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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


The Regina Pats 2018 Mastercard Memorial Cup Host Organizing Committee, together with the Canadian Hockey League (CHL), is pleased to announce that ticket packages for the 100th anniversary Mastercard Memorial Cup championship will be made available for sale to Regina Pats season-ticket holders January 18, 2018.

“We’re thrilled to announce this ticket offering,” says Shaun Semple, President and CEO of the Brandt Group of Companies and chair of the Host Organizing Committee. “Our plans for the Memorial Cup event will make the 100th anniversary edition unique in the history of the championship and we’re very proud that it all happens right here in Regina; Canada’s hockey capital!”

Ticket packages for the ten-day event will include eight guaranteed games (plus a tie-breaker if needed), with season-ticket holder pricing set at $695.00 for Centennial-level seating and $645.00 for Festival-level seating. Regina Pats season-ticket holders will also enjoy an exclusive ticket presale opportunity from January 18-26.  Season Ticket holders are not guaranteed their current seat but the Host Committee in conjunction with the Regina Pats will do all they can to limit seat relocation.

Season ticket holders will be able to purchase their tickets by can logging in to their season ticket AccountManager at Clients can login to their account and purchase tournament packages by clicking the ‘New Invoice’ link in the section labeled ‘Memorial Cup Tournament PKG’. This links to the package available and the payment options which include a payment plan extending to April 15, 2018.

Following presale, tickets will be released to the general public on January 30. Non-season-ticket holders interested in reserving ticket packages can do so at, starting January 19th.  A four-installment payment plan will be available to all ticket package purchasers. Brandt Centre suite holders will have the opportunity to reserve their suites by contacting Evraz Place.

There will be numerous additional entertainment opportunities for fans to enjoy at this unique hockey event.

The Centennial Celebration Zone, located in the EventPlex at Evraz Place, will be open daily in conjunction with Memorial Cup game times and will feature full food and beverage services. Daily entertainment will feature bands such as Loverboy, Emerald City Band and Emerson Drive, with more acts and venues to be announced in the coming weeks.

The Pats are anticipating strong demand for ticket packages and are urging hockey fans to act quickly to avoid disappointment. Fans planning to attend this 100th anniversary championship can purchase their packages by visiting, clicking on ‘Tickets’ and following the purchase instructions.


Anonymous said...

cant wait to see all the cry babies come on this blog and whine about the prices...and I will bet they weren't even thinking about going anyway. If you are 1 of these whiners and are a season ticket holder...leave your info and I know there will be lots of real hockey fans who will take your chance at the tickets.

Cheers real Pats fans

Anonymous said...

$695???? Are they for real? and not even get your regular seasons ticket seat? Wow is all I can say. They can shove it you know where and I see shades of the outdoor game happening with more empty seats than occupied seats.

Anonymous said...

Good deal if you can afford it; about the same price as my Rider season ticket. Should be fun! Pats may surprise some folks.

Nathan Van Den Akker said...

Only thing that makes me mad about this is my buddy and I have seats together but each our own account. So they can’t guarantee we sit together. So stupid. I emailed and they say that we will try not to relocate and move you but no guarantee. So I guess we are going and there is a chance I make new friends at the games if he ain’t around me.

Anonymous said...

8 games at $86.00 a game, are they serious?? I'm glad they're thrilled to announce this, but no thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great deal for an event like this. You could
Price the packages at $200 and people would still complain.

Anonymous said...

I think the prices are reasonable. Unfortunately my entertainment budget will only allow for 2 season tickets,2 playoff tickets and 2 Rider season tickets. I guess I'm not a real fan.

Anonymous said...

Like the World junior championships, this has become nothing but a money grab tourney where they crown a champion.

The focus on profit has become the focus of the CHL and the local host.

Nose bleed NHL ticket prices to watch amateurs - no thanks.

My Memorial cup ticket money has been reallocated to Rider season ticket upgrades.

Thanks for the incentive Memorial Cup tourney committee!

Anonymous said...

Can the "fine" people that comment in on this blog please tell me what they would pay for the premier event in major junior hockey in this country?

Can't wait for the responses on this. Cmon, let's go!

Anonymous said...

Poor Nathan! He is still in the building, but he can't sit with his buddy!

Just text him a few hundred times during the game.

Anonymous said...

Most people will not pay that absurd price just like their Outdoor Classic flop. I know myself and a quite a few other Pat fans will not be paying it. Good luck with selling ticket packages

Anonymous said...

Purchased 2 tickets, absent mindedly left them on the dash in my truck, someone broke in, ended up with 6 tickets total. Huhhh?

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness the CFL season is pushed up a couple weeks this year, because I will not be attending Memorial Cup because our 8 pats season tickets can't be guaranteed in our section.

Anonymous said...

Lot of crying going on, lot of whining, lot of complaining. Oh wait, its Regina! I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Now the complaint is "I'm in the rink, but I'm mad because I am not in my usual seat!".

Do you realize how petulant and stupid you people sound?

Anonymous said...

Actually these are more expensive than nosebleed NHL tickets. Don't kid yourself the NHL has a lot of cheap tickets from Vancouver, Edmonton (pre new arena),Ottawa, Arizona where I've watched games you can get a ticket easy from $18 to $35.

Russell Cone said...

Season ticket holders. How much of an increase is this over your playoff tickets? What's the average price for those tickets?

At $86/ticket, that's a pretty high price.

I would say $50/ticket for the best seat in the house is a decent price, IMO.

Russ from Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

before you bitch and whine and moan and complain about the ticket prices (What's new Regina??), consider how often an event of this stature will even come to Regina.......If it is poorly attended, the chances of ever getting this event in the future is nil.

Anonymous said...

Thanks but no thanks

Anonymous said...

As someone that is not in Regina and would need to find hotel accommodation's this price is extremely high. Red Deer was $562.00 for all games including the final not just the first 9. Oh well I guess we can now make other holiday plans. I will say good luck and hopefully the arena is more then half full. What will the Pats do if they don't even make the playoffs? Not trying to get any crazy responses just curious.