Realty One

Sunday, January 28, 2018


CALGARY - Ben McIntosh scored his second goal of the game in overtime and added two assists as the Saskatchewan Rush edged the Calgary Roughnecks 13-12 on Saturday in National Lacrosse League action.

Jeff Shattler, Adrian Sorichetti, Mark Matthews and Curtis Knight also struck twice for Saskatchewan (5-1). Ryan Keenan, Nick Finlay and Jeremy Thompson had the other goals.

Curtis Dickson scored five goals for the Roughnecks (1-5). Dane Dobbie had two goals and five assists to pass Jeff Shattler's 684 points for the most in franchise history. Wesley Berg, Holden Cattoni, Mitch Wilde, Tyler Pace and Riley Lowen rounded out the attack.

Evan Kirk made 49 saves for the win in net. Christian Del Bianco took the loss by stopping 29-of-37 shots in 49:05 before giving way to Frank Scigliano, who made nine saves.

The Rush scored on their only power play and Calgary went 1 for 2.

(The Canadian Press)


Blair Butler said...

You got your Calgary goaltenders backwards. Frank was pulled early and replaced with Christian.

Anonymous said...

Watched this game last night and the Rush were lucky to come out on top. Rush had a 10-4 lead in the 3rd period and let Calgary scratch back and send it to overtime. Rush won it in overtime but they have to find a better way after getting huge leads and then blowing them. This was the second game in a row that they had a big lead but this time they finally came out on top. Well played 2nd half by Calgary.

Anonymous said...

Kirk had a rough third quarter but stood tall when the team needed him.

The boys gotta keep the pedal to the metal when they're up big and start crushing teams.

Kudos to the fans from Saskatchewan who took several buses to Calgary to watch the game. Heard them on the broadcast loud and clear.

Also, what will it take for TSN to get a clue and start showing some NLL games on Saturday nights on at least one of their five feeds? I understand curling is big in Canada, but you have five feeds. What's the point when three are showing the same program?

Between the continuous re-runs of sportscentre and whatever else they have on the other three feeds, you have space. Show something live and entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Entertaining game. Rush fans travel well and Calgary put on a good show with a Star Wars theme. Regina get a bus (not a minivan) and attend a game otherwise you are missing fantastic atmosphere, superb athletics and affordable family entertainment that a basement cannot provide.

Anonymous said...

Anon #3 ... I get your passion for the sport. That's great that you enjoy it and you support your favourite team. However Lacross isn't even close to being a sport that the majority of people want to watch. Truly that City's whole fan base is probably at each home game.
There are several weird and unusual sports and Lacross fits into that category. Yes we know that 1st nations people invented the game a long long time ago. They also invented smoking Peyote as well. An incredibly hallucinogenic mushroom.
Just as an example Bowling probably has a thousand times more of a following that Lacross. Yet you dont see Big sports networks like TSN having Friday Night Bowling.
It all comes down to popularity and the number of people who are going to tune in and follow. As an avid sports fan I know and talk to a lot of hockey and football and baseball fans. Sadly curling now and then. (The amount of serious curling followers would knock Lacross out of the park) I don't ever hear anyone discussing Lacross. Nor do they ever bring up that the SK Rush won or lost a game.
As Bobby Boucher's Mama said... There ain't gonna be no foozball around here. I would suggest to replace foozball in that sentence with Lacross.

Peyote Pete
Smoking up some reality.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest those same people you feel are in a basement missing out. Maybe just jump on a local city bus and head to the Agridome and watch your local junior hockey team. A sport that is loved by Millions and has provided both junior and senior Canadian teams.
You don't see much in the way of Canada VS Russia. Or Sweeden VS Finland.
Maybe one day Lacross will become a North American sport. Just not in our lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Eat your heart out Anons above... Lacrosse is becoming a very much watched sport in North America. Do you think they make up the number in Saskatoon when they draw nearly 15,000 to every game and have over 11,000 Season Ticket Holders. I noticed back a couple of weeks ago right on here where Regina was saying why can't we have a Lacrosse team in Regina? Peyote Pete you should quit smoking that nasty stuff , it is stunting your growth and is very noticeable on you.

Anonymous said...

Ya Regina is envious of Saskatoon's Lacrosse team the RASH. LMAO
At least they've eliminated the ridiculous talk of Saskatoon getting a CFL or NHL team.

Anonymous said...

Ya, well just REMEMBER the only reason Regina has a CFL team is because they are the so called Capitol City of Saskatchewan ...(NOT). Saskatoon has passed them population wise many years ago and it was not for all the Government workers based there including the RCMP it would probably be a Ghost Town.

Anonymous said...

Evraz,Brandt,Viterra,Co-op Refinery,Cooperators,Crown Life, Mosaic Potash,Harvard Developments,ISM. The largest employers in Saskatoon are Saskatoon Health, U of S and numerous other businesses that have fed off the government funding trough forever. And of course the Roughrider envy is shown again in your post.

Joey BiShop said...

What is going on in Regina? Mr. Weppler 's last words against the 1st game they played Swift Current was :::"There got it out of my system". Now he's a NO SHOW !
I don't blame him after the performance that the Pats put in for the last 2 games against a much stronger Swift Current team. Pretty bad when you read what John Paddock had to say about his own team and players, and that was "They made some BONEHEAD PLAYS, and "LOTS OF DUMB THINGS WERE DONE OUT THERE TONIGHT" ! Read it in your own Leader Post , that's where it was said. Saskatoon and PA breathing down their neck with games in hand could make it for a strong ending to see who actually makes the playoffs. Should get interesting.

Anonymous said...

Just a little Information for Anon stating the CFL is only in Regina because it’s the Capitol. I guess the CFL forgot to do the same on both ends of the Country. They should have put a team in Victoria instead of Vancouver. As well as putting a team in Wuebec City instead of Montreal. As neither Vancouver or Montreal are Capitals.
So other than having an awesome looking Legislative Building to look at. It doesn’t play favourites as far as the CFL is concerned.
15,000 people at games paying $10 to $20 a ticket is going to make Sports Networks sit up and take notice.... Nope!

Peyote Pete

Anonymous said...

Where the hell do you get $15.00 to $20.00 tickets for Lacrosse in Saskatoon? How about $30.75 to $75.75 ? That is the going rate. You go pay your 15 to 20 to watch your Patsies get blown out in the playoffs that is if they make it and don't forget your $60.00 to $100.00 tickets to watch other teams in the Memorial Cup win because Regina won't be there for long.

Jim said...

Can't compare the two cities

One is Young and vibrant and will support new ideas. (University town)

One is old and boring and don't like change (government town).

Anonymous said...

You're right can't compare two cities.
One is confident and comfortable with who they are. The other insecure and uses University town and government town to validate it's pathetic existence.

Morgan said...

I wish they would show these games on tv! Sportsnet or TSN need to step up!!!