are now spearheading the CFL expansion franchise in Halifax and, depending on who believe, an announcement is imminent. Perhaps as early as this week. Will they hire Dave Tippett as coach? :)

7 - On the topic of expansion, the NHL appears to be headed to Seattle. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has kicked off a season ticket campaign (similar to what Las Vegas's Bill Foley successfully did) and they plan to build a modern arena. Seattle will be an excellent NHL market because folks there love their hockey but it could mean the death of the WHL's Seattle Thunderbirds and Everett Silvertips.

8 - The Regina Pats have won three in a row and overtaken Brandon for third-place in the WHL's East Division. Could they have found their groove with 10 games left in the regular season? It seems like we passionate fans have always wrung our hands in February during the QCSEG regime, but John Paddock has always righted the ship in the nick of time. Patience is indeed a virtue, and In John We Trust.

9 - The Regina Pats 100th Anniversary Homecoming festivities were a tremendous success and it didn't hurt that the Pats swept Moose Jaw in weekend games. Friday's Alumni Gala at the Armoury was a first-class event and it was a true treasure to be able to rub shoulders with NHL Alumni and soldiers alike. The highlight of the night was watching Islanders greats Clark Gillies and Bryan Trottier sing a duet of The Gambler with Trottier strumming the guitar. The pair reminds me a lot of the likes of Glen Suitor and Bob Poley; they were born with an abundance of talents.

10 - At a movie theatre in Scottsdale this week, a young gal behind the counter had to pull out a pen and paper for some long math. I owed her $14.25 and gave her a $20 bill.

The end is near.

Y'er welcome,


Anonymous said...

Thats so cool that you have Freeman there live. He is one of my favorite players to have suited up with the Riders

Rod Pedersen said...

Jerrell won't be here. We'll just be talking about him. :)

Anonymous said...

As the American new math progresses here in the land of cutbacks expect the same result. Soon subtraction will no longer be taught because it doesn't exist, all is addition. The new math will continue to save money as math majors or knowledgable math teachers will no longer be required decreasing remuneration requirements. However, who wants to see their children's math skills continue to decline?

Anonymous said...

Depending on management an NHL rebuild can take up to 10 years. Look how long it took Edmonton. Buffalo must be on year 10 or 12.

Anonymous said...

Was at the grocery store the other day and the girl ringing in my purchase grabbed the celery and asked " What is this? " We are in for some scary times ahead if these are the leaders of the future. Or maybe they will be the ones stuck in those types of jobs.

Anonymous said...

Did your $20 CDN even cover that Bill?

Anonymous said...

Not paid a big enough celery to know about salary?

Rudyman said...

Thank you for your article Rod,

I found myself somewhat at a loss Monday finding information on what was happening sports wise in the province in the past weekend. I realized that it was because I did not have the Monday Morning Goalie to catch me up.

I know it has been gone a while, and that you have evolved into new directions.

For some reason, it was like the favorite newspaper was gone, and I could not find the information I used to receive.

I am sure I'll find the information somewhere, it will just be a little harder to put together and not as entertaining to read.

Morgan said...

Congrats on the Famoso acquisition Rod! It's truly an excellent franchise!

Rod Pedersen said...

Thank you Morgan! I’m very excited about it. Great pizza and great location!


CM said...

Have fun in AZ. Can't beat Scottsdale...

Anonymous said...

I love the big thick pizza from Western, Tumblers, Trifons, Houston and the Copper Kettle that Regina is known for...but the thinner crust style that Famoso turns out will be a nice change of pace. I think the crust contributes more to the overall flavour of the pizza when it's thinner. Have you ever tried Pizzeria Barbarella in Vancouver? Will Famoso be serving any game time specials during Rider games?

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod did you buy that Famoso pizza and if so where is it located so that I can come try it out

Rod Pedersen said...

Yes! It's in Hill Tower 2 in downtown Regina. The official address is 1881 Scarth Street. Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Is downtown Famosa the only remaining location now? I know Rochdale closed, but what about the east end location?

Rod Pedersen said...

The East one is still open! 😄

Anonymous said...

Is this a Famosa pizza commercial?

(My two cents with all the pizza questions today)

Anonymous said...

Come on Rod all these years we were led to believe you were going to be the first to bring a Hooters franchise to SK. Maybe with the profits from the pizzeria you still can!