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Tuesday, January 30, 2018


1 – VLAD ENTERS HALL AS AN ANGEL: Nearly a week has passed since we found out Montreal Expos great Vladimir Guerrero will go into the National Baseball Hall of Fame wearing an Anaheim Angels cap on his plaque. Montrealers immediately reacted with furor and saw it as yet another slight against les Quebecois from Major League Baseball.

As an obsessed Expo historian, my response is: Get over it!

The Expos have 3 more hats in Cooperstown than the Angels (Vlad will be their first) and still more than the Blue Jays who only have one (Roberto Alomar).

2 – RUSH BUBBLE NOT BURSTING: The Saskatchewan Rush’s latest overtime win in Calgary has me wondering, ‘When is this love affair between Saskatoon and professional lacrosse going to end?’ My partner, Sheena, and I attended our first Rush game in the spring of 2016 and were blown away by the young, energetic, sellout crowd of 15,000. The high energy was fantastic and the music was great until the 4th quarter when we had had enough.

You can only listen to the same scoring song so many times (think it was 13 that night) and to see Matthew McConaughey repeatedly pounding his chest on the big-screen went from amusing to exhausting in about 2 hours. The perfect game for me would be something almost as high scoring as lacrosse and maybe on ice. I wonder what on earth that could be? Hmm.

3 – TOM BRADY'S TOO SENSITIVE: A Boston radio deejay drew nary a reaction recently when he referred to Tom Brady’s 5-year-old daughter as an “annoying little piss ant” while reviewing a documentary about the personal life of Tom Terrific. What got everyone’s Twitter blazing was when Brady walked off his weekly morning show interview early Monday in a huff. The radio station has already suspended the deejay for his comments. The disc jockey was just trying to entertain his audience while at the same time promoting the documentary FOR BRADY. He (Alex Reimer is his name) will probably lose his job over Tom’s temper tantrum.

My advice to Brady: Quit being a suck!

You signed up for all this. Deal with it. And maybe apologize to Reimer for blowing this thing into a mountain out of nothing. Not forgiving a minimum wage deejay over this says more about Brady than anyone else.

4 – SUPER BOWL PICKS: This Denver Bronco fan has no dog in this race so I’m just going to go ahead and root for the Eagles to beat New England. Why, do you ask? Check out point number 3 about Tom Brady being too sensitive.

5 –HALIFAX CFL LOGOS EXPLODING: The CFL-to-Halifax thing has gotten so big we’re seeing possible names and logos floating all over social media. The Halifax Explosions name and logo is angering people everywhere and probably grabbed the most attention for its reference to a Maritime disaster which killed 2 thousand people more than a century ago. This really is much ado about nothing. I would bet my next paycheque (so not much, but still) this team won’t be called anything but the Atlantic Schooners. And the Giant “S” is my favorite logo so far.

6 – NHL ALL-STAR GAME SUCKED: Give the NHL some credit for trying new things by scrapping the traditional all-star game with a quick 4-team tournament by division but it was still a dud. As much as I’d love to pick on Gary Bettman and the league for not making this thing more watchable, the NFL pro bowl yesterday was even worse.

7 – WHO’S BROCK BOESER?:Apparently Vancouver Canucks rookie Brock Boeser is the NHL’s hottest new thing but before Sunday’s all-star game I had barely even heard of him. Am I the only one tuning out the NHL completely?

8–REGINA PATS WINDOW ABOUT TO OPEN: Once Super Bowl Sunday is passed, the Regina Pats will be front and centre for even the casual sports fan around the Queen City. After making hay with last spring’s playoff run, the southern 306 has been disappointed with an underwhelming start which prompted ownership to cancel the outdoor game and management to finish trading away all 1st and 2nd round draft picks for the next three years in a desperate attempt to salvage a Memorial Cup hosting season. Can they come through in the clutch this time? No one knows because they’re 4-4 since the trade deadline. They’ll have to do better than that to satisfy the 5,200 who ponied up season tickets for what supposed to be a historic year. But there’s still time.

9– TIGER WILLIAMS IS AN UNSUNG HERO: Was informed earlier this month that I’ll have the great fortune of MC'ing a senior hockey sportsman’s dinner in my hometown of Kipling, Saskatchewan in April. The headliner this time, Dave “Tiger” Williams. I’ll never forget the first time I met Tiger was at a fundraiser in Bienfait the same day his legendary coach Roger Nielsen died. Tiger was very emotional that day when talking about it. What stood out for me the most? A handful of nameless NHL celebrities had promised organizers they would show up. Let’s just say all but one of them ditched. By now you can tell who kept his word and who didn’t (again not going name names here but you can ask me on twitter).

10– BUTLER SITUATION NIGHT AND DAY DIFFERENT FROM WILDER: As much as I agree with James Wilder Jr. of the Toronto Argos - and pretty well all CFL players - that the salary cap needs to go up, I feel no sympathy for Argonauts sack-star Victor Butler who's whining about not being let out of his contract to try the NFL. Butler has already played 5 years in the NFL, enough to qualify him for a full pension, unlike Wilder who has yet to collect the big money. And if Butler thinks the NFL is lining up to sign him when he’s on the wrong side of 30 a year after no one showed interest, then he’s dreaming in technicolor. He should suck it up, honor his contract and play ball. Or maybe go work construction for a living if that’s so much better than coming to Canada.

That’s all from me everybody! See you all at the Sober Bowl on Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

Keep this guy on Rod, he's a keeper.

Anonymous said...

No place anywhere for calling a 5 year old names in the name of entertainment. Brady can handle his celebrity status, no need to bring his children in to it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah there's lots of time for the pats to be an unmitigated embarrassment in the playoffs then 2 months later at the mem cup.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brendan you are 200 % WRONG about Brady being a suck ,do you even have any of your own to make that stupid comment ,I am totally on Brady's side and I would have done the exact same thing as this guy had no business making any comment about Tom' s little girl

Shakey Pickett said...

Oooh, that's bad form on #3. You can say what you want about Tom Brady, but attacking his 5 year old daughter... lucky that DJ didn't get throat punched.

< Shakey Pickett >

Anonymous said...

That wasn't right calling his daughter that. After all, the girl must be just like her Daddy who is an annoying little piss ant.

Anonymous said...

Who is this idiot Rod? He hasn't heard of Brock Boeser? He thinks its OK to belittle children? He obviously has never been to Chicago and heard their goal song repeated time after time after time. Anon 1 must be his dad.

Anonymous said...

Pretty obvious this guy has no kids. I'm surprised he has a lady in his life unless that is fake news!

Tim said...

Agree with Anon #1 Rod. This Brendan is a keeper!
I think Brady IS a suck. I also think that the DJ should stay away from comments about 5 year old girls. I'm cheering for Philadelphia to beat number #12.
I think NHL IS totally unwatchable. Am an Oilers fan but since they traded most of their wing talent, they have fallen on tough times, brutal Eberle trade. Haven't watched a full game this season yet, boring.
Go Pats

Anonymous said...

I remember a couple of years ago when The Star interviewed the best trash talkers in the NHL. They were all unanimous that putting down family, especially kids, was completely off limits.

Anonymous said...

Who is Brendan McGuire? Is this an illegitimate son of Mike McGuire?

Anonymous said...

When you see nothing wrong with insulting a five year old in the media, you might want to take stock of your life.

Anonymous said...

I really wish it was Conor McGregor instead of Tom Brady's child...see how fast these two run there mouths.

Anonymous said...

Reading the complete gruel of this posting went from amusing to exhausting in about 20 seconds.


Anonymous said...

Well, after reading this clowns drivel I now know that next time I will just bypass it. Nothing to read here.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a blend of Rod's arrogance mixed with Mitch's ignorance.

Like him or not, Tom Brady handled the situation unbelievably well and showed nothing but respect for the hosts that didn't make the comment. The thing media often forget is that athletes don't owe media anything. It is well within Tom's rights to discontinue the show. They should be smarter to realize their meal ticket!

Not knowing Brock Boeser is your problem not hockey's.

Anonymous said...

Wow Rod. Not sure who the McGuire guy is or what you think qualifies him to write for your blog but he is a complete tool. The Brady hate is getting old but to think that a dad who feels it is crossing a line for a DJ to name call his 5 yr old daughter shouldn't be pissed off???? Give your head a shake.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the lacrosse fad is fun, but it won't last.

Anonymous said...

Small man syndrome with this writer. What a garbage “article”, hope we don’t see anything by the person again.

Russell Cone said...

Sorry Brandon. Tom Brady's 5 year old girl didn't "sign up for this".

Way offside.

Unlike the anon posters, my name is attached to this.

I'd to know Rod's thought on this since he has daughter's as I do.

Russ from Saskatoon

Observer said...

Looks like McGuire's little notoriety for a decent article last week got to his head a bit this week. He thought he'd strike while the iron's hot and up his game and come out a little more Howard Stern-like only to have it backfire.

For the record, Brady came out and vouched for the guy to not get fired from his show. You are right on one thing though; this whole ordeal does say a lot about Brady.

Anonymous said...

My guess is anon #1 is McGuires mom. What a hack this dude is. Roddy, you don't need to fill space with this type of garbage.

Anonymous said...

Brady is a Diva, but he has earned the right to be one.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Brendan you are WAY off base with Brady's daughter. Family is "UNTOUCHABLE" As a father of a daughter I agree with Brady. If you have kids, then I disagree with your stance on this as it is flawed.

And yes He should lose his job for the Stupid remarks... It is called being held accountable.


Anonymous said...

your an idiot for your Brady comment.

Anonymous said...

Wow, didn't realize we had this many snowflakes up in here.

He called his kid a pissant, are we all really that soft that one word, a word that isn't horrible mind you, sends everyone into a frenzy? Unbelievable, I suppose my generation who decided that words really can hurt. They only hurt if you let them.

Looking forward to your next column Brendan!

Anonymous said...

Well this Maguire guy was good for a week

Anonymous said...

I say keep McGuire on. That's two columns from him and he has yet to tell us we're supposed to like Chris Jones.

Anonymous said...

#3?? Insulting the guy's 5 year old daughter is fine? This guy really needs to reevaluate his life.

#7? A supposed "sports person" hasn't heard of the rookie scoring leader??

Why does this blog gives this guy's drivel a soapbox? It's horrifyingly terrible "journalism".

Anonymous said...

Nay to the clown in the above picture caption.

Anonymous said...

Rod's arrogance and Scruffy's ignorance......that is like or not a winning combination. One just has to look at the last ratings book for that to be the case.

Enjoy that view from the penthouse suite!


Anonymous said...

Your advice to Brady is "Stop being a Suck"
My advice to Brendan McGuire is "Stop writing for Rod"

Mike Stackhouse said...

The Rush are the most entertaining professional sports team in Saskatchewan.